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Bakhtiyar R. Tuzmukhamedov

LL.M., Harvard Law School, 1994

Bakhtiyar R. Tuzmukhamedov began his academic career in international law in 1977 at the Law of the Sea division of the Institute of Merchant Marine. He joined the research staff of the Diplomatic Academy in 1984 and became docent (associate professor) in 1990 and professor in 2003. In 1992 he became a staff member of the newly established Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, ultimately being promoted to a senior position of the Counselor of the Court advising both judges and staff on matters of international law.

Tuzmukhamedov is currently on leave from the Constitutional Court for the duration of his term as a judge of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. At various times he served as a member of his country’s delegation to the UN, including the Special Committee on the Indian Ocean and the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, a research adjunct to his country’s Embassy in Washington, D.C., a UN civil affairs officer and political advisor to the British Cavalry Battalion with the UN Peace Forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an expert for the International Committee of the Red Cross. He is vice-president of the Russian Association of International Law, deputy editor-in-chief of the Moscow Journal of International Law and a member of the Board of the International Review of the Red Cross.