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Livermore, Michael A.Associate Professor of LawWB355(434) 982-6224
Livingston, R. LeeLecturer
Long, Donald D.Lecturer
Lowe, JessicaAssociate Professor of LawWB384(434) 924-7371
Low, Peter W.Hardy Cross Dillard Professor of LawWB171B(434) 924-7953
Luu, Xinh "Sing" T.Foreign and International Law Librarian
WB233b(434) 924-3970
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Mahoney, Julia D.John S. Battle Professor of LawWB380(434) 924-3942
Mahoney, Paul G.Dean, David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of Law, and Arnold H. Leon Professor of LawWB319(434) 924-7343
MailroomWB336(434) 924-7622
Malone III, James L.Lecturer
Marshall Jr., Harry R.Lecturer(301) 652-1735
Martin, David A.Warner-Booker Distinguished Professor of International Law;
Joel B. Piassick Research Professor of Law
WB177C(434) 924-3144
Martin, JohnLecturer
Martin, Jr., Edwin "Ned"LecturerWB368A (Mondays)
Mason, RuthHunton & Williams Professor of LawWB345(434) 243-3531
Masri, Rob C.Lecturer
Massaro, Thomas A.Harrison Foundation Professor of Medicine and Law Emeritus and Professor of Pediatrics EmeritusSL308A(434) 924-3471
McCoid, II, John CalvinProfessor EmeritusSL333(434) 924-3813
McEvoy, Timothy J.LecturerWB346
McGinnis, John O.George C. Dix Professor in Constitutional Law, Northwestern Law SchoolWB302G(434) 243-8543
McLernon, MerSL348(434)
McShane, MollyDirector, Child Advocacy Pro Bono Project(434) 924-7892
Merrill, Richard A.Daniel Caplin Professor of Law EmeritusWB104B(434) 982-2083
Min, GeeyoungResearch Assistant Professor of Law, General FacultyWB302C(434) 982-2532
Mitchell, GregoryJoseph Weintraub–Bank of America Distinguished Professor of LawWB307(434) 243-4088
Monahan, John T.John S. Shannon Distinguished Professor of Law
Professor of Psychology and Psychiatric Medicine
WB177D(434) 924-3632
Moore, John NortonWalter L. Brown Professor of Law
Director, Center for National Security Law
Director, Center for Oceans Law and Policy
SL344(434) 924-7441
Moran, KarenProfessor of Law, General Faculty
Co-Director, Legal Research & Writing Program
WB341(434) 924-7394
Morrison, AlexiaLecturer
Morris, Edith L.Special Assistant to the DeanWB329(434) 982-6598
Morris, SherrySL230(434)
Morton, Mark A.Lecturer
Moulds, LorenDigital Collections LibrarianWB303C(434) 924-3877
Movassagh, HoomanFaculty, International Law, Shahid Beheshti University SL257
Mullen, Edward A.Lecturer
Murphy, Stephen W.Lecturer
Murrie, Daniel C.Associate Professor, University of Virginia School of Medicine
Director of Psychology, Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy
Murtagh, Elizabeth P.Lecturer
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Nachbar, Thomas B.Professor of Law
Senior Fellow, Center for National Security Law
WB309(434) 924-7588
Nagle, David E.Lecturer
Napier, Lisa A.SL109(434)
National Security LawSL348(434) 924-7441
Nelson, Caleb E.Emerson G. Spies Distinguished Professor of Law
Elizabeth D. and Richard A. Merrill Professor
WB378(434) 924-7372
Newell, PennieWB175A(434)
Nicoletti, Cynthia L.Associate Professor of Law, Mississippi CollegeWB302D
Nugent, EileenLecturer
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O'Neil, Robert M.Professor of Law Emeritus
University Professor Emeritus
Oceans Law & PolicySL348(434) 924-7441
Oliar, DotanClass of 1966 Research Professor of LawWB302M(434) 924-3219
Olson, KentHead of Research ServicesWB233a(434) 924-4734
Ortiz-Castillo, Agatha V.SL184(434)
Ortiz, Daniel R.Michael J. and Jane R. Horvitz Distinguished Professor of Law
Director, Supreme Court Litigation Clinic
WB171C(434) 924-3127
Owen, MatthewLecturerWB392A
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Palombi, CathyAccess Services LibrarianWB117(434) 924-3519
Parr, Stephen T.Senior Associate Dean for AdministrationDean's Office(434) 924-4685
Payne, GeorgeWB334(434)
Payne, RuthDirector of Judicial ClerkshipsSL229B(434) 924-7192
Petri, DavidWB399(434)
Pietro, LauraDirector of Young Alumni Development and Donor Relations, Law School FoundationSL317(434) 924-3406
Platania, Joseph D.Lecturer
Prakash, SaikrishnaJames Monroe Distinguished Professor of Law
