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TermCourseInstructorSorted ascendingDOWTimeTimeCan be sorted ascendingTypeCan be sorted ascendingCredCan be sorted ascendingM/PSlots
Torts (F15 Sect 3DE)Abraham, Kenneth S.MWF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-4
Insurance (S16 Sect 1)Abraham, Kenneth S.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-3
Business and Governmental Tort Liability (S16 Sect 1)Abraham, Kenneth S.
White, George E.
Torts (F15 Sect 1AB)Armacost, Barbara E.TWF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-2
Criminal Investigation (F15 Sect 1)Armacost, Barbara E.TR1410-15301410-1530LC3M/-37
Constitutional Law II: Religious Liberty (S16 Sect 1)Armacost, Barbara E.TR1000-11201000-1120LC3M/P5
Advanced Legal Research (F15 Sect 1)Ashbrook, LeslieTR1000-11201000-1120LC2-/P1
Trademark Law (F15 Sect 1)Bagley, Margo A.MW1410-15301410-1530LC3-/-37
Survey of Patent, Copyright, Trademark (S16 Sect 1)Bagley, Margo A.MW1540-17001540-1700LC3M/-26
International Intellectual Property (F15 Sect 1)Bagley, Margo A.M1815-20151815-2015SM3-/P6
Current Issues in U.S. and International Patent Law (S16 Sect 1)Bagley, Margo A.M1815-20151815-2015SM3-/P11
Professional Responsibility (F15 Sect 1)Balnave, Richard D.WF1130-12301130-1230LC2M/-4
Professional Responsibility in Public Interest Law Practice (S16 Sect 1)Balnave, Richard D.WF1300-14001300-1400LC2M/-2
Family Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic (YR) (F15 Sect 1)Balnave, Richard D.
Emery, Kimberly C.
Family Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Balnave, Richard D.
Emery, Kimberly C.
Torts (F15 Sect 5H)Barzun, Charles L.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-1
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 6F)Barzun, Charles L.MWR1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-12
Current Issues in Corporate Law and Governance (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Barzuza, MichalMTWRF0750-09500750-0950SM3-/P3
Empirical Methods in Corporate Law and Finance (SC) (F15 Sect 1)Barzuza, MichalMTWR0810-09500810-0950SM3-/-4
Corporate Finance (F15 Sect 1)Barzuza, MichalTR1130-13201130-1320LC2-/P29
Israeli Business Law and Innovation (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Barzuza, Michal
Oliar, Dotan
Tobacco and Firearms: Preventing Deaths and Protecting Rights (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Bernheim, Ruth G.
Bonnie, Richard J.
Criminal Law (F15 Sect 1AD)Bonnie, Richard J.MTWR1410-15101410-1510LC3-/-4
Youth Law (S16 Sect 1)Bonnie, Richard J.W1600-18001600-1800LC3-/-9
New Frontiers in Health Law and Clinical Ethics (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Bonnie, Richard J.
Chen, Donna T.
Advanced Topics in Law and Public Service (YR) (F15 Sect 1)Bowers, JoshTBA--SM0-/P18
Advanced Topics in Law and Public Service (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Bowers, JoshTBA--SM1-/-18
International Human Rights Law Clinic (YR) (F15 Sect 1)Bromley, Mark K.
McMullen, Wade
International Human Rights Law Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Bromley, Mark K.
McMullen, Wade
Accounting: Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements (F15 Sect 1)Broome, Oscar W.TR1130-13201130-1320LC2-/-31
Accounting: Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements (S16 Sect 1)Broome, Oscar W.WF1130-13201130-1320LC2-/-61
Criminal Law (F15 Sect 3EI)Brown, Darryl K.MTR1410-15101410-1510LC3-/-4
Criminal Adjudication (F15 Sect 1)Brown, Darryl K.MTR0850-09500850-0950LC3M/-29
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (F15 Sect 10J)Buck, Donna R.R1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-2
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (F15 Sect 08H)Buck, Donna R.R1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-1
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (F15 Sect 04D)Buck, Donna R.T1300-14001300-1400LC1-/-2
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 08H)Buck, Donna R.W1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-2
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 04D)Buck, Donna R.M1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-2
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 10J)Buck, Donna R.W1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-3
Environmental Ethics (S16 Sect 1)Cannon, Jonathan Z.R1830-20301830-2030SM3-/-10
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (F15 Sect 14)Cannon, Jonathan Z.
