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2015-2016 Courses

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SCHEDNOCourseNameTermNameLawNoCourse Section and Term
115819781Civil ProcedureFall 2015LAW6000Civil Procedure (Section 1AF)TRF0830-0950WB102TRF, 0830-0950 (WB102)
115819782Civil ProcedureFall 2015LAW6000Civil Procedure (Section 2BG)WRF0830-0950SL278WRF, 0830-0950 (SL278)
115819783Accounting: Understanding And Analyzing Financial StatementsFall 2015LAW6100Accounting: Understanding And Analyzing Financial Statements (Section 1)TR1130-1320WB128TR, 1130-1320 (WB128)
115819784Civil ProcedureFall 2015LAW6000Civil Procedure (Section 3C)MTW0830-0950WB103MTW, 0830-0950 (WB103)
115819785Civil ProcedureFall 2015LAW6000Civil Procedure (Section 4D)TRF0830-0950WB104TRF, 0830-0950 (WB104)
115819786Civil ProcedureFall 2015LAW6000Civil Procedure (Section 5EJ)TWRF0850-0950SL262TWRF, 0850-0950 (SL262)
115819787Civil ProcedureFall 2015LAW6000Civil Procedure (Section 6HI)MWF0830-0950SL298MWF, 0830-0950 (SL298)
115819789ContractsFall 2015LAW6002Contracts (Section 1A)MWR1540-1700WB103MWR, 1540-1700 (WB103)
115819790ContractsFall 2015LAW6002Contracts (Section 2B)MTWR1540-1640SL298MTWR, 1540-1640 (SL298)
115819791ContractsFall 2015LAW6002Contracts (Section 3CI)MWR1540-1700SL278MWR, 1540-1700 (SL278)
115819792ContractsFall 2015LAW6002Contracts (Section 4DF)MWR1540-1700WB126MWR, 1540-1700 (WB126)
115819793ContractsFall 2015LAW6002Contracts (Section 5E)MWF1540-1700WB104MWF, 1540-1700 (WB104)
115819794ContractsFall 2015LAW6002Contracts (Section 6G)MW,TR1540-1640,1135-1235WB105,WB105MW, 1540-1640 (WB105),TR, 1135-1235 (WB105)
115819795ContractsFall 2015LAW6002Contracts (Section 7HJ)MWR1540-1700WB101MWR, 1540-1700 (WB101)
115819797CorporationsFall 2015LAW6103Corporations (Section 1)TWF1130-1250SL278TWF, 1130-1250 (SL278)
115819798Criminal LawFall 2015LAW6003Criminal Law (Section 1AD)MTWR1410-1510WB128MTWR, 1410-1510 (WB128)
115819799Criminal LawFall 2015LAW6003Criminal Law (Section 2BC)TRF1410-1510SL294TRF, 1410-1510 (SL294)
115819800Criminal LawFall 2015LAW6003Criminal Law (Section 3EI)MTR1410-1510SL262MTR, 1410-1510 (SL262)
115819801Criminal LawFall 2015LAW6003Criminal Law (Section 4FJ)MWF1410-1510SL258MWF, 1410-1510 (SL258)
115819802Criminal LawFall 2015LAW6003Criminal Law (Section 5GH)MTW1410-1510WB102MTW, 1410-1510 (WB102)
115819804EvidenceFall 2015LAW6104Evidence (Section 1)MW1000-1120WB101MW, 1000-1120 (WB101)
115819805Federal Income TaxFall 2015LAW6106Federal Income Tax (Section 1)MWF0830-0950WB128MWF, 0830-0950 (WB128)
115819806Hallmarks Of Distinguished AdvocacyFall 2015LAW9053Hallmarks Of Distinguished Advocacy (Section 1)W,W1000-1230,1000-1230SL290,SL292W, 1000-1230 (SL290),W, 1000-1230 (SL292)
115819807International LawFall 2015LAW6107International Law (Section 1)MW1410-1530WB104MW, 1410-1530 (WB104)
115819808Partnership TaxFall 2015LAW8015Partnership Tax (Section 1)TR0830-0950SL298TR, 0830-0950 (SL298)
115819809Retirement SecurityFall 2015LAW9098Retirement Security (Section 1)M1540-1740SL131M, 1540-1740 (SL131)
115819810Federal CourtsFall 2015LAW6105Federal Courts (Section 1)MTWR1415-1515SL278MTWR, 1415-1515 (SL278)
115819811Supreme Court From Warren To RobertsFall 2015LAW9062Supreme Court From Warren To Roberts (Section 1)M1540-1740WB127M, 1540-1740 (WB127)
115819812TortsFall 2015LAW6007Torts (Section 1AB)TWF1000-1120SL262TWF, 1000-1120 (SL262)
115819813TortsFall 2015LAW6007Torts (Section 2CG)TRF1000-1120SL258TRF, 1000-1120 (SL258)
115819814TortsFall 2015LAW6007Torts (Section 3DE)MWF1000-1120SL294MWF, 1000-1120 (SL294)
115819815TortsFall 2015LAW6007Torts (Section 4F)TRF1000-1120WB105TRF, 1000-1120 (WB105)
115819816TortsFall 2015LAW6007Torts (Section 5H)TRF1000-1120WB103TRF, 1000-1120 (WB103)
115819817Trusts And EstatesFall 2015LAW8018Trusts And Estates (Section 1)MWF1300-1400WB102MWF, 1300-1400 (WB102)
115819818Advanced Legal ResearchFall 2015LAW8000Advanced Legal Research (Section 1)TR1000-1120WB278TR, 1000-1120 (WB278)
115819819Animal LawFall 2015LAW9040Animal Law (Section 1)M1540-1740WB119M, 1540-1740 (WB119)
115819820Anti-Terrorism, Law And The Role Of IntelligenceFall 2015LAW9067Anti-Terrorism, Law And The Role Of Intelligence (Section 1)W1600-1800SL131W, 1600-1800 (SL131)
115819821Appellate Litigation Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8602Appellate Litigation Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)T1410-1530SL131T, 1410-1530 (SL131)
