Spring 2015
    Law No.: LAW7062
    Sched. No.: 115210018

Section 1
Nelson, Caleb E.

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Days, Times (Room):TWR, 1130-1230 (SL294)
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Course Description:

Much of American law comes from statutes and administrative regulations. As a result, learning how to read a statute is every bit as important as learning how to read an appellate-court opinion. This course will examine both the theory and the practice of statutory interpretation. We will consider the goals that interpreters should pursue and how those goals relate to some contemporary debates (including but not limited to debates about the relevance of legislative history). We will also study some canons of construction frequently invoked by courts. In addition, we will consider how statutes interact with each other and with other forms of law, as well as the circumstances in which federal statutes should be understood to preempt state law. Other topics may include (1) the circumstances in which courts defer to administrative agencies in the interpretation of federal statutes and (2) the potential for the proper application or interpretation of statutes to change over time.