Fall 2013
    Law No.: LAW9041
    Sched. No.: 113821433

Law and Ethics of Human Subject Research*
Section 1
Shepherd, Lois L.

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Days, Times (Room):W, 1715-1915 (TBA)
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Course Description:

NOTE: This course will meet in the McLeod Nursing School building. There is ample free parking near the building.

This seminar, specifically designed to be interdisciplinary, is open to graduate students in bioethics, nursing, and public health sciences, law students, and medical school junior faculty and fellows. We will begin with a brief look at the origins of the current system for regulating human subjects research and the ethical and legal frameworks that have evolved to assist with that regulation. We will explore central issues like risk-benefit assessment, informed consent, confidentiality, diversity in subject populations and how subjects are recruited and retained. We will also look into concerns raised by international research such as recruitment of poor and underserved populations and equitable access to the results of the research. We will examine some of the issues raised by new technologies such as genomics and personalized medicine, stem cell research and genetic engineering, nanotechnology and synthetic biology. Finally, we will explore how the changing economics of research creates both conflicts of interest and potentially increased innovation.

COURSE REQUIREMENT: A substantial research paper

This course is on the approved upper-level writing requirement course list.