Rutherglen, George
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (S16 Sect 14)Cannon, Jonathan Z.
Rutherglen, George
Federal Lands, Energy, and Natural Resources Law (S16 Sect 1)Carr, David W.M1815-20151815-2015SM3-/P5
Litigation and Housing Law Clinic (YR) (F15 Sect 1)Castaneda, Brenda E.
Conover, John
Rolla, Kimberly A.
Trodden, Richard
Litigation and Housing Law Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Castaneda, Brenda E.
Conover, John
Rolla, Kimberly A.
Trodden, Richard
Consumer Law Clinic (YR) (F15 Sect 1)Castaneda, Brenda E.
Ciolfi, Angela A.
Rolla, Kimberly A.
Sandoval-Moshenberg, Simon
Consumer Law Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Castaneda, Brenda E.
Ciolfi, Angela A.
Rolla, Kimberly A.
Sandoval-Moshenberg, Simon
Corporations (Law & Business) (S16 Sect 1)Choi, Albert H.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4M/P31
Contracts (F15 Sect 2B)Cohen, George M.MTWR1540-16401540-1640LC4-/-2
Professional Responsibility (S16 Sect 1)Cohen, George M.TRF1300-14001300-1400LC3M/-21
Agency and Partnership (S16 Sect 1)Cohen, George M.TWR0850-09500850-0950LC3-/-2
Civil Procedure (F15 Sect 1AF)Collins, Michael G.TRF0830-09500830-0950LC4-/-1
Federal Courts (S16 Sect 1)Collins, Michael G.TRF1300-14001300-1400LC3-/P1
Conflict of Laws (S16 Sect 1)Collins, Michael G.TRF0850-09500850-0950LC3-/-41
Advanced Topics in Law and Public Service (YR) (F15 Sect 2)Coughlin, Anne M.TBA--SM0-/P18
Law and Public Service (S16 Sect 1)Coughlin, Anne M.WF1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-17
Criminal Investigation (S16 Sect 1)Coughlin, Anne M.TR1540-17001540-1700LC3M/-3
Advanced Topics in Law and Public Service (YR) (S16 Sect 2)Coughlin, Anne M.TBA--SM1-/-18
Practical Trial Evidence: Principles and Practice (S16 Sect 1)Crigler, B W.
Livingston, Ronald L.
Sinclair, Kent
Retirement Security (F15 Sect 1)Cummings, Frank
White, Thomas R.
Trial Advocacy (F15 Sect 2)Davidson, John E.T1255-15551255-1555SM3-/P3
Employment Law: Principles and Practice (S16 Sect 1)Davidson, John E.
Steen, Bruce M.
Emerging Markets: Principles and Practice (S16 Sect 1)Dean, Richard N.
Stephan, Paul B.
Energy Businesses and Private Company Acquisitions (SC) (F15 Sect 1)Denison, Thomas R.MTWR1815-19451815-1945LC1-/P1
Advanced Legal Research (F15 Sect 2)Doherty, Benjamin A.MW1000-11201000-1120LC2-/P2
Property (S16 Sect 1AH)Doran, Michael T.TRF1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-4
Native American Law (S16 Sect 1)Doran, Michael T.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-15
Legal Theory in Europe and the United States: A Comparative Analysis (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Duxbury, Neil T.MTWR0820-09500820-0950LC1-/-4
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 2B)Forde-Mazrui, Kim A.MTR1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-8
Employment Discrimination (F15 Sect 1)Forde-Mazrui, Kim A.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-30
Race and Law (S16 Sect 1)Forde-Mazrui, Kim A.TR1410-15301410-1530LC3M/-1
Estate Planning: Principles and Practice (S16 Sect 1)Fox, Charles D.
