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Geeyoung Min

Research Assistant Professor of Law, General Faculty
J.S.D., Yale Law School, 2015
LL.M., Yale Law School, 2005
B.L., Seoul National University, 2001

Geeyoung Min received her B.A. in anthropology and B.L. from Seoul National University, where she was awarded numerous scholarships. She also received an LL.M. and J.S.D. from Yale Law School. While at Yale, she was a recipient of Lillian Goldman Scholarship and John M. Olin Summer Fellowship. She was a visiting research scholar at Columbia Law School’s Center for Law and Economic Studies. Her research focuses on the issues of corporate law, securities regulation and corporate governance, including how corporate charters of large, publicly traded companies in the U.S. evolve, and cross-national comparison of corporate governance regimes.

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"Active Firms and Active Shareholders: Corporate Political Activity and Shareholder Proposals" (with Hye Young You).

"Competition and Corporate Governance: Teaming Up to Police Tunneling",
Nw. J. Int'l L. & Bus. (forthcoming) (with Yong Lim).

"The SEC and the Courts’ Cooperative Policing of Related Party Transactions," 2014
Colum. Bus. L. Rev. 663 (2014).
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