Fall 2015
    Law No.: LAW6101
    Sched. No.: 115821384

Corporate Finance
Section 1
Barzuza, Michal

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Days, Times (Room):TR, 1130-1320 (WB128)
Capacity:96 **This information is current as of 06/13/2016 06:14:01 AM**
Current Enrollment:67 **This information is current as of 06/13/2016 06:14:01 AM**

Course Description:

SPECIAL NOTES REGARDING SESSION DATES/TIMES/ROOM: This course meets from October 15 - December 2, 2015.

: This course takes a financial and economic perspective of the corporation. The central theme is understanding the sources of value for the firm from the perspective of the manager who must make financing choices (sources of funds) and investment choices (uses of funds) to maximize the value of the firm. The major topics of the course include: time value of money, discounted cash-flow analysis, capital markets, market efficiency, cost of capital, capital structure theory and practice, capital budgeting decisions, and firm valuation. The course covers topics taught in the core finance course of most major MBA programs. Students will be responsible for handing in problem sets from the textbook. Grades will be based on assigned problem sets and class participation (30 percent) and the final examination (70 percent).

This course is the second half of the semester-long two-course sequence of Accounting and Corporate Finance. To enroll in this course, students must enroll in Professor Broome's Fall section of Accounting and they will automatically be enrolled in this course. Students who have completed one or more university level corporate finance courses or have practical training in corporate finance are not eligible to enroll in the corporate finance course unless they obtain instructor permission. Please read the Accounting course description for complete details.

Prerequisites:Accounting: Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements (or written waiver from Professor to SRO based on equivalent undergraduate, graduate or practical training)
Course Requirement:Flex examination at end of the semester.