Hilles, Elizabeth L.
International Banking Transactions (SC) (F15 Sect 1)Fritzen, ChristofMTWR1410-15301410-1530LC1-/P5
Antitrust Review of Mergers in a Global Environment (F15 Sect 1)Fullerton, Lawrence R.T1600-18001600-1800SM3-/P1
Start-Up of a Medtech Company (SC) (F15 Sect 1)Gaines, Weaver H.MTWR1000-11201000-1120LC1-/-10
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 8H)Garrett, Brandon L.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-10
Habeas Corpus (F15 Sect 1)Garrett, Brandon L.TR0830-09500830-0950LC3-/-5
Death Penalty (F15 Sect 1)Garrett, Brandon L.M1300-15001300-1500SM3-/-3
Advanced Topics in the Law of Armed Conflict (JAG)(SC) (S16 Sect 1)Geis, George S.T1530-17201530-1720LC1-/-3
Law of Sea, Air and Space Operations (JAG)(SC) (F15 Sect 7)Geis, George S.W1530-17201530-1720LC1-/-1
Law and Terrorism (JAG)(SC) (F15 Sect 4)Geis, George S.MW0800-09500800-0950LC1-/-1
Special Topics in Physical and Sexual Abuse Cases (JAG)(SC) (F15 Sect 2)Geis, George S.MW1530-17201530-1720LC1-/P4
Survey of Military Justice (JAG)(SC) (F15 Sect 3)Geis, George S.M1530-17201530-1720LC1-/-4
Rule of Law/Security Cooperation (JAG)(SC) (F15 Sect 6)Geis, George S.T0800-09500800-0950LC1-/-4
War Crimes (JAG)(SC) (S16 Sect 2)Geis, George S.W0800-09500800-0950LC1-/-2
International Human Rights (JAG)(SC) (F15 Sect 9)Geis, George S.T1530-17201530-1720LC1-/-2
International Agreements (JAG)(SC) (S16 Sect 3)Geis, George S.T0800-09500800-0950LC1-/-1
Rights of the Accused (JAG)(SC) (S16 Sect 4)Geis, George S.R0800-09500800-0950LC1-/-1
Advanced Legal Research (S16 Sect 1)Glover, Kristin L.TR1130-12501130-1250LC2-/P3
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 5E)Goluboff, Risa L.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-3
Legal History of the 1960s (F15 Sect 1)Goluboff, Risa L.W1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-2
French Public and Private Law (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Gore, MarieMTWRF0900-17000900-1700LC1-/-5
Law of the Police (F15 Sect 1)Harmon, Rachel A.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3M/P14
Criminal Law (F15 Sect 2BC)Harrison, John C.TRF1410-15101410-1510LC3-/-2
Contracts (F15 Sect 6G)Harrison, John C.MW
Corporations (S16 Sect 2)Harrison, John C.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4M/-64
Criminal Defense Clinic (F15 Sect 1)Heblich, Frederick T.
Hingeley, James M.
Lepold, Bonnie J.
Murtagh, Elizabeth P.
Redinger, Janice L.
Criminal Defense Clinic (S16 Sect 1)Heblich, Frederick T.
Hingeley, James M.
Lepold, Bonnie J.
Murtagh, Elizabeth P.
Redinger, Janice L.
Civil Procedure (F15 Sect 4D)Heytens, Toby J.TRF0830-09500830-0950LC4-/-2
Remedies (S16 Sect 1)Heytens, Toby J.TR0830-09500830-0950LC3-/-11
Supreme Court: October Term (F15 Sect 1)Heytens, Toby J.