115819822Child Advocacy Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8606Child Advocacy Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)T1540-1740LAJCT, 1540-1740 (LAJC)
115819823Constitutionalism: History And JurisprudenceFall 2015LAW9019Constitutionalism: History And Jurisprudence (Section 1)T1830-2030WB127T, 1830-2030 (WB127)
115819824Criminal Defense ClinicFall 2015LAW8608Criminal Defense Clinic (Section 1)MR1630-1800SL292MR, 1630-1800 (SL292)
115819825Criminal ProcedureFall 2015LAW9063Criminal Procedure (Section 1)F1000-1200SL131F, 1000-1200 (SL131)
115819826Drug Product Liability Litigation: Principles And PracticeFall 2015LAW8659Drug Product Liability Litigation: Principles And Practice (Section 1)M1600-1800WB128M, 1600-1800 (WB128)
115819827Emerging Growth Companies And Venture Capital Financing: Principles And PracticeFall 2015LAW8651Emerging Growth Companies And Venture Capital Financing: Principles And Practice (Section 1)TR1815-2015WB105TR, 1815-2015 (WB105)
115819828Employment Law Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8609Employment Law Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)T1000-1230LAJCT, 1000-1230 (LAJC)
115819829European Union LawFall 2015LAW7029European Union Law (Section 1)TR1540-1740SL284TR, 1540-1740 (SL284)
115819830Franchise LawFall 2015LAW9015Franchise Law (Section 1)M1300-1500SL268M, 1300-1500 (SL268)
115819831Graduate Legal Research And Writing IFall 2015LAW8802Graduate Legal Research And Writing I (Section 1)M1300-1400WB105M, 1300-1400 (WB105)
115819832Litigation And Housing Law Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8614Litigation And Housing Law Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)W,W,R1630-1800,1630-1800,1630-1830SL268,SL292,LAJCW, 1630-1800 (SL268),W, 1630-1800 (SL292),R, 1630-1830 (LAJC)
115819833Innocence Project Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8628Innocence Project Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)T1500-1700SL276T, 1500-1700 (SL276)
115819834International Banking Transactions (Sc)Fall 2015LAW7617International Banking Transactions (Sc) (Section 1)MTWR1410-1530WB129MTWR, 1410-1530 (WB129)
115819835Patent LawFall 2015LAW8010Patent Law (Section 1)MW1000-1120WB105MW, 1000-1120 (WB105)
115819836Law And Higher EducationFall 2015LAW9071Law And Higher Education (Section 1)T1600-1800WB114T, 1600-1800 (WB114)
115819837Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Fall 2015LAW6004Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 01A)R1300-1400WB103R, 1300-1400 (WB103)
115819838Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Fall 2015LAW6004Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 02B)W1300-1400WB103W, 1300-1400 (WB103)
115819839Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Fall 2015LAW6004Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 03C)M1410-1510WB103M, 1410-1510 (WB103)
115819840Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Fall 2015LAW6004Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 04D)T1300-1400WB103T, 1300-1400 (WB103)
115819841Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Fall 2015LAW6004Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 05E)M1300-1400WB103M, 1300-1400 (WB103)
115819842Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Fall 2015LAW6004Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 06F)T1410-1510WB104T, 1410-1510 (WB104)
115819843Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Fall 2015LAW6004Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 07G)T1540-1640WB103T, 1540-1640 (WB103)
115819844Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Fall 2015LAW6004Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 08H)R1410-1510WB103R, 1410-1510 (WB103)
115819845Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Fall 2015LAW6004Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 09I)M1000-1100SL298M, 1000-1100 (SL298)
115819846Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Fall 2015LAW6004Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 10J)R1000-1100WB104R, 1000-1100 (WB104)
115819847Legislative Drafting And Public PolicyFall 2015LAW9074Legislative Drafting And Public Policy (Section 1)WR1930-2200SL268WR, 1930-2200 (SL268)
