Spring 2016
    Law No.: LAW9258
    Sched. No.: 116219169

Environmental Ethics*
Section 1
Cannon, Jonathan Z.

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Days, Times (Room):R, 1830-2030 (WB121)
Capacity:15 **This information is current as of 06/13/2016 06:14:01 AM**
Current Enrollment:5 **This information is current as of 06/13/2016 06:14:01 AM**

Course Description:


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Jointly led by an ethicist and an environmental lawyer, this seminar introduces students to major figures and frameworks in environmental ethics, including ecocentric and biocentric theories; consequentialism (including economic approaches); rights-based approaches, including environmental justice, the rights of animals, the rights of nature, and the argument among them; virtue ethics; religious perspectives; and relationships among law, philosophy and culture. We will test the frameworks and theories through engagement with contemporary problems, such as treatment of animals, biodiversity loss, climate change, toxic exposures, and the production and consumption of food. The goals of the course are to familiarize students with the main concepts of the field, to give students experience in applying these concepts to problems in diverse ecological and cultural settings, and to think through the relation of ethics to practical decisions.

ENROLLMENT NOTE: 15 of the available 25 seats in this seminar are being reserved for law students at Professor's request.

Course Requirement:Students will be required to submit a substantial research paper via LawWeb by 4:30 pm (EST) on the last day of the examination period.
This course is on the approved upper-level writing requirement course list.