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Cultural Property (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Mahoney, Julia D.MTWRF0930-12000930-1200LC1M/-3
Defamation (SC) (J16 Sect 1)White, George E.MTWRF0930-12000930-1200LC1-/-19
Federalism (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Nicoletti, Cynthia L.MTWRF1330-16001330-1600LC1-/P10
French Public and Private Law (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Gore, MarieMTWRF0900-17000900-1700LC1-/-17
Health Care Marketplace: Competition, Regulation, and Reform (SC) (J16 Sect 1)McGough, Walter T.
Riley, Margaret F.
Israeli Business Law and Innovation (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Barzuza, Michal
Oliar, Dotan
Judicial Philosophy in Theory and Practice (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Bevier, Lillian R.
Thapar, Amul R.
Law of Body Parts (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Siegal, GilMTWRF1330-16001330-1600LC1-/-8
Plea Bargaining (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Bowers, JoshMTWRF0930-12000930-1200LC1-/-1
Positive Political Theory and the Regulatory Process (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Johnston, Jason S.MTWRF1330-16001330-1600LC1-/-10
Stocks to Cellblocks: American Punishment Since 1776 (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Lowe, Jessica K.MTWRF1330-16001330-1600LC1M/-10
Tax Discrimination (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Mason, RuthMTWRF1330-16001330-1600LC1-/P14
Tax Policy (SC) (J16 Sect 1)Hayashi, Andrew T.
Yale, Ethan
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