115819848Negotiation Institute (Sc)Fall 2015LAW7625Negotiation Institute (Sc) (Section 1)S0900-1700WB152S, 0900-1700 (WB152)
115819851Professional ResponsibilityFall 2015LAW7071Professional Responsibility (Section 1)WF1130-1230WB126WF, 1130-1230 (WB126)
115819852Professional ResponsibilityFall 2015LAW7071Professional Responsibility (Section 2)WF1000-1100WB126WF, 1000-1100 (WB126)
115819853Prosecution Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8622Prosecution Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)T1900-2130WB104T, 1900-2130 (WB104)
115819854Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 01)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819856Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 03)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819857Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 04)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819858Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 06)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819859Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 07)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819860Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 08)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819861Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 09)F,T1830-2115,1830-2115,F, 1830-2115 (),T, 1830-2115 ()
115819862Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 10)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819863Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 11)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819864Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 12)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819865Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 13)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819866Supreme Court Litigation Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8624Supreme Court Litigation Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)W1600-1800SL366W, 1600-1800 (SL366)
115819867Trial AdvocacyFall 2015LAW9081Trial Advocacy (Section 1)T1830-2130SL290T, 1830-2130 (SL290)
115819868Trial AdvocacyFall 2015LAW9081Trial Advocacy (Section 2)T1255-1555SL292T, 1255-1555 (SL292)
115819869Trial AdvocacyFall 2015LAW9081Trial Advocacy (Section 3)W1900-2200SL290W, 1900-2200 (SL290)
115819870Trial AdvocacyFall 2015LAW9081Trial Advocacy (Section 4)M1815-2115SL290M, 1815-2115 (SL290)
115819873Finance Of Small Enterprise (Sc)Fall 2015LAW7606Finance Of Small Enterprise (Sc) (Section 1)T1540-1740WB105T, 1540-1740 (WB105)
115819874JurisprudenceFall 2015LAW7086Jurisprudence (Section 1)MW1540-1700WB102MW, 1540-1700 (WB102)
115819875Law And Economics Colloquium (Yr)Fall 2015LAW7093Law And Economics Colloquium (Yr) (Section 1)R1130-1250R, 1130-1250 ()
115819877Nonprofit Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8632Nonprofit Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)T1540-1740WB119T, 1540-1740 (WB119)
115819890International Investment LawFall 2015LAW9004International Investment Law (Section 1)M1600-1800SL366M, 1600-1800 (SL366)
115819892Antitrust Review Of Mergers In A Global EnvironmentFall 2015LAW9069Antitrust Review Of Mergers In A Global Environment (Section 1)T1600-1800WB127T, 1600-1800 (WB127)
115819894Historic Preservation LawFall 2015LAW9068Historic Preservation Law (Section 1)T1600-1800SL268T, 1600-1800 (SL268)
115819896Social Science In LawFall 2015LAW7085Social Science In Law (Section 1)MW0830-0950WB105MW, 0830-0950 (WB105)
115819897Advanced Legal ResearchFall 2015LAW8000Advanced Legal Research (Section 2)MW1000-1120WB278MW, 1000-1120 (WB278)
115819898First Amendment Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8634First Amendment Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)T1600-1800WB121T, 1600-1800 (WB121)
115819900Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 14)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819904Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 05)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819908Federal Income TaxFall 2015LAW6106Federal Income Tax (Section 2)TR0830-0950WB128TR, 0830-0950 (WB128)
115819909Family Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8630Family Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)T1130-1250WB104AT, 1130-1250 (WB104A)
