Faculty in the News

Herman H. Shugart

W.W. Corcoran Professor of Environmental Sciences
Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1971
M.S., University of Arkansas, 1968
B.S., University of Arkansas, 1966

Herman H. Shugart co-instructs Science and Policy of Biodiversity Conservation, a seminar jointly offered by the Law School and the University of Virginia Department of Environmental Sciences. He has been the W.W. Corcoran Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia since 1984 (a joint appointment in the Department of Biology since 2000).

Shugart is the author or co-author of 416 scientific publications including 13 books (plus seven additional reprintings), 91 book chapters and 181 papers in peer-reviewed journals. His most recent book, Foundations of the Earth: Global Ecological Change and The Book of Job (Shugart, 2014, Columbia University Press, New York. 354 pages), bridges theological and Earth-systems-science questions involving global environmental change. This past year, he graduated his 50th doctoral student.

He has been conducting ecological research on the effects of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems for more than 35 years.