Fall 2013
    Law No.: LAW7127
    Sched. No.: 113821683

Civil Liberties
Section 1
Graber, Mark A.

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Course Description:

This course combines the study of civil rights, constitutional politics, political movements and the Supreme Court. We will explore the constitutional status of such matters as abortion, obscenity, subversive advocacy, equal protection, school prayer, regulation of the mass media and, if time permits, gun control. The text we will use, Gillman, Graber and Whittington 2 AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONALISM explores how those rights evolved over time, the reasons judges have given for protecting certain rights and the reasons other justices have given for deferring to elected officials. Much of class discussion will be devoted to analyzing those reasons. We will also, however, be asking such questions: Why are these issues so controversial in this period; What are the political forces that are seeking resolution of this issue; Who is seeking judicial resolution of this issue and why; how do political actors perceive the relevant questions; how do justices perceive the relevant questions; what are the actual consequences of various judicial decisions. In short, we will be considering a variety of policy questions not solely in terms of abstract speculation of the nature of the constitution, but in terms of the constitutional alternatives modern politics actually present.