115819910African-American Lawyers From The Civil War To The PresentFall 2015LAW9152African-American Lawyers From The Civil War To The Present (Section 1)W1540-1740WB104AW, 1540-1740 (WB104A)
115819912Administrative LawFall 2015LAW6102Administrative Law (Section 1)TR0830-0950WB101TR, 0830-0950 (WB101)
115819913Advanced Legal ResearchFall 2015LAW8000Advanced Legal Research (Section 3)W1540-1740WB278W, 1540-1740 (WB278)
115819914Constitutional Law Ii: Religious Liberty Fall 2015LAW7017Constitutional Law Ii: Religious Liberty (Section 1)MTW1300-1400WB104MTW, 1300-1400 (WB104)
115819915Constitutional Law Ii: Freedom Of Speech And PressFall 2015LAW8004Constitutional Law Ii: Freedom Of Speech And Press (Section 1)TR1410-1530WB105TR, 1410-1530 (WB105)
115819917Federal Taxation Of Gratuitous Transfers Fall 2015LAW7032Federal Taxation Of Gratuitous Transfers (Section 1)TR1000-1120WB116TR, 1000-1120 (WB116)
115819919LegislationFall 2015LAW7062Legislation (Section 1)MW1410-1530SL298MW, 1410-1530 (SL298)
115819920National Security LawFall 2015LAW7067National Security Law (Section 1)WF0830-0950SL258WF, 0830-0950 (SL258)
115819924Airline Industry And Aviation LawFall 2015LAW9059Airline Industry And Aviation Law (Section 1A)F,S1600-1810,0900-1110WB104A,WB104AF, 1600-1810 (WB104A),S, 0900-1110 (WB104A)
115819925An American Half-CenturyFall 2015LAW9007An American Half-Century (Section 1)R1540-1740WB127R, 1540-1740 (WB127)
115819926Constitutional TheoryFall 2015LAW9159Constitutional Theory (Section 1)R1540-1740SL366R, 1540-1740 (SL366)
115819930Rhetoric SeminarFall 2015LAW9031Rhetoric Seminar (Section 1)M1330-1530WB127M, 1330-1530 (WB127)
115819932Practical Trust And Estate AdministrationFall 2015LAW7125Practical Trust And Estate Administration (Section 1)T1600-1800WB278T, 1600-1800 (WB278)
115819933Federal Pretrial LitigationFall 2015LAW9200Federal Pretrial Litigation (Section 1)M1815-2015WB121M, 1815-2015 (WB121)
115819939Monetary Constitution SeminarFall 2015LAW9208Monetary Constitution Seminar (Section 1)T1540-1740SL131T, 1540-1740 (SL131)
115819941Civil Rights LitigationFall 2015LAW8003Civil Rights Litigation (Section 1)MTW1000-1100WB102MTW, 1000-1100 (WB102)
115819942Corporations (Law & Business)Fall 2015LAW6109Corporations (Law & Business) (Section 1)MWF1000-1120WB128MWF, 1000-1120 (WB128)
115819946Money And RightsFall 2015LAW9154Money And Rights (Section 1)M1540-1740WB116M, 1540-1740 (WB116)
115819947Supreme Court: October TermFall 2015LAW9039Supreme Court: October Term (Section 1)M1540-1740WB114M, 1540-1740 (WB114)
115819952International Civil LitigationFall 2015LAW7052International Civil Litigation (Section 1)MW1410-1530WB105MW, 1410-1530 (WB105)
115819954EvidenceFall 2015LAW6104Evidence (Section 2)TR1130-1250SL258TR, 1130-1250 (SL258)
115819955Genetics And The Law (Sc)Fall 2015LAW7612Genetics And The Law (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF1600-1800WB129MTWRF, 1600-1800 (WB129)
115819956International ArbitrationFall 2015LAW9222International Arbitration (Section 1)R1815-2015WB114R, 1815-2015 (WB114)
115819958Consumer Law Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8643Consumer Law Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)W0900-1115LAJCW, 0900-1115 (LAJC)
115819959Securities RegulationFall 2015LAW8016Securities Regulation (Section 1)MT1410-1530WB101MT, 1410-1530 (WB101)
115819961Criminal InvestigationFall 2015LAW7019Criminal Investigation (Section 1)TR1410-1530SL258TR, 1410-1530 (SL258)
115819962Trademark LawFall 2015LAW7047Trademark Law (Section 1)MW1410-1530SL294MW, 1410-1530 (SL294)
115819964Advanced Topics In Law And Public Service (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9228Advanced Topics In Law And Public Service (Yr) (Section 1)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819966Common Law IFall 2015LAW7116Common Law I (Section 1)TRF1300-1400WB105TRF, 1300-1400 (WB105)
115819968Advanced Topics In Law And Public Service (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9228Advanced Topics In Law And Public Service (Yr) (Section 2)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819969Health Law Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8645Health Law Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)W1300-1500LAJCW, 1300-1500 (LAJC)
115819971Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 15)TBA-TBA, - ()
