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Halliday, PaulJulian Bishko Professor of History
Professor of Law
Hallock, Jr., David H.Lecturer
Harmon, Rachel A.Professor of LawWB379(434) 924-7205
Harrison, John C.James Madison Distinguished Professor of LawWB375(434) 924-3093
Harris, HelenSL126A(434)
Harris, Sandy D.SL124(434)
Hartwell, BrentWB306(434)
Hayashi, AndrewAssociate Professor of LawWB349(434) 243-9125
Hayden, PatriceSenior Director of Law Firm RecruitingSL229A(434) 924-3022
Heblich Jr., Frederick T.Lecturer
Hellman, DeborahD. Lurton Massee Professor of Law
F. D. G. Ribble Professor of Law
WB179C(434) 243-9123
Henderson, Stanley D.F.D.G. Ribble Professor EmeritusSL308(434) 924-3522
Heytens, Toby J.David H. Ibbeken '71 Research Professor of LawWB302L(434) 924-3229
Hilles '92, Elizabeth LeverageLecturer
Hingeley, JamesLecturer
Hitz, Frederick P.Lecturer232 Cabell Hall(434) 924-3192
Hockin, Brian MatthewWB399(434)
Hogshire, Edward L.Lecturer
Holsapple, David E.WB320(434)
Holznagel, BerndDirector, Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law, University of MünsterWB344 (Sept. 3-19(434) 924-6768
Howard, A. E. DickWhite Burkett Miller Professor of Law and Public AffairsWB362A(434) 924-3097
Huber, Ronald M.Lecturer
Hudson, Jean B.Lecturer
Hughes, HunterLecturer
Hulvey, Jennifer MarkhamDirector of Financial AidSL125A(434) 243-8632
Human ResourcesWB304(434) 924-3094
Huntley, Diane C.WB262(434)
Hylton, J. GordonProfessor of LawWB161(434) 243-8545
Hynes, RichNicholas E. Chimicles Research Professor of Business Law and RegulationWB383(434) 924-3763
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