Spring 2016
    Law No.: LAW7072
    Sched. No.: 116210433

Professional Responsibility in Public Interest Law Practice
Section 1
Balnave, Richard D.

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Course Description:


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will examine professional responsibility issues that arise in the context of a public interest law practice. These will include the creation and termination of the attorney-client relationship, the scope of representation, conflicts of interests, confidentiality, and the attorney’s ethical obligations during litigation. In addition, the course will address the attorney’s relationships with the courts, the organized bar, and the community. Class participation will be valued.

Course Requirement:Students will be evaluated on class participation and a flex exmination at the end of the semester.
Mutually Exclusive with: Ethics and Integrity for Law Firm Lawyers and Their Clients; Professional Responsibility; and Professional Responsibility for Tax Lawyers
This course is on the professional ethics course list.