115819972Law Of The PoliceFall 2015LAW7106Law Of The Police (Section 1)TR1130-1250SL298TR, 1130-1250 (SL298)
115819974Corporate Strategy (Sc)Fall 2015LAW7641Corporate Strategy (Sc) (Section 1)F1300-1440WB104F, 1300-1440 (WB104)
115819975Energy Businesses And Private Company Acquisitions (Sc)Fall 2015LAW7693Energy Businesses And Private Company Acquisitions (Sc) (Section 1)MTWR1815-1945WB129MTWR, 1815-1945 (WB129)
115819976Federal Sentencing (Sc)Fall 2015LAW7648Federal Sentencing (Sc) (Section 1)MTWR1600-1800WB129MTWR, 1600-1800 (WB129)
115819978International Law And The Use Of ForceFall 2015LAW9182International Law And The Use Of Force (Section 1)R1540-1740WB119R, 1540-1740 (WB119)
115819979Start-Up Of A Medtech Company (Sc)Fall 2015LAW7619Start-Up Of A Medtech Company (Sc) (Section 1)MTWR1000-1120WB129MTWR, 1000-1120 (WB129)
115819980Globalization And Private Dispute Resolution (Sc)Fall 2015LAW7613Globalization And Private Dispute Resolution (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF0820-0950WB129MTWRF, 0820-0950 (WB129)
115820015Survey Of Military Justice (Jag)(Sc)Fall 2015LAW7500Survey Of Military Justice (Jag)(Sc) (Section 1)TR0800-0950JAGTR, 0800-0950 (JAG)
115821139TortsFall 2015LAW6007Torts (Section 6I)TWR1000-1120SL298TWR, 1000-1120 (SL298)
115821140TortsFall 2015LAW6007Torts (Section 7J)MTF1000-1120WB104MTF, 1000-1120 (WB104)
115821156Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 16)TBA-TBA, - ()
115821160Corporate TaxFall 2015LAW8006Corporate Tax (Section 1)TWR1130-1250SL294TWR, 1130-1250 (SL294)
115821161International Intellectual PropertyFall 2015LAW9223International Intellectual Property (Section 1)M1815-2015WB127M, 1815-2015 (WB127)
115821164Criminal AdjudicationFall 2015LAW7018Criminal Adjudication (Section 1)MTR0850-0950SL258MTR, 0850-0950 (SL258)
115821165Climate Change: Science, Markets, And PolicyFall 2015LAW9013Climate Change: Science, Markets, And Policy (Section 1)M1710-1940WB103M, 1710-1940 (WB103)
115821166Environmental Law And Conservation ClinicFall 2015LAW8640Environmental Law And Conservation Clinic (Section 1)T1300-1400SL131T, 1300-1400 (SL131)
115821167Employment DiscriminationFall 2015LAW7022Employment Discrimination (Section 1)TR1130-1250WB103TR, 1130-1250 (WB103)
115821168Habeas CorpusFall 2015LAW7037Habeas Corpus (Section 1)TR0830-0950WB104ATR, 0830-0950 (WB104A)
115821169Law And EconomicsFall 2015LAW7135Law And Economics (Section 1)MW1000-1120SL258MW, 1000-1120 (SL258)
115821170Constitutional Law Ii: Law And The Theory Of Equal ProtectionFall 2015LAW8021Constitutional Law Ii: Law And The Theory Of Equal Protection (Section 1)WF1130-1250WB103WF, 1130-1250 (WB103)
115821171Responses To The Financial Crisis (Sc)Fall 2015LAW7651Responses To The Financial Crisis (Sc) (Section 1)MTWR1600-1730WB129MTWR, 1600-1730 (WB129)
115821172Crime And Punishment In American HistoryFall 2015LAW9189Crime And Punishment In American History (Section 1)W1540-1740WB127W, 1540-1740 (WB127)
115821173Securities Regulation (Law & Business)Fall 2015LAW8017Securities Regulation (Law & Business) (Section 1)TRF1410-1530SL298TRF, 1410-1530 (SL298)
115821174Antitrust In The Global EconomyFall 2015LAW9050Antitrust In The Global Economy (Section 1)R1600-1800WB116R, 1600-1800 (WB116)
115821175Oceans Law And PolicyFall 2015LAW7068Oceans Law And Policy (Section 1)MTW1300-1400WB116MTW, 1300-1400 (WB116)
115821176War And Peace: New Thinking About The Causes Of War And War AvoidanceFall 2015LAW9052War And Peace: New Thinking About The Causes Of War And War Avoidance (Section 1)W1900-2100SL366W, 1900-2100 (SL366)
115821177AntitrustFall 2015LAW7005Antitrust (Section 1)TRF1300-1400WB101TRF, 1300-1400 (WB101)
115821180Food And Drug LawFall 2015LAW7034Food And Drug Law (Section 1)MW1000-1120WB103MW, 1000-1120 (WB103)
115821181Employment DiscriminationFall 2015LAW7022Employment Discrimination (Section 2)MW1000-1120WB154MW, 1000-1120 (WB154)
115821182Right To Education In U.S.: Real Or Hollow? (Sc)Fall 2015LAW7679Right To Education In U.S.: Real Or Hollow? (Sc) (Section 1)MTWR0820-0950WB129MTWR, 0820-0950 (WB129)
115821183Advanced Civil ProcedureFall 2015LAW7137Advanced Civil Procedure (Section 1)TW1410-1530WB103TW, 1410-1530 (WB103)
115821186Judicial Role In American HistoryFall 2015LAW7057Judicial Role In American History (Section 1)TR0830-0950WB114TR, 0830-0950 (WB114)
115821187Tax Policy And ReformFall 2015LAW9150Tax Policy And Reform (Section 1)R1540-1740SL268R, 1540-1740 (SL268)