Horace W. Goldsmith Research Professor
WB371(434) 243-8539
Pritchette, SheilaWB324(434)
Pro Bono ProgramSL234(434)
Proffitt, DebbieSL107E(434)
Proffitt, StephanieWB326(434) 924-4662
Public Service CenterSL234

580 Massie Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22903-1738
(434) 924-3883
(434) 924-7349
Purdy, JedediahProfessor, Duke University School of LawWB352A
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Raoking, MattWB334A(434)
Redford, Katharine J.LecturerWB348D
Redinger, Janice L.Lecturer
Rheuban, Karen SchulderProfessor of Pediatrics; Senior Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education and External Affairs; Medical Director, Office of Telemedicine, University of Virginia Health System(434) 924-2481
Richard, Anne M.Senior Assistant Dean for AdmissionsSL121(434) 243-1456
Riley, Margaret FosterProfessor, General FacultyWB347(434) 924-4671
Rishworth, PaulProfessor of Law and Former Dean of Law, University of Auckland, New ZealandWB344
Robinson, Glen O.David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of Law EmeritusSL255(434) 924-3621
Robinson, Mildred W.Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation Professor of LawWB173D(434) 924-7932
Roper, John Administrative Services and Research LibrarianWB238a(434) 924-4327
Ross, Michael C.LecturerWB392A
Rottenborn, John B.Lecturer
Ruddy, BarbaraWB304(434)
Rusch, Jonathan J.Lecturer
Rutherglen, GeorgeJohn Barbee Minor Distinguished Professor of Law
Earl K. Shawe Professor of Employment Law
WB370(434) 924-7015
Ryan, AlanVisiting Scholar, Department of Politics, James Madison Program and the University Center for Human Values, Princeton University
Ryan, A. SprightleyAssociate Professor of Law, General Faculty
Director of Externships
SL243(434) 243-2022
Ryan, Christopher M.Lecturer
Ryan, Eileen P.Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences
Ryan, JobyDirector of Career ServicesSL231A(434) 924-3084
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Sachse, HarryLecturer
Sachs, BenjaminLecturer
Saenger, IngoProfessor, Chair for Civil Law, Law of Civil Procedure and Corporate Law, University of Münster; Director, Institute for International Business LawWB352A 9/27-10/13(434) 924-6768
Said, Zahr Assistant Professor, University of Washington School of LawWB302H(434) 243-8544
Saltzburg, Stephen A.Wallace and Beverley Woodbury University Professor of Law; Director, Masters Program in Litigation and Dispute Resolution, George Washington University Law School
Sanderson, MatthewLecturer
Sayler, Robert NelsonProfessor, General FacultyWB366(434) 924-4741
Schauer, FrederickDavid and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of Law WB376(434) 924-6777
Schragger, Richard C.Perre Bowen Professor of Law
Barron F. Black Research Professor of Law
WB177E(434) 924-3641
Schundler, Russell T.Lecturer
Schwartzman, Micah J.Edward F. Howrey Professor of LawWB179F(434) 924-7848
Schwartz, BenSL184(434)
Sciarra, David G.LecturerWB392A
Seale, Anita F.WB264b(434)
Setear, John K.Class of 1962 Professor of LawWB350(434) 924-4686
Shadel, Molly BishopProfessor of Law, General Faculty
Fellow, Center for National Security Law
WB353(434) 924-3768
Shepherd, LoisPeter A. Wallenborn, Jr. and Dolly F. Wallenborn Professor of Biomedical Ethics; Professor of Public Health Sciences; Professor of LawWB354A434-924-7409
Shiflett, HeatherWB326(434)
Shin, CrystalLecturer
Shugart, Herman H.W.W. Corcoran Professor of Environmental Sciences
Siegal, GilProfessor of Law, General FacultyWB346(434) 243-8543
Simmons, A. JohnCommonwealth Professor of Philosophy
Professor of Law
WB163(434) 924-6924
Simmons, Joshua B.Lecturer
Simpson, MarnitaWB211(434)
Simpson, Richard A.Lecturer
Sinclair, KentProfessor of Law
Director, Advocacy and Lawyer Training
WB311(434) 924-4663
Sipes, ChristopherLecturer
Sipe, MaynardLecturer
Skeel, David ArthurS. Samuel Arsht Professor of Corporate Law, University of PennsylvaniaWB346
Smith, CrystalWB164(434)
Smith, David E.Professor and Associate Chairman, University of Virginia Department of Environmental Sciences
Smith, Richard F.Lecturer
Snider, SteveWB399A(434)
