Fall 2014
    Law No.: LAW9023
    Sched. No.: 114821731

Gender And Legal Theory*
Section 1
Coughlin, Anne M.

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Days, Times (Room):R, 1540-1740 (WB129)
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Course Description:

The seminar will explore a range of theories that attempt to define sex, gender, and sexual orientation, and to explain how those constructs are and should be treated by law. We will consider each theory on its own merits, and we will compare and contrast them with each other. Does the theory offer an effective description of these important identity characteristics, and does the theory offer an effective way to understand, criticize, and/or revise the manner in which our legal system goes about the business of achieving social justice for men and women? The main focus of the seminar is not legal doctrine, though we will read and evaluate some cases. Rather, most of our readings will consist of theoretical texts, some written by legal scholars and others by philosophers, political theorists, and cultural critics. We will delve into feminist legal theory, queer theory, and masculinity studies. Over the course of the semester, each student will write three 2400-3200 word papers.

COURSE REQUIREMENT: Three 2400-3200 word papers