Spring 2015
    Law No.: LAW9212
    Sched. No.: 115210215

White Collar Criminal Defense Practice*
Section 1
Braga, Stephen L.

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Days, Times (Room):T, 1540-1740 (WB128)
Capacity:85 **This information is current as of 05/27/2015 06:15:04 AM**
Current Enrollment:83 **This information is current as of 05/27/2015 06:15:04 AM**

Course Description:

This seminar will introduce students to practice as a defense lawyer in the field of white collar crime. Procedurally, the seminar will cover the full breadth of this practice area from client-driven internal investigations through related Government investigations to the return and defense of formal criminal charges.

Substantively, the seminar will address the most frequently utilized white collar criminal statutes of conspiracy, mail fraud and wire fraud, as well as a number of the currently "hot" subject matters of prosecution interest, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Healthcare Fraud, Money-Laundering and Political Corruption.