Spring 2016
    Law No.: LAW7146
    Sched. No.: 116219166

National Security and Information
Section 1
Nachbar, Thomas B.

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Course Description:


COURSE DESCRIPTION: With the ever-increasing ease with which information moves, information has become increasingly important to national security institutions, both as a resource and a perceived threat. This course will explore the laws that govern the relationship between information and national security institutions, both the government’s use of information and its attempts to control uses of information by others. The first half of the course will cover the many laws govern the use of information by the government as a source of power, such as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the National Security Act, and the USA PATRIOT Act. The second half of the course will cover the wide range of laws that govern access to information by individuals, including the First Amendment itself along with statutory and regulatory access rules, including the Freedom of Information Act, the Espionage Act, and (currently) Executive Order 13526, which regulates the classification and declassification of national security information.

Course Requirement:In addition to class participation, students will be evaluated on three short discussion papers submitted during the semester and on a Flex examination at the end of the semester.