Ortiz, Daniel
Anti-Terrorism, Law and the Role of Intelligence (F15 Sect 1)Hitz, Frederick P.W1600-18001600-1800SM3-/-6
Intelligence Law Reform (S16 Sect 1)Hitz, Frederick P.W1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-2
Therapeutic Justice and the Evolving Role of Specialty Courts (S16 Sect 1)Hogshire, Edward L.T1540-17401540-1740SM3-/P1
Supreme Court from Warren to Roberts (F15 Sect 1)Howard, A. E. DickM1540-17401540-1740SM3M/P2
Comparative Constitutional Law Seminar (S16 Sect 1)Howard, A. E. DickT1830-20301830-2030SM3M/P1
Supreme Court Justices and the Art of Judging (S16 Sect 1)Howard, A. E. DickM1540-17401540-1740SM3M/P1
Prosecution Clinic (YR) (F15 Sect 1)Huber, Ronald M.
Platania, Joseph D.
Prosecution Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Huber, Ronald M.
Platania, Joseph D.
Trial Advocacy (S16 Sect 3)Hudson, Jean B.W1900-22001900-2200SM3-/P2
Professional Responsibility (F15 Sect 2)Hylton, Joseph G.WF1000-11001000-1100LC2M/-57
Trusts and Estates (F15 Sect 1)Hylton, Joseph G.MWF1300-14001300-1400LC3-/P15
African-American Lawyers from the Civil War to the Present (F15 Sect 1)Hylton, Joseph G.W1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-6
Property (S16 Sect 7J)Hylton, Joseph G.TWRF1410-15101410-1510LC4-/-3
Professional Responsibility (S16 Sect 2)Hylton, Joseph G.WF0850-09500850-0950LC2M/-12
Contracts (F15 Sect 7HJ)Hynes, Richard M.MWR1540-17001540-1700LC4-/-1
Corporate Finance (S16 Sect 1)Hynes, Richard M.WF1130-13201130-1320LC2-/P57
Criminal Law (F15 Sect 5GH)Jeffries, John C.MTW1410-15101410-1510LC3-/-2
Civil Rights Litigation (F15 Sect 1)Jeffries, John C.MTW1000-11001000-1100LC3-/-30
Property (S16 Sect 5G)Johnson, Alex M.MTR1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-1
Modern Real Estate (S16 Sect 1)Johnson, Alex M.TR1000-11201000-1120LC3M/P40
Contracts (F15 Sect 4DF)Johnston, Jason S.MWR1540-17001540-1700LC4-/-1
Torts (F15 Sect 7J)Johnston, Jason S.MTF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-2
Positive Political Theory and the Regulatory Process (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Johnston, Jason S.MTWRF1330-16001330-1600LC1-/-11
Torts (F15 Sect 2CG)Kendrick, Leslie C.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-1
Constitutional Law II: Freedom of Speech and Press (F15 Sect 1)Kendrick, Leslie C.TR1410-15301410-1530LC3-/-10
First Amendment Theory (S16 Sect 1)Kendrick, Leslie C.F1000-12001000-1200SM3-/P1
Airline Industry and Aviation Law (F15 Sect 1A)Kirstein, David M.
Stone, Thatcher A.
Securities Regulation (S16 Sect 1)Kitch, Edmund W.TWR0850-09500850-0950LC3M/P28
Corporations (S16 Sect 1)Kitch, Edmund W.MWF1410-15301410-1530LC4M/-7
Monetary Constitution Seminar (F15 Sect 1)Kitch, Edmund W.
Mahoney, Julia D.
Legislative Drafting and Public Policy (F15 Sect 1)Kneedler, H L.
Mullen, Edward A.
Corporations (F15 Sect 1)Kordana, Kevin A.TWF1130-12501130-1250LC4M/-1
Contracts (F15 Sect 1A)Kordana, Kevin A.MWR1540-17001540-1700LC4-/-2
Common Law I (F15 Sect 1)Leslie, Douglas L.TRF1300-14001300-1400LC3-/-21
Common Law II (S16 Sect 1)Leslie, Douglas L.TRF1300-14001300-1400LC3-/-3
Trial Advocacy (F15 Sect 4)Livingston, Ronald L.