115821190Under Siege: Boards And Private Equity In Financial Distress (Sc)Fall 2015LAW7740Under Siege: Boards And Private Equity In Financial Distress (Sc) (Section 1)MTW1540-1740WB129MTW, 1540-1740 (WB129)
115821199International Human Rights Law Clinic (Yr)Fall 2015LAW8638International Human Rights Law Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)W1410-1530WB104AW, 1410-1530 (WB104A)
115821257ArbitrationFall 2015LAW7142Arbitration (Section 1)F1540-1740WB114F, 1540-1740 (WB114)
115821258Originalism And Its CriticsFall 2015LAW9245Originalism And Its Critics (Section 1)W1540-1740WB116W, 1540-1740 (WB116)
115821259Biglaw And The Profession (And Business) Of LawFall 2015LAW9239Biglaw And The Profession (And Business) Of Law (Section 1)M1540-1740WB121M, 1540-1740 (WB121)
115821260Constitutional Law Ii: PovertyFall 2015LAW9240Constitutional Law Ii: Poverty (Section 1)F1000-1200WB121F, 1000-1200 (WB121)
115821261Legal History Of The 1960SFall 2015LAW9244Legal History Of The 1960S (Section 1)W1540-1740WB114W, 1540-1740 (WB114)
115821262Death PenaltyFall 2015LAW9241Death Penalty (Section 1)M1300-1500WB121M, 1300-1500 (WB121)
115821264Feminism And Free MarketFall 2015LAW9242Feminism And Free Market (Section 1)W1540-1740WB119W, 1540-1740 (WB119)
115821265Providing K-12 Education; Taxes And MoneyFall 2015LAW9246Providing K-12 Education; Taxes And Money (Section 1)R1540-1740SL276R, 1540-1740 (SL276)
115821266International Law In National Legal SystemsFall 2015LAW9243International Law In National Legal Systems (Section 1)R1540-1740WB114R, 1540-1740 (WB114)
115821267Federal Income Tax: Advanced TopicsFall 2015LAW8022Federal Income Tax: Advanced Topics (Section 1)TR1000-1120WB119TR, 1000-1120 (WB119)
115821273Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9089Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr) (Section 17)TBA-TBA, - ()
115821316Cyber Law And PolicyFall 2015LAW9221Cyber Law And Policy (Section 1A)F,S1630-1840,0900-1110SL131,SL131F, 1630-1840 (SL131),S, 0900-1110 (SL131)
115821383Empirical Methods In Corporate Law And Finance (Sc)Fall 2015LAW9237Empirical Methods In Corporate Law And Finance (Sc) (Section 1)MTWR0810-0950WB127MTWR, 0810-0950 (WB127)
115821384Corporate FinanceFall 2015LAW6101Corporate Finance (Section 1)TR1130-1320WB128TR, 1130-1320 (WB128)
115821398Survey Of Patent, Copyright, TrademarkFall 2015LAW7044Survey Of Patent, Copyright, Trademark (Section 1)MTWRF1830-2030SL262MTWRF, 1830-2030 (SL262)
115821415Human Rights Study Project (Yr)Fall 2015LAW9254Human Rights Study Project (Yr) (Section 1)T1540-1740WB104AT, 1540-1740 (WB104A)
115821416Rescue, Charity, And Justice SeminarFall 2015LAW9257Rescue, Charity, And Justice Seminar (Section 1)TR1410-1530WB127TR, 1410-1530 (WB127)
115821417Topics In International TaxFall 2015LAW9500Topics In International Tax (Section 1)TR1410-1530WB121TR, 1410-1530 (WB121)
115821429Special Topics In Physical And Sexual Abuse Cases (Jag)(Sc)Fall 2015LAW7500Special Topics In Physical And Sexual Abuse Cases (Jag)(Sc) (Section 2)MW1530-1720JAGMW, 1530-1720 (JAG)
115821430Survey Of Military Justice (Jag)(Sc)Fall 2015LAW7500Survey Of Military Justice (Jag)(Sc) (Section 3)M1530-1720JAGM, 1530-1720 (JAG)
115821431Law And Terrorism (Jag)(Sc)Fall 2015LAW7500Law And Terrorism (Jag)(Sc) (Section 4)MW0800-0950JAGMW, 0800-0950 (JAG)
115821432Current Topics In International And Operational Law (Jag)(Sc)Fall 2015LAW7500Current Topics In International And Operational Law (Jag)(Sc) (Section 5)TR0800-0950JAGTR, 0800-0950 (JAG)
115821433Rule Of Law/Security Cooperation (Jag)(Sc)Fall 2015LAW7500Rule Of Law/Security Cooperation (Jag)(Sc) (Section 6)T0800-0950JAGT, 0800-0950 (JAG)
115821434Law Of Sea, Air And Space Operations (Jag)(Sc)Fall 2015LAW7500Law Of Sea, Air And Space Operations (Jag)(Sc) (Section 7)W1530-1720JAGW, 1530-1720 (JAG)
115821446International Human Rights (Jag)(Sc)Fall 2015LAW7500International Human Rights (Jag)(Sc) (Section 9)T1530-1720JAGT, 1530-1720 (JAG)
115821475Trial AdvocacyFall 2015LAW9081Trial Advocacy (Section 6)R1900-2200SL292R, 1900-2200 (SL292)
116110009Applied Problem Solving (Sc)January 2016LAW7631Applied Problem Solving (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF,MTWRF0930-1200,0930-1200SL258,SL262MTWRF, 0930-1200 (SL258),MTWRF, 0930-1200 (SL262)
