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LAJC• Litgtn/Housing Law Clinic (YR) (Castaneda, Brenda E.) Clinical 6:8 1630-1830
SL284• Antitrust Practice (Applebaum, Harvey) SM 11:16 1715-1915
SL290• Trial Advocacy (Bouton, Daniel R.) SM 16:16 1900-2200
• Trial Advocacy (Hudson, Jean B.) SM 14:16 1900-2200
• Trial Advocacy (Kavanaugh, Christopher R.) SM 15:16 1900-2200
• Persuasion for Advocates (Henke, Michael J.) SM 8:14 1800-2010
SL292• Trial Advocacy (Wood, Robert C.) SM 14:16 1815-2115
• Trial Advocacy (Simpson, Richard A.) SM 14:16 1815-2115
• Trial Advocacy (Edwards, John S.) SM 8:16 1815-2200
WB103• Public Health Law and Ethics (Bernheim, Ruth G.) LC 5:20 1600-1850
• Transactional Approach to M&A (Kling, Lou R.) SM 21:25 1600-1900
WB104A• International Criminal Law (Marshall, Harry R.) SM 5:16 1730-1930
WB104• Prosecution Clinic (YR) (Huber, Ronald M.) Clinical 27:30 1900-2130
WB114• Literature/Law/Environment (Cannon, Jonathan Z.) SM 14:15 1700-1900
WB116• Regulation of U.S. Industries *Syl* (Christie, Mark C.) SM 13:16 1730-2000
• Transactional Law Clinic (Long, Donald D.) Clinical 12:12 1815-1945
• Transactional Law Clinic (Long, Donald D.) Clinical 12:12 1815-1945
WB127• Fed Land/Energy/Nat Rsrce Law *Syl* (Carr, David W.) SM 10:16 1815-2015
• Comparative Constitutional Law (Howard, A E.) SM 16:16 1830-2030
• Cost Benfit/Regultry Oversight *Syl* (Livermore, Michael A.) SM 13:16 1815-2015
• Government Ethics: Conflict (Kneedler, H L.) SM 11:16 1930-2130
WB129• Supreme Court: October Term *Syl* (Heytens, Toby J.) SM 12:16 1815-2015
• Advanced Copyright Law (Sprigman, Christopher J.) SM 12:16 1815-2015
• Advanced Copyright Law (Sprigman, Christopher J.) SM 12:16 1815-2015
• Professional Sports & Law *Syl* (Dell, Donald L.) LC 18:21 1630-1830
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