Spring 2014
    Law No.: LAW7500
    Sched. No.: 114219095

Law of Sea, Air and Space Operations (JAG)(SC)
Section 2

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Course Description:

NOTE: This course is taught at the JAG School during their 3rd quarter, January 6, 2014 - March 7, 2014. The instructors are LCDR Lee and MAJ Bishop.

Students will gain a basic understanding of the international rules that govern the use of air, space, and the sea. Students will understand the way in which States have dealt with the problems of sovereignty, jurisdiction over vessels and aircraft, and property rights in common spaces. Extensive study will be made of the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention (UNCLOS III), the international conventions that regulate air travel, and the treaties and legal issues affecting the uses of outer space, with special focus on the restrictions on the military uses of outer space. Conducted in seminar format, evaluations will be based upon class participation and an in-class team presentation.

COURSE REQUIREMENT: Class participation and an in-class team presentation