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Hide details for [<A HREF="ACBTBN?Openview&Expand=1#1">Fall 2014</A>]Fall 2014
Administrative Law (F14 Sect 1)Livermore, Michael A.TRF1410-15301410-1530LC4-/P43
Advanced Topics in Law and Public Service (YR) (F14 Sect 1)Bowers, JoshTBA--SM0-/P19
Advanced Topics in Law and Public Service (YR) (F14 Sect 2)Coughlin, Anne M.TBA--SM0-/P19
Age Of Majority (F14 Sect 1)Bonnie, Richard J.M1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-1
Airline Industry and Aviation Law (F14 Sect 1A)Kirstein, David M.
Stone, Thatcher A.
Civil Procedure (A,B) (F14 Sect 1AB)Mitchell, Paul G.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-64
Civil Procedure (C,G) (F14 Sect 2CG)Heytens, Toby J.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-64
Civil Procedure (D,E) (F14 Sect 3DE)Nelson, Caleb E.MTWR1000-11001000-1100LC4-/-64
Civil Procedure (F) (F14 Sect 4F)Spencer, Adam B.MTR1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-32
Civil Procedure (H) (F14 Sect 5H)Sinclair, KentMTR1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-32
Civil Procedure (I) (F14 Sect 6I)Ortiz, DanielMWR1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-32
Civil Procedure (J) (F14 Sect 7J)Rutherglen, GeorgeMTR1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-32
Civil Rights Litigation (F14 Sect 1)Collins, Michael G.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-15
Constitution-Making (F14 Sect 1)Versteeg, Emiliana M.W1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-6
Constitutional History II: The Twentieth Century (F14 Sect 1)Goluboff, Risa L.WF1000-11201000-1120LC3-/-33
Constitutional Law II: Freedom of Speech and Press (F14 Sect 1)Kendrick, Leslie C.TWRF1130-12501130-1250LC3-/P41
Constitutional Law II: Religious Liberty (F14 Sect 1)Schwartzman, Micah J.TR1410-15301410-1530LC3-/P23
Contracts (A) (F14 Sect 1A)Kordana, Kevin A.TWF1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-32
Contracts (B) (F14 Sect 2B)Johnson, Alex M.TRF1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-32
Contracts (C,I) (F14 Sect 3CI)Mahoney, Paul G.MTWRF1410-15101410-1510LC4-/-64
Contracts (D,F) (F14 Sect 4DF)Choi, Albert H.TRF1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-64
Contracts (E) (F14 Sect 5E)Johnston, Jason S.MTR1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-32
Contracts (G) (F14 Sect 6G)Cohen, George M.TWRF1410-15101410-1510LC4-/-32
Contracts (H,J) (F14 Sect 7HJ)Geis, George S.MWR1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-64
Corporations (F14 Sect 1)Harrison, John C.TRF1130-12501130-1250LC4M/-18
Corporations (Law & Business) (F14 Sect 1)Curtis, QuinnMWF1410-15301410-1530LC4M/P11
Criminal Defense Clinic (F14 Sect 1)DeLoria, Richard A.
Heblich, Frederick T.
Hingeley, James M.
Murtagh, Elizabeth P.
Redinger, Janice L.
Criminal Investigation (F14 Sect 1)Armacost, Barbara E.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3M/-2
Criminal Law (A,F) (F14 Sect 1AF)Jeffries, John C.MTW0900-09500900-0950LC3-/-64
Criminal Law (B,G) (F14 Sect 2BG)Harmon, Rachel A.MW0830-09500830-0950LC3-/-64
Criminal Law (C) (F14 Sect 3C)Bonnie, Richard J.MTW0850-09500850-0950LC3-/-32
Criminal Law (D) (F14 Sect 4D)Brown, Darryl K.MTW0850-09500850-0950LC3-/-32
Criminal Law (E,J) (F14 Sect 5EJ)Coughlin, Anne M.TWF0850-09500850-0950LC3-/-64
Criminal Law (H,I) (F14 Sect 6HI)Ferzan, KimberlyTRF0850-09500850-0950LC3-/-64
Criminal Procedure Survey (F14 Sect 1)Bowers, JoshTRF1130-12501130-1250LC4M/-11
Cybercrime (F14 Sect 1B)Rusch, Jonathan J.F
Dillard Fellow (YR) (F14 Sect 1)Buck, Donna R.TBA--Practicum2-/-2
Dillard Fellow (YR) (F14 Sect 2)Moran, Karen M.TBA--Practicum2-/-2
Directed Research (F14 Sect 1)TBA--Practicum1-/-50
Employment Law Clinic (YR) (F14 Sect 1)Bauer, Mary C.