Quagliana, Rhonda
Graduate Legal Research and Writing I (F15 Sect 1)Luu, Xinh T.M1300-14001300-1400LC1-/-3
International and Foreign Legal Research (S16 Sect 1)Luu, Xinh T.TR1300-14001300-1400LC2-/P31
Graduate Legal Research and Writing II (S16 Sect 1)Luu, Xinh T.M1300-14001300-1400LC1-/P14
Securities Regulation (Law & Business) (F15 Sect 1)Mahoney, Paul G.TRF1410-15301410-1530LC3M/P23
Property (S16 Sect 3CE)Mahoney, Julia D.MWR1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-3
Nonprofit Organizations (S16 Sect 1)Mahoney, Julia D.TR0830-09500830-0950LC3-/-12
Feminism and Free Market (F15 Sect 1)Mahoney, Julia D.W1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-2
Tax Practice and Procedure Seminar (S16 Sect 1)Malone, James L.T1600-18001600-1800SM3-/-37
Antitrust in the Global Economy (F15 Sect 1)Martin, John S.R1600-18001600-1800SM3-/P2
Immigration Law (S16 Sect 1)Martin, David A.TWR1300-14001300-1400LC3-/-34
Global Health Law and Policy (S16 Sect 1)Massaro, Thomas A.T1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-5
Globalization and Private Dispute Resolution (SC) (F15 Sect 1)McEvoy, Timothy J.MTWRF0820-09500820-0950LC1-/-11
Health Care Marketplace: Competition, Regulation, and Reform (SC) (J16 Sect 1)McGough, Walter T.
Riley, Margaret F.
Civil Procedure (F15 Sect 2BG)Mitchell, Paul G.WRF0830-09500830-0950LC4-/-1
Evidence (S16 Sect 1)Mitchell, Paul G.TRF0830-09500830-0950LC4-/-5
Social Science in Law (F15 Sect 1)Monahan, John T.MW0830-09500830-0950LC3-/-24
Criminology (S16 Sect 1)Monahan, John T.MW0830-09500830-0950LC3-/-11
Mental Health Law (S16 Sect 1)Monahan, John T.
Zelle, Heather
National Security Law (S16 Sect 1)Moore, John N.MW1410-15301410-1530LC3-/-6
Oceans Law and Policy (F15 Sect 1)Moore, John N.MTW1300-14001300-1400LC3-/-3
War and Peace: New Thinking about the Causes of War and War Avoidance (F15 Sect 1)Moore, John N.
Turner, Robert F.
Trial Advocacy (S16 Sect 5)Morrison, AlexiaM1255-15551255-1555SM3-/P4
Practical Trust and Estate Administration (F15 Sect 1)Murphy, Stephen W.T1600-18001600-1800LC2-/P3
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 3C)Nachbar, Thomas B.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-9
Antitrust (F15 Sect 1)Nachbar, Thomas B.TRF1300-14001300-1400LC3-/-35
National Security and Information (S16 Sect 1)Nachbar, Thomas B.TR1410-15301410-1530LC3-/-4
Federal Courts (F15 Sect 1)Nelson, Caleb E.MTWR1415-15151415-1515LC4-/P56
Civil Procedure (F15 Sect 5EJ)Nelson, Caleb E.TWRF0850-09500850-0950LC4-/-4
Property (S16 Sect 6I)Nicoletti, Cynthia L.TRF1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-5
Federalism (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Nicoletti, Cynthia L.MTWRF1330-16001330-1600LC1-/P10
Copyright Law (S16 Sect 1)Oliar, DotanMTWRF1300-15001300-1500LC2-/-13
Survey of Patent, Copyright, Trademark (F15 Sect 1)Oliar, DotanMTWRF1830-20301830-2030LC2M/-55
Intellectual Property Law Policy (S16 Sect 1)Oliar, DotanMTWRF1840-20401840-2040SM3-/P11
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 1A)Prakash, Saikrishna B.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-11
Foreign Relations Law (S16 Sect 1)Prakash, Saikrishna B.TR1410-15301410-1530LC3-/P7
Constitutional Theory (F15 Sect 1)Prakash, Saikrishna B.
