Fall 2013
    Law No.: LAW7123
    Sched. No.: 113821385

Class Actions and Aggregate Litigation
Section 1
Rutherglen, George

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Course Description:

The course will begin by exploring whether the class action device that allows civil claims to be resolved in the aggregate has proved to be effective for deterring illegal activity and compensating those who suffer from it. We will explore the origins of the modern class action device, the explosion in its use over the past several decades, focusing on civil rights, mass tort, and securities fraud cases, and then efforts to regulate class actions in response. We will examine leading Supreme Court decisions regarding class action rules. We will discuss how class actions are litigated, including issues regarding the role of lawyers, settlement, and evidence. Finally, we will discuss other forms of aggregation outside of the class action context and the policy issues that those alternatives raise.

Instead of an exam, students will prepare two short papers (of approximately 10 pages each) on different segments of the course. Paper topics will be arranged at the beginning of the course to facilitate class discussion.

MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE with: Class Actions and Complex Litigation
COURSE REQUIREMENT: Two ten-page papers

Mutually Exclusive with: Class Actions and Complex Litigation