Fall 2014
    Law No.: LAW6103
    Sched. No.: 114821056

Section 2
Kordana, Kevin A.

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Days, Times (Room):TRF, 1000-1120 (SL278)
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Course Description:

This course will consider the formation and operation of corporations and will compare corporations to other business forms. It will examine the roles and duties of those who control businesses and the power of investors to influence and litigate against those in control. The course will also address the special problems of closely held corporations and issues arising out of mergers and attempts to acquire firms. The course will use both new tools derived from the corporate finance and related literature and traditional tools to explore a wide range of phenomena and transactions associated with the modern business enterprise.

MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE with: Corporations (Law & Business)

Mutually Exclusive with: Corporations (Law & Business)