Fall 2013
    Law No.: LAW7641
    Sched. No.: 113821390

Corporate Strategy (Sc)
Section 1
Donovan, Jim

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Days, Times (Room):F, 1300-1440 (WB104)
Credits:1Type:Lecture - short course
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Course Description:

NOTE: This short course will meet on the following seven Fridays: August 30; September 13, 27; October 4, 25; November 1 and 15.

This short course is an introduction to corporate strategy. We will examine how corporate strategies are developed; what are the common mistakes strategists and CEOs make in formulating and pursuing their strategies; and how to avoid those mistakes. The course introduces topics taught in the core strategy course of most major MBA programs. Grades will be based on class participation (40 percent) and a 7-10 page paper (60 percent).

ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT: Attendance at all class sessions is required. Enrolled students who do not attend the first class session will be dropped. Students seeking to enroll in this short course must attend the first class session.
COURSE REQUIREMENT: 7-10 page paper and class participation