Fall 2013
    Law No.: LAW7021
    Sched. No.: 113821393

Duty To Obey
Section 1
Simmons, Alan J.

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Days, Times (Room):TR, 1410-1530 (WB121)
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Course Description:

This course will examine debates concerning our (alleged) moral duty to obey the law (and, more generally, our "political obligations"). We will explore in the process the justifications that have been offered for the various kinds of legal disobedience. Readings will be from contemporary sources in political philosophy and legal theory, and we will consider (among other things) arguments concerning consent, fairness, justice, associative responsibilities, civil disobedience, conscientious refusal, violent resistance, and revolution.

COURSE REQUIREMENT: Examination or a substantial research paper at student's option
. NOTE: Students seeking to satisfy the upper-level writing requirement must submit a completed Writing Requirement Intent Form to the Student Records Office no later than October 2, 2013 - retroactive exceptions will not be granted.