Fall 2013
    Law No.: LAW7010
    Sched. No.: 113821386

Communications Law
Section 1
Nachbar, Thomas B.

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Course Description:

This course surveys the field of electronic communications, from the telephone to broadcast media to the Internet. Historically, the field of communications has been divided between the traditional mass media (broadcasting, cable, satellite broadcasting) and telecommunications media (wireline and wireless telephone carriers). Today, the two general divisions are converging. One of the vehicles of that convergence is the Internet, which is capable of providing both mass media and individual communications services. This course will examine legal issues affecting all of these media. Much of the course material necessarily covers the history and theory of communications regulation as practically applied through FCC rulemakings. In order to best explore these non-standard (there are only a few cases) materials, the course will be conducted largely in a lecture/discussion format; class participation in the discussion portions of the class will be weighted heavily in the final grade.

PREREQUISITE: Constitutional Law
COURSE REQUIREMENT: Examination (50%); three short (3-4 page) discussion papers written over the course of the semester (10% each); class participation (20%)

Prerequisites:Constitutional Law