Fall 2013
    Law No.: LAW9202
    Sched. No.: 113821682

American Constitutional Development*
Section 1
Graber, Mark A.

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Course Description:

This course explores the normative and empirical issues raised by constitutional change in the United States. Our enterprise is concerned with central questions in law, history and political science. What are the functions of a constitution? What are the functions of the American constitution? How well has the American constitution performed those functions over time? Have those functions or the capacity to perform those functions changed over time? What constitutes/ explains constitutional success and failure? What constitutes/explains constitutional change? To what extent does the Constitution shape the American political order and to what extent does that political order shape the Constitution? While courts play a big role in this course, our focus is on the constitutional system as a whole, not what the Supreme Court may have decided at a particularly time. Indeed, one goal is for students to gain a more holistic understanding of the American political regime than normally the case in courses that focus on one particular institution or issue.

COURSE REQUIREMENT: A substantial research paper

This course is on the approved upper-level writing requirement course list.