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Bagley, Margo A.Hardy Cross Dillard Professor of Law
Balnave, Richard D.Professor of Law, General Faculty
Director of Clinical Programs
SL245B(434) 924-7582
Bamzai, AdityaAssociate Professor of LawWB302G(434) 243-0698
Banks, Gary F.Chief Technology OfficerWB333(434) 981-9530
Banks, Susan J.Lecturer
Barry, DennisLecturer
Barr, John MillsLecturer
Barzun, CharlesArmistead M. Dobie Professor of LawWB305(434) 924-6454
Barzuza, MichalNicholas E. Chimicles Research Professor of Business Law and RegulationWB369(434) 924-7810
Baumgarten, DavidLecturer
Beatson, JackLord Justice of Appeal, United Kingdom
Bernheim, Ruth GaareChair, Department of Public Health Sciences, School of Medicine; Co-Director, The Institute for Practical Ethics and Public Life; Professor of Public Health Sciences; Professor or Medicine; Professor of Family Medicine(434) 243-7340
BeVier, Lillian R.David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of Law EmeritusSL253(434) 924-3132
Bill, Brian J. Lecturer
Black, Sally M.Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Law School FoundationSL310(434) 924-3199
Boase, Kathryn S.Senior Development Officer, Law School FoundationSL327(434) 924-7043
Bonnie, Richard J.Harrison Foundation Professor of Medicine and Law
Class of 1941 Research Professor of Law
Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences
Director, Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy
Professor of Public Policy, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
WB179D(434) 924-3209
Bouton, DanLecturer
Bowers, JoshF. Palmer Weber Professor of Law
Co-Director, Program in Law and Public Service
WB175B(434) 924-3771
Brady, Maureen E.Associate Professor of LawWB177C(434) 924-7707
Braga, StephenProfessor of Law, General Faculty
Director, Appellate Litigation Clinic
SL251(434) 924-3825
Broaddus, AndrewAssistant Director of Public ServiceSL234(434) 924-3883
Bromley, MarkLecturer
Broome Jr., O. WhitfieldFrank S. Kaulback Jr. Professor of Commerce EmeritusSL257(434) 924-6866
Brown, Bruce D.Lecturer
Brown, Darryl K.O. M. Vicars Professor of LawWB357(434) 924-3547
Buck, D. RuthProfessor of Law, General Faculty
Co-Director, Legal Research and Writing Program
WB343(434) 924-1042
Burra, AnandaCharles W. McCurdy Legal History FellowWB392A434-924-8882
Byron, Robert G.Lecturer
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