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Abraham, Kenneth S.David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of LawWB179B(434) 924-3616
Abrams, KerryVice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Professor of Law
WB388(434) 924-7361
Ackerly, Benjamin C.Lecturer
Adler, Matthew H.Lecturer
Admissions OfficeSL126A(434)
Alumni Relations (Law School Foundation)SL311(434)
Alvarez, Jr. '88, LuisPresident and Chief Executive Officer, Law School FoundationSL310A(434) 924-3902
Ambuske, JamesWB303(434)
Applebaum, Harvey M.Lecturer
Appleby, Donna E.SL357(434)
Armacost, Barbara E.Professor of LawWB386(434) 924-3413
Ashbrook, LeslieResearch LibrarianWB235(434) 243-2493
Ashley, JonathanBusiness and Empirical Research LibrarianWB237a(434) 924-4730
Atwell, Lisa H.SL307(434)
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Baddley, BrendaSL135A(434)
Bagley, Margo A.Hardy Cross Dillard Professor of Law
Balesi, HannaWB399(434)
Balnave, Richard D.Professor of Law, General Faculty
Director of Clinical Programs
SL245B(434) 924-7582
Bamzai, AdityaAssociate Professor of LawWB302G(434) 243-0698
Banks, Gary F.Chief Technology OfficerWB333(434) 981-9530
Banks, Susan J.Lecturer
Barry, DennisLecturer
Barr, John MillsLecturer
Barzun, CharlesArmistead M. Dobie Professor of LawWB305(434) 924-6454
Barzuza, MichalNicholas E. Chimicles Research Professor of Business Law and RegulationWB369(434) 924-7810
Baumgarten, DavidLecturer
Bayers, JasonWB399(434)
Beatson, JackLord Justice of Appeal, United Kingdom
Bennett, HollySL123(434)
Bennett, KarenWB319(434)
Bernheim, Ruth GaareChair, Department of Public Health Sciences, School of Medicine; Co-Director, The Institute for Practical Ethics and Public Life; Professor of Public Health Sciences; Professor or Medicine; Professor of Family Medicine(434) 243-7340
BeVier, Lillian R.David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of Law EmeritusSL253(434) 924-3132
Bill, Brian J. Lecturer
Black, Sally M.Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Law School FoundationSL310(434) 924-3199
Boase, Kathryn S.Senior Development Officer, Law School FoundationSL327(434) 924-7043
Bonnie, Richard J.Harrison Foundation Professor of Medicine and Law
Class of 1941 Research Professor of Law
Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences
Director, Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy
Professor of Public Policy, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
WB179D(434) 924-3209
Bookstore (Courts and Commerce)SL188(434)
Bouton, DanLecturer
Bowers, JoshF. Palmer Weber Professor of Law
Co-Director, Program in Law and Public Service
WB175B(434) 924-3771
Boyter, Linda DaidoneILPPP(434)
Brady, Maureen E.Associate Professor of LawWB177C(434) 924-7707
Braga, StephenProfessor of Law, General Faculty
Director, Appellate Litigation Clinic
SL251(434) 924-3825
Branch, Bryan W.WB336(434)
Breeden, Timothy W.Circulation(434)
Broaddus, AndrewAssistant Director of Public ServiceSL234(434) 924-3883
Bromley, MarkLecturer
Broome Jr., O. WhitfieldFrank S. Kaulback Jr. Professor of Commerce EmeritusSL257(434) 924-6866
Brown, Bruce D.Lecturer
Brown, CeciliaWB262(434)
Brown, Darryl K.O. M. Vicars Professor of LawWB357(434) 924-3547
Buck, D. RuthProfessor of Law, General Faculty
Co-Director, Legal Research and Writing Program
WB343(434) 924-1042
Building ServicesWB320(434)
Burman, JenniferWB319(434)
Burra, AnandaCharles W. McCurdy Legal History FellowWB392A434-924-8882
Business OfficeWB326(434) 924-4662
Byrd-Lotts, Virginia L.SL301(434)
Byron, Robert G.Lecturer
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Cannon, Jonathan Z.Blaine T. Phillips Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law
Hunton & Williams Professor of Law
