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Herbert Hausmaninger

John A. Ewald, Jr., Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law
Professor of Law, University of Vienna

Herbert Hausmaninger, a University of Vienna Law School professor emeritus of Roman law, legal history and comparative law, returns every year to the law school he first visited in 1971. Since 1981, Hausmaninger has been teaching Soviet (Russian) law, Roman law and comparative law. During the summer graduate program, he also has taught judges about the German legal system. In fall 2011 he will teach a short course, European Legal Systems.

Hausmaninger joined the law faculty of the University of Vienna in 1960 and became Professor of Law in 1968. He has chaired the department of Roman Law and Ancient Legal History and has been dean of the law school. He was director of the University of Vienna international summer session at Strobl, Austria (1977-83) and served as president of the Austrian Academic Exchange Service from 1985-91. He has held visiting professorships in Moscow, Paris and at several American law schools.

Hausmaninger has published numerous books and articles on Roman, Russian, Austrian and comparative law, several of which have been translated into foreign languages. His scholarly work was acknowledged by an honorary doctorate awarded to him in 2002 by the University of Trnava (Slovakia). A Festschrift für Herbert Hausmaninger (edited by Richard Gamauf) was dedicated to him in 2006.

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