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Accounting: Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements (S16 Sect 1)Broome, Oscar W.WF1130-13201130-1320LC2-/-60
Administrative Law (S16 Sect 1)Duffy, John F.MWF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/P37
Advanced Campaign Finance (S16 Sect 1)Sanderson, MatthewM1330-15301330-1530SM3-/-1
Advanced Topics in Law and Public Service (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Bowers, JoshTBA--SM1-/-18
Advanced Topics in Law and Public Service (YR) (S16 Sect 2)Coughlin, Anne M.TBA--SM1-/-18
Advanced Topics in Securities Regulation (S16 Sect 1)Vollmer, Andrew N.MT1000-11201000-1120LC3-/P6
Aging and the Law (S16 Sect 1)Evans, Jonathan M.
White, Thomas R.
Banking and Financial Institutions (S16 Sect 1)Verdier, Pierre-HuguesMW1000-11201000-1120LC3-/-4
Bankruptcy (S16 Sect 1)Walt, Steven D.MW1410-15301410-1530LC3M/-9
Bioethics and the Law (S16 Sect 1)Shepherd, Lois L.MW1410-15301410-1530LC3-/-6
Business and Governmental Tort Liability (S16 Sect 1)Abraham, Kenneth S.
White, George E.
Business Reorganization Under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code (S16 Sect 1)Ackerly, Benjamin C.M1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-1
Civil Rights Litigation (S16 Sect 1)Woolhandler, Nettie A.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/P48
Common Law II (S16 Sect 1)Leslie, Douglas L.TRF1300-14001300-1400LC3-/-2
Comparative Constitutional Law Seminar (S16 Sect 1)Howard, A. E. DickT1830-20301830-2030SM3M/P1
Conflict of Laws (S16 Sect 1)Collins, Michael G.TRF0850-09500850-0950LC3-/-38
Constitutional Law II: Religious Liberty (S16 Sect 1)Armacost, Barbara E.TR1000-11201000-1120LC3M/P44
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 1A)Prakash, Saikrishna B.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-10
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 2B)Forde-Mazrui, Kim A.MTR1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-9
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 3C)Nachbar, Thomas B.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-9
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 4DJ)Hellman, DeborahTRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-2
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 5E)Goluboff, Risa L.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-3
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 6F)Barzun, Charles L.MWR1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-11
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 7GI)Schwartzman, Micah J.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-2
Constitutional Law (S16 Sect 8H)Garrett, Brandon L.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/-10
Consumer Law Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Castaneda, Brenda E.
Ciolfi, Angela A.
Rolla, Kimberly A.
Sandoval-Moshenberg, Simon
Copyright Law (S16 Sect 1)Oliar, DotanMTWRF1300-15001300-1500LC2-/-12
Corporate Finance (S16 Sect 1)Hynes, Richard M.WF1130-13201130-1320LC2-/P58
Corporate Tax (S16 Sect 1)Yale, EthanMWF1000-11201000-1120LC4-/P12
Corporations (Law & Business) (S16 Sect 1)Choi, Albert H.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4M/P51
Corporations (S16 Sect 1)Kitch, Edmund W.MWF1410-15301410-1530LC4M/-78
Corporations (S16 Sect 2)Harrison, John C.TRF1000-11201000-1120LC4M/-70
Criminal Defense Clinic (S16 Sect 1)Heblich, Frederick T.
Hingeley, James M.
Lepold, Bonnie J.
Murtagh, Elizabeth P.
Redinger, Janice L.
Current Issues in U.S. and International Patent Law (S16 Sect 1)Bagley, Margo A.M1815-20151815-2015SM3-/P10
Employment Law Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Charlton, Mary F.
Levy-Lavelle, Patrick S.
Trodden, Erin M.
Employment Law: Health and Safety (S16 Sect 1)Verkerke, J H.WF1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-33
Employment Law: Principles and Practice (S16 Sect 1)Davidson, John E.
Steen, Bruce M.