116110010Virginia And The Constitution (Sc)January 2016LAW7624Virginia And The Constitution (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF0915-1200WB127MTWRF, 0915-1200 (WB127)
116110011Baseball (Sc)January 2016LAW7645Baseball (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF1330-1600WB119MTWRF, 1330-1600 (WB119)
116110012French Public And Private Law (Sc)January 2016LAW7610French Public And Private Law (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF0900-1700MTWRF, 0900-1700 ()
116110013Persuasion (Sc)January 2016LAW7692Persuasion (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF,MTWRF,MTWRF0930-1200,0930-1200,0930-1200SL294,SL290,SL292MTWRF, 0930-1200 (SL294),MTWRF, 0930-1200 (SL290),MTWRF, 0930-1200 (SL292)
116110014Legal Practice And The Startup Company: An Inside Look (Sc)January 2016LAW7702Legal Practice And The Startup Company: An Inside Look (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF1330-1600WB116MTWRF, 1330-1600 (WB116)
116110016Building The Rule Of Law (Sc)January 2016LAW7721Building The Rule Of Law (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF0930-1200SL284MTWRF, 0930-1200 (SL284)
116110017Admiralty (Sc)January 2016LAW7600Admiralty (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF0930-1200WB104AMTWRF, 0930-1200 (WB104A)
116110020Health Care Marketplace: Competition, Regulation, And Reform (Sc)January 2016LAW7690Health Care Marketplace: Competition, Regulation, And Reform (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF0930-1200WB116MTWRF, 0930-1200 (WB116)
116110021Judicial Philosophy In Theory And Practice (Sc) January 2016LAW7704Judicial Philosophy In Theory And Practice (Sc) (Section 1)MTWR0900-1200SL366MTWR, 0900-1200 (SL366)
116110022Law And Psychology Of Dispute Resolution (Sc)January 2016LAW7727Law And Psychology Of Dispute Resolution (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF0930-1200WB103MTWRF, 0930-1200 (WB103)
116110026Law Of Body Parts (Sc)January 2016LAW7736Law Of Body Parts (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF1330-1600SL131MTWRF, 1330-1600 (SL131)
116110027Israeli Business Law And Innovation (Sc)January 2016LAW7738Israeli Business Law And Innovation (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRSU0900-1700MTWRSU, 0900-1700 ()
116110029Defamation (Sc)January 2016LAW7660Defamation (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF0930-1200WB114MTWRF, 0930-1200 (WB114)
116110030Federalism (Sc)January 2016LAW7713Federalism (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF1330-1600WB129MTWRF, 1330-1600 (WB129)
116110031Plea Bargaining (Sc)January 2016LAW7608Plea Bargaining (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF0930-1200WB119MTWRF, 0930-1200 (WB119)
116110036Positive Political Theory And The Regulatory Process (Sc)January 2016LAW7746Positive Political Theory And The Regulatory Process (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF1330-1600SL284MTWRF, 1330-1600 (SL284)
116110037Cultural Property (Sc)January 2016LAW7743Cultural Property (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF0930-1200WB129MTWRF, 0930-1200 (WB129)
116110039Tax Policy (Sc)January 2016LAW7745Tax Policy (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF0930-1200WB121MTWRF, 0930-1200 (WB121)
116110040Roman Law Of Delict (Sc)January 2016LAW7747Roman Law Of Delict (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF1330-1600WB104AMTWRF, 1330-1600 (WB104A)
116110041Tax Discrimination (Sc)January 2016LAW7748Tax Discrimination (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRF1330-1600WB127MTWRF, 1330-1600 (WB127)
116110164Trial Advocacy College (Sc)January 2016LAW7637Trial Advocacy College (Sc) (Section 1)MTWRFSU0900-1700WB152MTWRFSU, 0900-1700 (WB152)
116210311Accounting: Understanding And Analyzing Financial StatementsSpring 2016LAW6100Accounting: Understanding And Analyzing Financial Statements (Section 1)WF1130-1320WB101WF, 1130-1320 (WB101)
116210312Constitutional LawSpring 2016LAW6001Constitutional Law (Section 2B)MTR1000-1120WB105MTR, 1000-1120 (WB105)
116210313Constitutional LawSpring 2016LAW6001Constitutional Law (Section 1A)TRF1000-1120WB104TRF, 1000-1120 (WB104)
116210314Constitutional LawSpring 2016LAW6001Constitutional Law (Section 3C)TRF1000-1120SL298TRF, 1000-1120 (SL298)
116210315Constitutional LawSpring 2016LAW6001Constitutional Law (Section 4DJ)TRF1000-1120WB154TRF, 1000-1120 (WB154)