Freilich, Timothy A.
Kalantari, Carolyn C.
Trodden, Erin M.
Energy And The Environment (F14 Sect 1)Cannon, Jonathan Z.MWR1300-14001300-1400LC3-/-1
European Union Law (F14 Sect 1)Holznagel, Bernd G.
Steinmeyer, Heinz-Dietrich
Evidence (F14 Sect 2)Schauer, FrederickMW1000-11201000-1120LC3-/-45
Externship (Full-Time): Directed Study (F14 Sect 1)Ryan, A. S.TBA--IN3-/-18
Externship (Part-Time): Directed Study (F14 Sect 1)Ryan, A. S.TBA--IN1-/-9
Externship (Part-Time): Field Experience (F14 Sect 1)Ryan, A. S.TBA--Practicum2-/-9
Federal Criminal Law (F14 Sect 1) *Syllabus*Garrett, Brandon L.TR1000-11201000-1120LC3M/-13
Federal Taxation of Gratuitous Transfers (F14 Sect 1)Robinson, Mildred W.TR1000-11201000-1120LC3-/P10
Federalism (F14 Sect 1)Nicoletti, Cynthia L.WF1000-11201000-1120LC3-/-28
First Amendment and the Scholarly Process (YR) (F14 Sect 1)Schragger, Richard C.
Schwartzman, Micah J.
First Amendment Clinic (YR) (F14 Sect 1)Brown, Bruce D.
Wheeler, John J.
Foundations of Climate Change Law and Policy (F14 Sect 1)Johnston, Jason S.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-30
Genetics and the Law (SC) (F14 Sect 1)Siegal, GilMTWRF1600-17501600-1750LC2-/-9
Globalization and International Civil Litigation (SC) (F14 Sect 1)McEvoy, Timothy J.MTWRF--LC1-/-15
Graduate Legal Research and Writing I (F14 Sect 1)Luu, Xinh T.M1300-14001300-1400LC1-/-44
Health Law Clinic (YR) (F14 Sect 1)Veldhuis, Nathan J.
Walters, Amy S.
Historic Preservation Law (F14 Sect 1)Wenger, Larry B.M1600-18001600-1800SM3-/-1
Immigration Law Clinic (F14 Sect 1)Ford, Douglas B.W1130-13301130-1330Clinical4-/-3
Immigration Law (F14 Sect 1)Martin, David A.MW1000-11201000-1120LC3-/-6
Independent Research (F14 Sect 1)TBA--IN1-/-50
Independent Research (F14 Sect 2)TBA--IN2-/-30
Independent Research (F14 Sect 3)TBA--IN3-/-10
Independent Research (YR) (F14 Sect 011)TBA--IN1-/-30
Independent Research (YR) (F14 Sect 012)TBA--IN1-/-20
Independent Research (YR) (F14 Sect 021)TBA--IN2-/-10
International Civil Litigation (F14 Sect 1)Rutherglen, GeorgeMR1410-15301410-1530LC3-/-9
International Patent Law and Policy (F14 Sect 1)Bagley, Margo A.TR0830-09500830-0950LC3-/-30
International Trade Law (Sc) (F14 Sect 1) *Syllabus*Broude, Tomer
Stephan, Paul B.
Law and Higher Education (F14 Sect 1)Kast, Richard C.T1600-18001600-1800SM3-/P5
Law Of The Police (F14 Sect 1)Harmon, Rachel A.MW1410-15301410-1530LC3M/P14
Legal and Policy Issues of the Indochina War (F14 Sect 1)Moore, John N.