Director, Environmental and Land Use Law Program
WB175D(434) 924-3819
Caplin, Mortimer M.Professor Emeritus
Career Services OfficeSL232

580 Massie Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22903-1738
Carr, David W.Lecturer
Castañeda, Brenda E.Lecturer
Chakraborty, Arkajyoti Senior Financial Analyst WB324(434) 924-7269
Charlton, Mary FrancesLecturer
Chen, Donna T.Associate Professor, University of Virginia's Department of Public Health Sciences, Department of Psychiatric Medicine; Faculty, Center for Biomedical Ethics and Humanities
Childress, Marcia D.Associate Professor of Medical Education (Medical Humanities)
Director, Program in Humanities
(434) 924-5974
Choi, AlbertAlbert C. BeVier Research Professor of LawWB302K(434) 924-4709
Christie, Mark C.Lecturer
Clatterbuck, DeloresWB392B(434)
Cleveland, Grace ApplefeldDirector of AdmissionsSL123A(434) 243-1456
Clinical ProgramsSL126
Cockrell, Emily C.SL107C(434)
Cohen, George M.Brokaw Professor of Corporate LawWB171A(434) 924-3814
Colby, Christopher F.Director of AdmissionsSL123B(434) 924-6063
Collins, Michael G.Joseph M. Hartfield Professor of LawWB301A(434) 243-2385
Communications (Law School Foundation)SL301, SL303(434) 924-4513
(434) 924-4678
Communications/Media RelationsWB335, WB328, WB310, WB334A(434) 924-3786
982-6832 or (434) 243-2652
Conover, JohnLecturer
Cook, John T.Virginia Circuit Court Judge
Cooper, Graeme S.Professor of Taxation Law, University of Sydney, AustraliaWB358 (Feb. 8-28)(434) 243-9125
Cope, KevinLecturer434-243-9115
Copy CenterSL184(434)
Cornell, Dewey G.Professor of Education, Curry School of Education
University of Virginia; Director, Virginia Youth Violence Project
Room 206G, Bavaro Hall(434) 924-0793
Coughlin, Anne M.Lewis F. Powell, Jr., Professor of Law
Co-Director, Program in Law and Public Service
WB387(434) 243-0392
Crawford '74, RichardAssociate Director of Development for Law and Business, Law School Foundation;
SL365(434) 924-7082
Crigler, B. WaughLecturer
Cummings, FrankLecturer
Cummins, Nicholas JamesSL246(434)
Curtin, III, William J.Lecturer
Curtis, QuinnProfessor of LawWB302O(434) 924-3568
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Daniel, Leah U.SL305(434)
Davidson, John E.Lecturer
Davies, Sarah E.Assistant Dean for Student AffairsSL109A(434) 924-1363
Dean's OfficeWB319(434)
Dean, Richard N.Lecturer
Decker, Robert J.Lecturer
Deeks, Ashley S.Associate Professor of Law
Senior Fellow, Center for National Security Law
WB373(434) 243-2166
Denison, Thomas R.LecturerWB348C (Nov. 2-12)(434) 243-3631
Derrick, Cynthia (Cindy) A.SL244A(434)
Development/Law School FoundationSL316
University of Virginia School of Law
580 Massie Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903-1738

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Luis Alvarez Jr. '88
President and Chief Executive Officer

Helen M. Snyder '87
Chief Operating Officer and Director of Annual Giving
(434) 924-3466
Toll-free: (877) 307-0158
Dienelt, JohnLecturer
Doherty, BenjaminHead of Instructional ServicesWB234(434) 924-7726
Donovan, JimAdjunct ProfessorWB368A (8/28; 9/11;9/25; 10/2; 10/30; 11/6; 11/20)
Donovan, Kevin M.Senior Assistant Dean for Career ServicesSL229(434) 982-6119
Doran, MichaelRoy L. & Rosamond Woodruff Morgan Professor of LawWB346(434) 924-6331
Draper, Cindy L.WB354B(434)
Dudley Jr., Earl C.Professor EmeritusSL354
Duffy, John F.Samuel H. McCoy II Professor of Law
Elizabeth D. and Richard A. Merrill Professor of Law
WB302H(434) 243-8544
Dugas, JasonAssistant Dean for Academic Services and RegistrarSL107(434) 924-6024
Dugger, Helen M.Associate Director of Financial AidSL125(434) 243-3361
Dunaway, Troy W.Senior Assistant Dean for Business and FinanceWB331(434) 924-3581
Duncan, Robert B.Lecturer
