Spring 2014
    Law No.: LAW9213
    Sched. No.: 114219956

Gender Justice and State Responsibility*
Section 1
Hurwitz, Deena R.

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Days, Times (Room):M, 1540-1740 (SL131)
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Course Description:

This seminar will explore, within the context of gender, the international law of State responsibility (due diligence)—normative principles that form its framework, gaps and debates in its fulfillment. As a general rule, State responsibility for human rights violations is based on acts or omissions committed either by State actors or by actors whose actions are attributable to the State. Yet, with regard to gender and sexual rights, the State is not the only or often even the main actor. By what means and measures can States be held accountable for private acts? Is due diligence an obligation of conduct/means or an obligation of result? The seminar will discuss these and other issues as they arise from various contexts and issues, e.g., gender-based violence; gender identity and sexuality; family and personal status law; national security and counter-terrorism; post-conflict and development situations; trafficking; among others.

COURSE REQUIREMENT: Two 7-10 page papers (50% of grade), an “author’s defense” (25% of grade), and four 1-page "takeaway point" papers (25% of grade)