Walt, Steven D.
Animal Law (F15 Sect 1)Riley, Margaret F.M1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-3
Health Law Survey (S16 Sect 1)Riley, Margaret F.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-22
Food and Drug Law (F15 Sect 1)Riley, Margaret F.MW1000-11201000-1120LC3-/P24
Federal Taxation of Gratuitous Transfers (F15 Sect 1)Robinson, Mildred W.TR1000-11201000-1120LC3-/P13
Federal Income Tax (S16 Sect 1)Robinson, Mildred W.TRF1130-12501130-1250LC4-/-45
Providing K-12 Education; Taxes and Money (F15 Sect 1)Robinson, Mildred W.R1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-7
International Civil Litigation (F15 Sect 1)Rutherglen, GeorgeMW1410-15301410-1530LC3-/-35
Admiralty (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Rutherglen, GeorgeMTWRF0930-12000930-1200LC1-/-1
Employment Discrimination (F15 Sect 2)Rutherglen, GeorgeMW1000-11201000-1120LC3-/-18
Rhetoric Seminar (F15 Sect 1)Sayler, Robert N.M1330-15301330-1530SM2M/-1
Hallmarks of Distinguished Advocacy (S16 Sect 1)Sayler, Robert N.W
Rhetoric Seminar (S16 Sect 1)Sayler, Robert N.T1330-15301330-1530SM2M/-4
Hallmarks of Distinguished Advocacy (F15 Sect 1)Sayler, Robert N.
Shadel, Molly B.
Evidence (F15 Sect 1)Schauer, FrederickMW1000-11201000-1120LC3-/-33
Jurisprudence (F15 Sect 1)Schauer, FrederickMW1540-17001540-1700LC3-/-35
Property (S16 Sect 4D)Schragger, Richard C.TRF1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-2
Advanced Topics in Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 1)Schragger, Richard C.
Schwartzman, Micah J.
Constitutional Law II: Religious Liberty (F15 Sect 1) *Syllabus*Schwartzman, Micah J.MTW1300-14001300-1400LC3M/P11
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 7GI)Schwartzman, Micah J.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-4
Contracts (F15 Sect 5E)Setear, John K.MWF1540-17001540-1700LC4-/-3
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (F15 Sect 15)Setear, John K.TBA--SM0-/-4
An American Half-Century (F15 Sect 1)Setear, John K.R1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-1
Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (S16 Sect 15)Setear, John K.TBA--SM1-/-4
Bioethics and the Law (S16 Sect 1)Shepherd, Lois L.MW1410-15301410-1530LC3-/-8
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (F15 Sect 17)Shepherd, Lois L.
Worrall, Bradford B.
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (S16 Sect 17)Shepherd, Lois L.
Worrall, Bradford B.
Genetics and the Law (SC) (F15 Sect 1)Siegal, GilMTWRF1600-18001600-1800LC2-/-14
Law of Body Parts (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Siegal, GilMTWRF1330-16001330-1600LC1-/-10
International Arbitration (F15 Sect 1)Simmons, Joshua B.R1815-20151815-2015SM3-/-5
Rescue, Charity, and Justice Seminar (F15 Sect 1)Simmons, Alan J.TR1410-15301410-1530SM3M/-9
Trial Advocacy (S16 Sect 6)Simpson, Richard A.T1815-21151815-2115SM3-/P3
Virginia Practice and Procedure (S16 Sect 1)Sinclair, KentTR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-31
Evidence (F15 Sect 2)Spellman, Barbara A.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-46
Behavioral Decisionmaking and the Law (S16 Sect 1)Spellman, Barbara A.TR1410-15301410-1530LC3-/-11
Property (S16 Sect 2BF)Stephan, Paul B.MTW1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-3
Employment Law: Contracts, Torts, and Statutes (S16 Sect 1)Verkerke, J H.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-4
Employment Law: Health and Safety (S16 Sect 1)Verkerke, J H.WF1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-35
Secured Transactions (S16 Sect 1)Walt, Steven D.TR1410-15301410-1530LC3M/-2
Bankruptcy (S16 Sect 1)Walt, Steven D.MW1410-15301410-1530LC3M/-3
Criminal Procedure (F15 Sect 1)Weinberg, Robert L.F1000-12001000-1200SM3-/P2