116210316Constitutional LawSpring 2016LAW6001Constitutional Law (Section 5E)TRF1000-1120SL294TRF, 1000-1120 (SL294)
116210317Constitutional LawSpring 2016LAW6001Constitutional Law (Section 6F)MWR1000-1120WB103MWR, 1000-1120 (WB103)
116210318Corporate FinanceSpring 2016LAW6101Corporate Finance (Section 1)WF1130-1320WB101WF, 1130-1320 (WB101)
116210319Corporate TaxSpring 2016LAW8006Corporate Tax (Section 1)MWF1000-1120SL278MWF, 1000-1120 (SL278)
116210321EvidenceSpring 2016LAW6104Evidence (Section 1)TRF0830-0950WB154TRF, 0830-0950 (WB154)
116210323Federal Income TaxSpring 2016LAW6106Federal Income Tax (Section 1)TRF1130-1250SL294TRF, 1130-1250 (SL294)
116210324Hallmarks Of Distinguished AdvocacySpring 2016LAW9053Hallmarks Of Distinguished Advocacy (Section 1)W,W1300-1530,1300-1530SL290,SL292W, 1300-1530 (SL290),W, 1300-1530 (SL292)
116210325InsuranceSpring 2016LAW7043Insurance (Section 1)TR1130-1250SL262TR, 1130-1250 (SL262)
116210326International LawSpring 2016LAW6107International Law (Section 1)WF0830-0950SL298WF, 0830-0950 (SL298)
116210328Administrative LawSpring 2016LAW6102Administrative Law (Section 1)MWF1000-1120WB128MWF, 1000-1120 (WB128)
116210330Practical Trial Evidence: Principles And PracticeSpring 2016LAW8656Practical Trial Evidence: Principles And Practice (Section 1)R1600-1800SL290R, 1600-1800 (SL290)
116210331PropertySpring 2016LAW6006Property (Section 2BF)MTW1410-1530SL262MTW, 1410-1530 (SL262)
116210332PropertySpring 2016LAW6006Property (Section 1AH)TRF1410-1530WB101TRF, 1410-1530 (WB101)
116210333PropertySpring 2016LAW6006Property (Section 3CE)MWR1410-1530SL294MWR, 1410-1530 (SL294)
116210334PropertySpring 2016LAW6006Property (Section 5G)MTR1410-1530WB104MTR, 1410-1530 (WB104)
116210335Real Estate Transactions: Principles And PracticeSpring 2016LAW8658Real Estate Transactions: Principles And Practice (Section 1)TRF,F1410-1530,1410-1530WB114,WB104TRF, 1410-1530 (WB114),F, 1410-1530 (WB104)
116210336Advanced Legal ResearchSpring 2016LAW8000Advanced Legal Research (Section 1)TR1130-1250WB278TR, 1130-1250 (WB278)
116210337Appellate Litigation Clinic (Yr)Spring 2016LAW8603Appellate Litigation Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)T1410-1530SL131T, 1410-1530 (SL131)
116210338Banking And Financial InstitutionsSpring 2016LAW7024Banking And Financial Institutions (Section 1)MW1000-1120SL262MW, 1000-1120 (SL262)
116210339Construction LawSpring 2016LAW9020Construction Law (Section 1)T1540-1740WB104T, 1540-1740 (WB104)
116210340Employment Law: Principles And PracticeSpring 2016LAW8653Employment Law: Principles And Practice (Section 1)T1600-1800WB278T, 1600-1800 (WB278)
116210341Environmental LawSpring 2016LAW6112Environmental Law (Section 1)MW1000-1120SL298MW, 1000-1120 (SL298)
116210342Health Law SurveySpring 2016LAW7080Health Law Survey (Section 1)TR1130-1250WB105TR, 1130-1250 (WB105)
116210343Litigation And Housing Law Clinic (Yr)Spring 2016LAW8615Litigation And Housing Law Clinic (Yr) (Section 1)TBA-LAJCTBA, - (LAJC)
116210344International And Foreign Legal ResearchSpring 2016LAW7050International And Foreign Legal Research (Section 1)TR1300-1400WB103TR, 1300-1400 (WB103)
116210345Law And Public ServiceSpring 2016LAW7088Law And Public Service (Section 1)WF1130-1250SL298WF, 1130-1250 (SL298)
116210346Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Spring 2016LAW6005Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 02B)F1000-1100WB103F, 1000-1100 (WB103)
116210347Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Spring 2016LAW6005Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 01A)M1410-1510WB103M, 1410-1510 (WB103)
116210348Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Spring 2016LAW6005Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 03C)T1410-1510SL294T, 1410-1510 (SL294)
116210349Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Spring 2016LAW6005Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 04D)M1410-1510WB105M, 1410-1510 (WB105)
116210350Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Spring 2016LAW6005Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 05E)W1000-1100WB105W, 1000-1100 (WB105)
116210351Legal Research And Writing (Yr)Spring 2016LAW6005Legal Research And Writing (Yr) (Section 06F)F1000-1100WB105F, 1000-1100 (WB105)

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