Snow, Betty H.SL184(434)
Snyder '87, Helen M.Chief Operating Officer, Director of Annual Giving, Law School FoundationSL315(434) 924-4668
Sparks, Rodney L.Lecturer
Spellman, Barbara A.Professor of LawWB302F(434) 243-4925
Sprigman, ChristopherVisiting Professor of Law
Starsia, PamSL135F(434)
Steele, Myron T.Lecturer
Steen, Bruce M.Lecturer
Stephan, Paul B.John C. Jeffries, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Law
David H. Ibbeken '71 Research Professor
Director, Graduate Studies Program
WB385(434) 924-7098
Stewart, BrennanSL358(434)
Stiteler, Lynn B.SL232(434)
Stoneburner, Neal F.SL356(434)
Stone, Thatcher A.Lecturer
Streit, Gregory B.Assistant Dean for Building ServicesWB327(434) 982-2802
Student AffairsSL109(434)
Student Records/Academic ServicesSL107(434) 924-7347
(434) 924-7348
Sulzberger '87, Jennifer L.Director of Reunion GivingSL323(434) 924-3464
Sutherland AbrahamLecturer
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Taylor, Glenn E.SL135G(434)
Thapar, Amul R.U.S. Federal Judge
Thomas, DavidLecturer
Torres, GeraldBryant Smith Chair, University of Texas Law SchoolWB361
Trodden, ErinLecturer
Trodden, RichardLecturer
Trujillo '01, Jason W.Chief Development OfficerSL321A(434) 924-4154
Turnbull, Albert R.Professor EmeritusSL352(434) 924-4117
Turner, Robert F.Professor, General Faculty
Associate Director, Center for National Security Law
Tuzmukhamedov, Bakhtiyar R.Lecturer(434) 924-4029
Twomey, Katherine I.LecturerWB368D
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Underhill, StefanLecturerWB346
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Vaidhyanathan, SivaRobertson Professor in Media Studies
Chair, Department of Media Studies, University of Virginia
(434) 243-4333
van Eersel, MichelSL135M(434)
Veldhuis, Nathan J. D.Lecturer703-260-6070
Verdier, Pierre-HuguesAssociate Professor of LawWB374(434) 982-5508
Verkerke, J. H.Professor of Law
Director, Program for Employment and Labor Law Studies
WB313(434) 924-3463
Versteeg, MilaAssociate Professor of LawWB302E(434) 243-8541
Vollmer, Andrew N.Director, John W. Glynn, Jr. Law & Business ProgramWB359(434) 982-2543
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Waddell, William R.Lecturer
Wadlington, Walter J.James Madison Professor EmeritusSL308A434-924-3471
Walker, W. LaurensT. Munford Boyd Professor of Law EmeritusWB104E(434) 924-3834
Wallerstein, ShlomitUniversity Lecturer, Fellow and Tutor in Law, St. Peter’s College, Oxford UniversityWB352D
Walt, Steven D.Percy Brown, Jr., Professor of Law
John V. Ray Research Professor of Law
WB372(434) 924-7930
Ware, Sarah StewartAssociate Professor of Law, General Faculty
Co-Director, Legal Research and Writing Program
WB351(434) 243-8547
Watson, Teresa P.SL313(434)
Weinberg, Robert L.Lecturer
Wenger, Larry B.Professor EmeritusSL335(434) 924-3709
West, Joy H.WB262b(434)
Wharton, AmyResearch and Emerging Technologies LibrarianWB262(434) 924-1816
Wheeler, J. JoshuaLecturer
White III, Thomas R.John C. Stennis Professor of LawWB171E(434) 924-3896
Whiteley, R. PeytonLecturer
White, G. EdwardDavid and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of LawWB367(434) 924-3455
White, TonyaSL122(434)
Whittle, MaryWB332(434)
Wicks, Andrew C.Ruffin Professor of Business Administration(434) 243-8739
Williamson, EricWB334A(434)
Williamson, Richard F.Lecturer
Wills, Donna348A(434)
Wood, Carol S.WB262(434)
Wood, Mary M.Chief Communications OfficerWB335(434) 924-3786; Cell: (434) 981-0743
Wood, R. CraigLecturer
Woolhandler, AnnWilliam Minor Lile Professor of LawWB381(434) 924-4411
Worrall, Bradford B.Associate Professor of Neurology434-924-2783
Wynne, Joseph J.Systems LibrarianWB237b(434) 924-4736
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Yale, Amanda S.Director of Public ServiceSL233(434) 924-7313
Yale, EthanProfessor of LawWB173C(202) 370-6667 (434) 243-9106
Yin, George K.Edwin S. Cohen Distinguished Professor of Law and Taxation
Thomas F. Bergin Teaching Professor
WB175C(434) 924-7025
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Zack, RobertLecturerWB361
Zelle, HeatherILPPP(434)

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