Energy Regulation and Policy (S16 Sect 1)Flippen, Edward L.T1600-18001600-1800LC2-/-2
Environmental Ethics (S16 Sect 1)Cannon, Jonathan Z.R1830-20301830-2030SM3-/-8
Environmental Law (S16 Sect 1)Livermore, Michael A.MW1000-11201000-1120LC3-/-43
Ethics and Integrity for Law Firm Lawyers and Their Clients (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Ross, Michael C.MTWRF1300-15001300-1500LC2M/-10
EU Taxation (S16 Sect 1)Mason, RuthTR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/P10
Family Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Balnave, Richard D.
Emery, Kimberly C.
Family Law (S16 Sect 1)Strauss, GreggMTR1300-14001300-1400LC3-/-26
Federal Income Tax (S16 Sect 1)Robinson, Mildred W.TRF1130-12501130-1250LC4-/-41
Federal Income Tax (S16 Sect 2)Yale, EthanMWF0830-09500830-0950LC4-/-83
Federal Lands, Energy, and Natural Resources Law (S16 Sect 1)Carr, David W.M1815-20151815-2015SM3-/P1
Federal Regulation of Investment Companies (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Zack, Robert G.MTWRF1600-17301600-1730LC1-/-4
First Amendment Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Brown, Bruce D.
Wheeler, John J.
Foreign Relations Law (S16 Sect 1)Prakash, Saikrishna B.TR1410-15301410-1530LC3-/P2
Global Health Law and Policy (S16 Sect 1)Massaro, Thomas A.T1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-8
Graduate Legal Research and Writing II (S16 Sect 1)Luu, Xinh T.M1300-14001300-1400LC1-/P33
Health Law Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Charlton, Mary F.
Walters, Amy S.
Health Law Survey (S16 Sect 1)Riley, Margaret F.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-23
Human Rights Study Project (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Versteeg, Emiliana M.TBA--SM2-/-2
Immigration Law (S16 Sect 1)Martin, David A.TWR1300-14001300-1400LC3-/-31
Intellectual Property Law Policy (S16 Sect 1)Oliar, DotanMTWRF1830-20301830-2030SM3-/P12
Intelligence Law Reform (S16 Sect 1)Hitz, Frederick P.W1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-5
International and Foreign Legal Research (S16 Sect 1)Luu, Xinh T.TR1300-14001300-1400LC2-/P33
International Criminal Law (S16 Sect 1)Marshall, Harry R.R
International Human Rights Law Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Bromley, Mark K.
McMullen, Wade
International Human Rights Litigation (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Gledhill, KrisMTWRF1000-11201000-1120LC1-/-6
International Law (S16 Sect 1)Deeks, AshleyWF0830-09500830-0950LC3-/-11
Labor Law (S16 Sect 1)Barr, John
Nagle, David E.
Law and Economics Colloquium (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Curtis, Quinn
Hayashi, Andrew T.
Law of Armed Conflict (S16 Sect 1)Bill, BrianM1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-2
Law of Treaties (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Cope, KevinMTWRF1815-20151815-2015LC1-/P4
Leadership and Team Management (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Donovan, JimRF1300-14401300-1440LC1-/-3
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 01A)Fore, JoeM1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-2
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 02B)Ware, Sarah S.F1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-1
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 04D)Buck, Donna R.M1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-2
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 05E)Ware, Sarah S.W1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-3
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 06F)Fore, JoeF1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-1
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 07G)Fore, JoeM1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-1
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 08H)Buck, Donna R.W1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-1
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 09I)Ware, Sarah S.W1410-15101410-1510LC1-/-2
Legal Research and Writing (YR) (S16 Sect 10J)Buck, Donna R.W1000-11001000-1100LC1-/-2
Legal Theory in Europe and the United States: A Comparative Analysis (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Duxbury, Neil T.MTWR0820-09500820-0950LC1-/-5
Litigation and Housing Law Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Castaneda, Brenda E.
Conover, John
Rolla, Kimberly A.
