Fall 2015
    Law No.: LAW9089
    Sched. No.: 115821156

Seminar in Ethical Values (YR)*
Section 16
Heytens, Toby J.
Versteeg, Emiliana M.

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Credits:0Type:Yearlong seminar
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Course Description:

SPECIAL NOTES REGARDING SESSION DATES/TIMES/ROOM: All course meetings will be during the fall semester and will be on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Seminars in Ethical Values are designed to enhance students' understanding of ethical issues and address the broader ethical and moral responsibilities of the lawyer as citizen and leader. The seminars are graded on a pass/fail basis; students earn one credit in the spring semester upon successful completion of the seminar.

This seminar will discuss a variety of legal, philosophical, and moral issues raised the HBO series Game of Thrones. Some questions we anticipate addressing include how and why rulers constrain their own power; transitional justice; the challenge of creating "international" agreements without formal enforcement mechanisms; and the role of unwritten social norms in shaping a society. Knowledge of the underlying books, A Song of Ice and Fire, is preferred and this course will be the opposite of a spoiler-free zone. A variety of non-GoT readings will be distributed by the instructors.

ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT: Attendance at all class sessions is required