Fall 2013
    Law No.: LAW9089
    Sched. No.: 113820897

Seminar in Ethical Values (YR)*
Section 09
Kendrick, Leslie C.
Spellman, Barbara A.

Administrative Information:
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Days, Times (Room):TBA, - ()
Credits:0Type:Yearlong seminar
Capacity:12 **This information is current as of 04/18/2014 06:15:33 AM**
Current Enrollment:3 **This information is current as of 04/18/2014 06:15:33 AM**

Course Description:

Seminars in Ethical Values are designed to enhance students' understanding of ethical issues and address the broader ethical and moral responsibilities of the lawyer as citizen and leader. The seminars are graded on a pass/fail basis; students earn one credit in the spring semester upon successful completion of the seminar.

Our seminar will consider contemporary issues in higher education. We will discuss the purposes and value of higher education and then explore topics including: tuition and education funding, equality of opportunity, online learning and MOOCs, “flipped” classrooms, and practical learning. We will spend most of our time on undergraduate education but will give some attention to the content and processes of legal education as well.

NOTE: We will meet on six Sunday evenings throughout the year. The exact dates should be available before classes begin.

ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT: Attendance at all class sessions is required