Trodden, Richard
Modern Real Estate (S16 Sect 1)Johnson, Alex M.TR1000-11201000-1120LC3M/P26
National Security and Information (S16 Sect 1)Nachbar, Thomas B.TR1410-15301410-1530LC3-/-3
National Security Law (S16 Sect 1)Moore, John N.MW1410-15301410-1530LC3-/-9
Native American Law (S16 Sect 1)Doran, Michael T.TR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-19
Nonprofit Organizations (S16 Sect 1)Mahoney, Julia D.TR0830-09500830-0950LC3-/-18
Professional Responsibility (S16 Sect 1)Cohen, George M.TRF1300-14001300-1400LC3M/-12
Professional Responsibility (S16 Sect 2)Hylton, Joseph G.WF0850-09500850-0950LC2M/-13
Property (S16 Sect 1AH)Doran, Michael T.TRF1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-3
Property (S16 Sect 2BF)Stephan, Paul B.MTW1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-2
Property (S16 Sect 3CE)Mahoney, Julia D.MWR1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-2
Property (S16 Sect 4D)Schragger, Richard C.TRF1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-2
Property (S16 Sect 5G)Johnson, Alex M.MTR1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-1
Property (S16 Sect 6I)Nicoletti, Cynthia L.TRF1410-15301410-1530LC4-/-2
Property (S16 Sect 7J)Hylton, Joseph G.TWRF1410-15101410-1510LC4-/-2
Prosecution Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Huber, Ronald M.
Platania, Joseph D.
Race and Law (S16 Sect 1)Forde-Mazrui, Kim A.TR1410-15301410-1530LC3M/-4
Real Estate Transactions: Principles and Practice (S16 Sect 1)White, Thomas R.TRF
Regulatory Law and Policy (S16 Sect 1)Livermore, Michael A.MW1540-17001540-1700LC3-/-14
Rhetoric Seminar (S16 Sect 1)Sayler, Robert N.T1330-15301330-1530SM2M/-5
Rights of Indigenous Peoples (S16 Sect 1)Sachse, Harry R.R
Secured Transactions (S16 Sect 1)Walt, Steven D.TR1410-15301410-1530LC3M/-37
Securities Regulation (S16 Sect 1)Kitch, Edmund W.TWR0850-09500850-0950LC3M/P24
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (S16 Sect 09)Hayashi, Andrew T.
Mason, Ruth
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (S16 Sect 14)Cannon, Jonathan Z.
Rutherglen, George
Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (S16 Sect 15)Setear, John K.TBA--SM1-/-4
Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (S16 Sect 17)Shepherd, Lois L.
Worrall, Bradford B.
Supreme Court Litigation Clinic (YR) (S16 Sect 1)Elwood, John P.
Goldberg, David T.
Johnson, Joshua S.
Ortiz, Daniel
Stancil, Mark T.
Survey of Patent, Copyright, Trademark (S16 Sect 1)Bagley, Margo A.MW1540-17001540-1700LC3M/-21
Tax Practice and Procedure Seminar (S16 Sect 1)Malone, James L.T1600-18001600-1800SM3-/-33
Taxation and Economic Development (SC) (S16 Sect 1)Cooper, GraemeMTWR0820-09500820-0950LC1-/-3
Therapeutic Justice and the Evolving Role of Specialty Courts (S16 Sect 1)Hogshire, Edward L.T1540-17401540-1740SM3-/P2
Trial Advocacy (S16 Sect 2)Edwards, John S.R1815-21151815-2115SM3-/P6
Trial Advocacy (S16 Sect 3)Hudson, Jean B.W1900-22001900-2200SM3-/P2
Trial Advocacy (S16 Sect 6)Simpson, Richard A.T1815-21151815-2115SM3-/P1
Virginia Practice and Procedure (S16 Sect 1)Sinclair, KentTR1130-12501130-1250LC3-/-27
Wage and Hour Law Seminar (S16 Sect 1)Verkerke, J H.W1540-17401540-1740SM3-/-3
Youth Law (S16 Sect 1)Bonnie, Richard J.W1600-18001600-1800LC3-/-6

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