Advanced Legal Research (S16 Sect 3)Wharton, Amy A.MW1000-11201000-1120LC2-/P1
Real Estate Transactions: Principles and Practice (S16 Sect 1)White, Thomas R.TRF
Torts (F15 Sect 6I)White, George E.TWR1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-2
Judicial Role in American History (F15 Sect 1)White, George E.TR0830-09500830-0950LC3-/-9
Defamation (SC) (J16 Sect 1)White, George E.MTWRF0930-12000930-1200LC1-/-18
Civil Procedure (F15 Sect 6HI)Woolhandler, Nettie A.MWF0830-09500830-0950LC4-/-1
Administrative Law (F15 Sect 1)Woolhandler, Nettie A.TR0830-09500830-0950LC3-/P4
Civil Rights Litigation (S16 Sect 1)Woolhandler, Nettie A.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/P47
Partnership Tax (F15 Sect 1)Yale, EthanTR0830-09500830-0950LC3-/P44
Corporate Tax (S16 Sect 1)Yale, EthanMWF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/P19
Federal Income Tax (S16 Sect 2)Yale, EthanMWF0830-09500830-0950LC4-/-83
Federal Income Tax: Advanced Topics (F15 Sect 1)Yale, EthanTR1000-11201000-1120LC3-/P12
Tax Policy and Reform (F15 Sect 1)Yin, George K.R1540-17401540-1740SM3-/P7
Corporate Tax (F15 Sect 1) *Syllabus*Yin, George K.TWR1130-12501130-1250LC4-/P46
Trial Advocacy College (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Bill, Brian
Saltzburg, Stephen A.
Taxation and Economic Development (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Cooper, GraemeMTWR0820-09500820-0950LC1-/-5
Antitrust Practice (S16 Sect 1)Applebaum, HarveyR
Finance of Small Enterprise (SC) (F15 Sect 1)Crawford, Richard D.T1540-17401540-1740LC2-/P5
Construction Law (S16 Sect 1)Smith, RichardT1540-17401540-1740SM3-/P2
Energy and Environmental Products Trading and Commodities Regulation (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Eastwood, Athena V.MTWR1815-19451815-1945LC1-/-3
Management of BigLaw Firms: Balancing Culture and Profits (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Robinson, Arthur D.F
Reproductive Ethics and Law (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Marshall, Mary F.
Shepherd, Lois L.
Poverty in Law, Literature and Culture (S16 Sect 1)Langlet, Mark F.M1600-18001600-1800SM3-/-1
Trial Advocacy (F15 Sect 6)Kavanaugh, Christopher R.R1900-22001900-2200SM3-/P6
Government Ethics: Conflicts of Interest, Lobbying and Campaign Finance (S16 Sect 1)Hallock, David H.
Kneedler, H L.
Advanced Legal Research (F15 Sect 3)Roper, John H.W1540-17401540-1740LC2-/P2
Counselor and the Client in the Corporate Context (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Curtin, William J.
Gorrell, J. W.
Williams, Michael C.
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (F15 Sect 07G)Fore, JoeT1540-16401540-1640LC1-/-1
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (F15 Sect 06F)Fore, JoeT1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-1
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (F15 Sect 03C)Fore, JoeM1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-1
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (F15 Sect 01A)Fore, JoeR1300-14001300-1400LC1-/-2
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 06F)Fore, JoeF1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-2
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 07G)Fore, JoeM1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-1
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 01A)Fore, JoeM1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-3
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (F15 Sect 09I)Ware, Sarah S.M1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-2
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (F15 Sect 05E)Ware, Sarah S.M1300-14001300-1400LC1-/-3
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (F15 Sect 02B)Ware, Sarah S.W1300-14001300-1400LC1-/-1

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