Turner, Robert F.
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (A) (F14 Sect 01A)Buck, Donna R.M1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-32
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (B) (F14 Sect 02B)Buck, Donna R.M1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-32
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (C) (F14 Sect 03C)Buck, Donna R.W1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-32
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (D) (F14 Sect 04D)Ware, Sarah S.F1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-32
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (E) (F14 Sect 05E)Moran, Karen M.W1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-32
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (F) (F14 Sect 06F)Ware, Sarah S.F1300-14001300-1400LC1-/-32
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (G) (F14 Sect 07G)Moran, Karen M.M1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-32
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (H) (F14 Sect 08H)Moran, Karen M.W1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-32
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (I) (F14 Sect 09I)Ware, Sarah S.T1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-32
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (J) (F14 Sect 10J)Ware, Sarah S.T1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-32
Litigation and Housing Law Clinic (YR) (F14 Sect 1)Castaneda, Brenda E.
Conover, John
Rolla, Kimberly A.
Trodden, Richard
Monetary Constitution Seminar (F14 Sect 1)Kitch, Edmund W.
Mahoney, Julia D.
Patent and Licensing Clinic I (F14 Sect 1)Decker, Robert J.
Sparks, Rodney L.
Patent and Licensing Clinic II (F14 Sect 1)Decker, Robert J.
Sparks, Rodney L.
Patent Law (F14 Sect 1)Duffy, John F.MWR1300-14001300-1400LC3-/P35
Presidential Powers (F14 Sect 1)Martin, David A.MTW1300-14001300-1400LC3-/-24
Prosecution Clinic (YR) (F14 Sect 1)Huber, Ronald M.
Platania, Joseph D.
Race And Law (F14 Sect 1)Forde-Mazrui, Kim A.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3M/-29
Retirement Security (F14 Sect 1)Cummings, Frank
White, Thomas R.
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (F14 Sect 01)Bagley, Margo A.TBA--SM0-/-8
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (F14 Sect 03)Brown, Darryl K.TBA--SM0-/-2
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (F14 Sect 04)Cohen, George M.TBA--SM0-/-2
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (F14 Sect 05)Forde-Mazrui, Kim A.TBA--SM0-/-3
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (F14 Sect 08)Hurwitz, Deena R.
Versteeg, Emiliana M.
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (F14 Sect 09)Livermore, Michael A.TBA--SM0-/-9
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (F14 Sect 10)Childress, Marcia D.
Mahoney, Julia D.
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (F14 Sect 14)Shepherd, Lois L.
Worrall, Bradford B.
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (F14 Sect 15)Verkerke, J H.TBA--SM0-/-5
Shaping Legal Opinions (SC) (F14 Sect 1)Caplan, LincolnMTWR1405-15351405-1535LC1-/-2
Social Science in Law (F14 Sect 1)Monahan, John T.MW0830-09500830-0950LC3-/-30
Survey of Patent, Copyright, Trademark (F14 Sect 1)Oliar, DotanMW1000-11201000-1120LC3M/-21
Torts (A,D) (F14 Sect 1AD)Harrison, John C.MTWR1540-16401540-1640LC4-/-64
Torts (B,J) (F14 Sect 2BJ)Barzun, Charles L.MWR1540-17001540-1700LC4-/-64
Torts (C,F) (F14 Sect 3CF)Armacost, Barbara E.MWR1540-17001540-1700LC4-/-64
Torts (E,I) (F14 Sect 4EI)Duffy, John F.MWR1540-17001540-1700LC4-/-64
Torts (G,H) (F14 Sect 5GH)Abraham, Kenneth S.MWR1540-17001540-1700LC4-/-64
Trial Advocacy (F14 Sect 1)Cook, John T.
Thomas, David W.
Trial Advocacy (F14 Sect 2)Davidson, John E.T1255-15551255-1555SM3-/P7
Trial Advocacy (F14 Sect 3)Hudson, Jean B.W1900-22001900-2200SM3-/P1
Trial Advocacy (F14 Sect 5)Quagliana, RhondaM1815-21151815-2115SM3-/P7
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