Duvall, KateDirector of Student AffairsSL107A(434) 924-1173
Duxbury, NeilProfessor of Law, London School of Economics and Political ScienceWB302G (3/30-4/9)(434) 243-0698
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Eastwood, Athena VelieLecturerWB358
Elledge, Cynthia EllenILPPP(434)
Ellis, JudySL353(434)
Elwood, John P.Lecturer
Emery, Kimberly CarpenterAssistant Dean for Pro Bono and Public InterestSL245A(434) 924-1419
Enright, Deirdre M.Director of Investigation, Innocence Project Clinic
Associate Professor of Law, General Faculty
SL247(434) 243-4942
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Faculty SupportWB314(434)
Faulk, Cordel L.Assistant Dean and Chief Admissions OfficerSL121(434) 924-4869
Ferzan, Kimberly KesslerHarrison Robertson Professor of Law
Caddell & Chapman Professor of Law
WB302I(434) 243-8543
Financial AidSL126A(434)
Fischman, JoshuaHorace W. Goldsmith Research Professor of LawWB302C(434) 982-5516
Fitchett, TaylorDirector, Law LibraryWB237c(434) 924-7725
Forde-Mazrui, KimMortimer M. Caplin Professor of LawWB390(434) 924-3299
Ford, DougLecturer, General Faculty
Director, Immigration Law Clinic
SL245C(434) 924-7304
Fore, JoeAssistant Professor of Law, General Faculty
Co-Director, Legal Research and Writing Program
WB341(434) 982-5507
Forster, Denise M.SL313(434)
Fowler, JulieWB348A(434)
Fox IV, Charles D.Lecturer
Fritzen, ChristofLecturerWB302G (Sept. 7-17)
Fullerton, Lawrence R.Lecturer
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Gaines, WeaverLecturerWB348D (Oct. 19-29)
Garrett, Brandon L.Justice Thurgood Marshall Distinguished Professor of LawWB177B(434) 924-4153
Gaulding, Anne E.WB237d(434)
Geis, George S.Vice Dean
William S. Potter Professor of Law
WB340(434) 243-2341
Gibson, KateSL135C(434)
Gies, David T.Commonwealth Professor Of Spanish
Gilbert, Michael D.Sullivan & Cromwell Professor of LawWB302N(434) 243-8551
Givens, Jennifer L.Assistant Professor of Law, General Faculty
Legal Director of the Innocence Project Clinic
SL247A (434) 924-2912
Glover, KristinResearch LibrarianWB232b(434) 243-2494
Gobin, KipCataloging and Acquisitions LibrarianWB264c(434) 924-3745
Goetz, Charles J.Joseph M. Hartfield Professor of Law Emeritus(434) 924-3456
Golden, DeborahLecturer
Goluboff, Risa L.Dean
Arnold H. Leon Professor of Law
Professor of History
WB319(434) 924-7343
Goré, MarieProfessor of Law, University of Pantheon-Assas (Paris 2)WB104B(434) 924-7919
Gorrell, Jr., J. WarrenLecturer
Gould, Jean O'TooleSL316(434)
Graduate StudiesSL135A(434)
Gray, Evelyn B.WB399(434)
Green, Donna302A(434)
Grossi, Peter T.Lecturer
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Halliday, PaulJulian Bishko Professor of History
Professor of Law
Hallock, Jr., David H.Lecturer
Harmon, Rachel A.F.D.G. Ribble Professor of LawWB379(434) 924-7205
Harrison, John C.James Madison Distinguished Professor of Law
Edward F. Howrey Professor of Law
WB375(434) 924-3093
Harris, HelenSL126A(434)
Harris, Sandy D.SL124(434)
Hartwell, BrentWB306(434)
Hayashi, AndrewAssociate Professor of LawWB349(434) 243-9125
Hayden, PatriceSenior Director of Law Firm RecruitingSL229A(434) 924-3022
Heblich Jr., Frederick T.Lecturer
Hellman, DeborahD. Lurton Massee Professor of LawWB179C(434) 243-9123
Henderson, Stanley D.F.D.G. Ribble Professor EmeritusSL308(434) 924-3522
Heytens, Toby J.David H. Ibbeken '71 Research Professor of LawWB302L(434) 924-3229
Hilles '92, Elizabeth LeverageSenior Philanthropy Adviser, Law School FoundationSL 325 (434) 924-4514
Hingeley, JamesLecturer
Hitz, Frederick P.Lecturer232 Cabell Hall(434) 924-3192
Hockin, Brian MatthewWB399(434)
Hogshire, Edward L.Lecturer
Holsapple, David E.WB320(434)
Howard, A. E. DickWhite Burkett Miller Professor of Law and Public AffairsWB362A(434) 924-3097
Huber, Ronald M.Lecturer
