Spring 2016
    Law No.: LAW9056
    Sched. No.: 116210406

Business Reorganization Under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code*
Section 1
Ackerly, Benjamin C.

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Days, Times (Room):M, 1540-1740 (WB104)
Capacity:16 **This information is current as of 06/13/2016 06:14:01 AM**
Current Enrollment:16 **This information is current as of 06/13/2016 06:14:01 AM**

Course Description:


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This seminar will focus on the practical and strategic applications of Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. The seminar will examine applicable statutory and case law with particular emphasis on hypothetical and actual fact situations to demonstrate how the Chapter 11 process works. Legal and tactical considerations confronting debtors and creditors in a business reorganization will be analyzed so that students can appreciate the negotiation, litigation, and transactional components of a Chapter 11 case. At the conclusion of the semester, students will participate in a mock Chapter 11 plan confirmation hearing presided over by a U.S. bankruptcy judge.

NOTE: Laptops are not allowed during class sessions.

Course Requirement:A final research paper will be due via LawWeb; the instructor will announce the paper deadline during the course, but the deadline will be prior to the last day of the examination period. NOTE: the paper does not satisfy the Upper-Level Writing Requirement unless a student (who has completed the Skills Requirement at the time of the course) timely submits a completed Writing Requirement Intent Form to the Student Records Office - retroactive exceptions will not be granted. Students who have not yet satisfied the Skills Requirement cannot petition for the paper to satisfy the Upper Level Writing Requirement.
This course is on the professional skills course list.