January 2015
    Law No.: LAW7734
    Sched. No.: 115110032

Federal Law of Fraud and Corruption (SC)
Section 1
Brown, Darryl K.

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Course Description:

This January term course meets Monday-Friday, January 12-16.

This course will focus on the federal criminal law that addresses public corruption and related crimes of fraud. Prohibitions on "corruption" include a complex set of crimes that cover conduct well beyond the classic trading of a vote or other official action for cash, or an official who dips into public coffers. It often entails layers of transactions and deferred exchanges of benefits, and the damage caused often involves uncertain or diffuse social consequences.

This course will focus on several federal offenses related to bribery, kickbacks and "honest services fraud," that aim to protect not only money and property interests but also intangible rights, like the loyalty of government officials to their constituents, as well as private markers and activities that government officials regulate. Some attention will go not only to requirements of the substantive law but also to issues of federal common lawmaking and federal prosecution policy, goals and strategy related to public and private corruption.

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