Hudson, Jean B.Lecturer
Hughes, HunterLecturer
Hulvey, Jennifer MarkhamDirector of Financial AidSL125A(434) 243-8632
Human ResourcesWB304(434) 924-3094
Huntley, Diane C.WB262(434)
Hylton, J. GordonProfessor of LawWB161(434) 243-8545
Hynes, RichJohn Allan Love Professor of LawWB383(434) 924-3763
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Ibbeken '71, David H.President Emeritus, Law School FoundationSL321(434) 924-4688
Information Technology(434)
Institute of Law Psychiatry & Public Policy1230 Cedars Court, Suite B,
Charlottesville, VA 22903
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Jaffe, CaleAssistant Professor of Law, General Faculty
Director, Environmental and Regulatory Law Clinic
SL245D(434) 924-4776
Jakubow, AlexanderEmpirical ResearcherWB237B(434) 924-4736
James, Jennie A.Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, Law School FoundationSL359(434) 982-2339
Jeffries, Jr., John C.David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of LawWB179E(434) 924-3436
Jenkins, KatherineCirculation(434)
Johnson, Jr., Alex M.James C. Slaughter Distinguished Professor of Law
Director, Center for the Study of Race and Law
WB356(434) 924-8832
Johnson, TeriWB314(434)
Johnston, Jason S.Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation Professor of LawWB302P(434) 243-8552
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Kaufman, Peter S.LecturerWB348C (Oct. 19-28)
Kavanaugh, ChrisLecturer
Kelley, Sharon LynnILPPP(434)
Kelly III, Edward J. "Ned"LecturerWB302G (Nov. 2-13)(434) 924-4509
Kendrick, LeslieAlbert Clark Tate, Jr., Professor of LawWB171D(434) 243-8633
Kiesler, DianaWB236a(434)
Kim, AnnieAssistant Dean for Public Service
Director, Mortimer Caplin Public Service Center
SL237(434) 243-4318
Kirstein, DavidLecturer
Kitch, Edmund W.Mary and Daniel Loughran Professor of LawWB175E(434) 924-7047
Klepper, Micheal T.Senior Reference LibrarianWB209(434) 924-3495
Klingel, Sharla PostLecturer
Kling, LouLecturer
Kneedler, H. LaneLecturer
Kordana, Kevin A.Professor of LawWB377(434) 924-3680
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Lacy, Harold WilliamSL350(434)
Lambert, Lisa R.WB368B(434)
Langlet, MarkLecturer
Lavis, Eileen F.SL319(434)
Lawson, PollyAssistant Dean for Graduate StudiesSL135B(434) 924-4545
Lawson, Scott E.WB336(434)
Laycock, DouglasRobert E. Scott Distinguished Professor of Law
Class of 1963 Research Professor in Honor of Graham C. Lilly and Peter W. Low
Professor of Religious Studies
WB302J(434) 243-8546
Lepold, BonnieLecturer
Leslie, Douglas L.Charles O. Gregory Professor of LawWB173B(434) 924-3853
Levinstein, MarkLecturer
Levy-Lavelle, PatLecturer
LibraryWithers-Brown Hall(434)
Lilly, Graham C.Armistead M. Dobie Professor of Law EmeritusSL354(434) 924-3609
Lincoln, MichaelLecturer
Lipscomb, RandyWB104G(434)
Listorti, ValerieWB310(434)
Livermore, Michael A.Associate Professor of LawWB355(434) 982-6224
Livingston, R. LeeLecturer
Longo, Sr., TimothyLecturer
Lowe, JessicaAssociate Professor of LawWB384(434) 924-7371
Low, Peter W.Hardy Cross Dillard Professor of Law EmeritusWB104C(434) 924-7953
Luu, Xinh "Sing" T.Foreign and International Law Librarian
WB233b(434) 924-3970
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Mahoney, Julia D.John S. Battle Professor of LawWB380(434) 924-3942
Mahoney, Paul G.David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of LawWB171B(434) 924-7121
MailroomWB336(434) 924-7622
Malone III, James L.Lecturer
Marshall, Mary FaithKornfeld Professor, School of Medicine
Director, Program in Biomedical Ethics
Martin, David A.Warner-Booker Distinguished Professor of International Law EmeritusWB104D(434) 924-3144
Martin, JohnLecturer
Marwell, Jeremy C.Lecturer

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