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Show details for [<A HREF="ACBTBN?Openview&Expand=1#1">Fall 2013</A>]Fall 2013
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Corporate Law Policy (SC) (J14 Sect 1)Barzuza, MichalMTWRF0930-16300930-1630LC1-/P2
Current Issues in Intellectual Property Law (SC) (J14 Sect 1)Oliar, DotanMTWRF1330-16001330-1600LC1-/P7
Defamation (SC) (J14 Sect 1)White, George E.MTWRF0930-12000930-1200LC1-/-11
Federalism (SC) (J14 Sect 1) *Syllabus*Nicoletti, Cynthia L.MTWRF0930-12000930-1200LC1-/P13
French Public and Private Law (SC) (J14 Sect 1)Gore, MarieMTWR--LC1-/-5
Israeli Health Law and Bioethics (SC) (J14 Sect 1) *Syllabus*Siegal, GilMTWRSU--LC2-/-7
Judicial Philosophy in Theory and Practice (SC) (J14 Sect 1)Bevier, Lillian R.
Thapar, Amul R.
Legal Practice and the Startup Company: An Inside Look (SC) (J14 Sect 1) *Syllabus*Curtis, Quinn
Masri, Rob
Office of the Solictor General (SC) (J14 Sect 1)Heytens, Toby J.MTWRF0930-12000930-1200LC1-/-7
Overview of Military Law (SC) (J14 Sect 1)Nachbar, Thomas B.MTWRF0930-12000930-1200LC1-/-15
Persuasion (SC) (J14 Sect 1) *Syllabus*Sachs, Benjamin R.
Sayler, Robert W.
Shadel, Molly B.
State-Level Individual Income Taxation: U.S. and EU (SC) (J14 Sect 1)Mason, RuthMTWRF1330-16001330-1600LC1-/P8
Toxic Chemicals in the Environment (SC) (J14 Sect 1) *Syllabus*Cannon, Jonathan Z.MTWRF1330-16001330-1600LC1-/-13
Trial Advocacy College (SC) (J14 Sect 1)Bill, Brian
Saltzburg, Stephen A.
Virginia and the Constitution (SC) (J14 Sect 1)Howard, A E.MTWRF0930-12000930-1200LC1-/-2
Show details for [<A HREF="ACBTBN?Openview&Expand=3#3">Spring 2014</A>]Spring 2014

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