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04/06/2014 "More Deportations Follow Minor Crimes, Records Show" (The New York Times)Martin, David, A.
04/07/2014 "Student Law Journal Hosts Former U.S. Attorney General" (George Mason University News)Turner, Robert, F.
04/07/2014 "Va. governor announces new appointments" (Associated Press)Block, Jr., Andrew, K.
04/08/2014 "Policy Integrity adviser Livermore says administration underestimating social cost of carbon" (E&ETV OnPoint)Livermore, Michael, A.
04/08/2014 "Your Homework Assignment: Sue the Federal Government" (The New York Times)Wheeler, J., Joshua
04/08/2014 "Your Homework Assignment: Sue the Federal Government" (The New York Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
04/10/2014 "Christiansburg woman caught in 'husband's' tangled web" (The Roanoke Times)Abrams, Kerry,
04/11/2014 "UVa conference tackles ethics of big data" (The Daily Progress)Vaidhyanathan, Siva,
04/12/2014 Ted Olson: Va. gay marriage ban ‘flatly unconstitutional’ (Washington Blade)Hellman, Deborah,
04/12/2014 "Ted Olson: Va. gay marriage ban ‘flatly unconstitutional’" (Washington Blade)Jeffries, John, C.
04/13/2014 "PODCAST: Your Homework: Sue the Government?" (American Weekend)Garrett, Brandon, L.
04/13/2014 "Panelists discuss idea of innocence commission at Tom Tom event" (The Daily Progress)Garrett, Brandon, L.
04/16/2014 "Hakamada Retrial Case: Reform Interrogation Process to Prevent False Confessions" (Asahi Shimbun )Garrett, Brandon, L.
04/16/2014 "Harding’s charge: Albemarle County Sheriff takes aim at wrongful convictions" (C-Ville)Garrett, Brandon, L.
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03/01/2014 "31 states have heightened religious freedom protections" (The Washington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
03/02/2014 "Here's What International Law Says About Russia's Intervention in Ukraine" (New Republic)Deeks, Ashley, S.
03/03/2014 "Mississippi religious-practices bill faces deadline" (The Associated Press)Laycock, Douglas,
03/03/2014 "Is Russia Breaking International Law in the Ukraine? Or Not?" (LawFuel)Deeks, Ashley, S.
03/03/2014 "Inmate’s right to a beard to be decided by SCOTUS; prisoner filed handwritten cert petition" (ABA Journal)Laycock, Douglas,
03/03/2014 "Supreme Court Agrees to Weigh an Inmate’s Right to Grow a Beard for Religious Reasons" (The New York Times)Laycock, Douglas,
03/03/2014 "How To Avoid Trap Doors In Your 401(k) Plan" (Forbes)Curtis, Quinn,
03/03/2014 "A Chance to Rein in Securities Class Actions" (The Wall Street Journal)Vollmer, Andrew, N.
03/03/2014 "Was Arizona's Religious Freedom Bill Much Ado About Nothing?" (The Weekly Standard)Laycock, Douglas,
03/04/2014 "A Response to Kirsten Powers on Arizona" (National Review Online)Laycock, Douglas,
03/05/2014 "Canada: Your 401(k) Plan And The Shape Of The Earth" (Mondaq)Curtis, Quinn,
03/06/2014 "U.Va. Law Prof. Douglas Laycock to argue religious liberty case before Supreme Court" (The Cavalier Daily)Laycock, Douglas,
03/06/2014 "Is Russia Committing an Act of War?" (NBC News)Deeks, Ashley, S.
03/06/2014 "Investor or Owner? Why the Class-Action Case Has It Wrong" (The Wall Street Journal)Vollmer, Andrew, N.
03/06/2014 "U.S. v. Windsor Must Be This Generation’s Brown v. Board of Education, Not Its Roe v. Wade" (Slate)Laycock, Douglas,
03/07/2014 "11 seek federal judgeship in Roanoke" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Harmon, Rachel, A.
03/09/2014 "NYC Property Tax Change Seen Yielding $4 Billion Windfall" (Bloomberg)Hayashi, Andrew,
03/10/2014 "Virginia Law School Breaks Through in Secret Corporate Crime Settlement Case" (Corporate Crime Reporter)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/10/2014 "Beards Behind Bars" (WVTF)Laycock, Douglas,
03/10/2014 "Gay Weddings and Religious Freedom" (KCRW)Laycock, Douglas,
03/11/2014 "Clarence Thomas Talks" (UVA Today)Howard, A. E., Dick
03/11/2014 "James Clapper's testimony one year later" (PolitiFact)Turner, Robert, F.
03/11/2014 "401(k) Plans’ Pervasive Problem of Excess Fees" (AI-CIO)Curtis, Quinn,
03/11/2014 "High Fees Can Swallow 401(k) Tax Savings, Researchers Warn" (Financial Advisor)Curtis, Quinn,
03/11/2014 "2014 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medals Will Go to Toyo Ito, Kenneth Feinberg, Jim Webb" (UVA Today)Mahoney, Paul, G.
03/12/2014 "Protect us from lousy 401(k) plans?" (Bankrate)Curtis, Quinn,
03/12/2014 "A new way to operate: A surgery practice bets on a price transparency model" (C-Ville)Massaro, Thomas, A.
03/12/2014 "The wrongheaded law that’s making your food less safe" (The Week)Schauer, Frederick,
03/12/2014 "Free Speech or Hostility?" (Inside Higher Ed)O'Neil, Robert, M.
03/12/2014 "Edward Snowden’s claim that he had ‘no proper channels’ for protection as a whistleblower" (The Washington Post)Turner, Robert, F.
03/13/2014 "Senate dispute with CIA over war on terror raises murky legal, policy issues" (The Patriot-News)Hitz, Frederick, P.
03/15/2014 "These 6 Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Also Support Religious Freedom" (The Christian Post)Laycock, Douglas,
03/17/2014 "Don't Bother With That High Cost 401(k)" (Forbes)Curtis, Quinn,
03/18/2014 "The Democratic Case for Job Impact Analysis" (RegBlog)Livermore, Michael, A.
03/18/2014 "Kendrick Says New York Times v Sullivan Changed law (Audio)" (Bloomberg Law)Kendrick, Leslie,
03/21/2014 "The law that could sink birth control coverage" (msnbc)Laycock, Douglas,
03/24/2014 "The Innocence Project" (WVTF)Enright, Deirdre, M.
03/24/2014 "The Innocence Project" (WVTF)Engle, Matthew, L.
03/24/2014 "ACA Foes Claim Religious Rights" (Law.com)Laycock, Douglas,
03/24/2014 "Panel Discussion on Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores" ((C-SPAN))Schwartzman, Micah, J.
03/24/2014 "Embrace the Religious Exemption" (The New York Times)Laycock, Douglas,
03/24/2014 "Contraception Ruling Could Have Reach Far Beyond Women’s Rights" (The New York Times)Laycock, Douglas,
03/24/2014 "U.S. prosecutors eye new approach on company misconduct after Toyota" (Reuters)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/25/2014 "Is US Breaking New Ground In Its Pursuit Of Corporate Wrongdoers?" (International Business Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/25/2014 "U.Va. recruiting low-income students, Sullivan says" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Laycock, Douglas,
03/25/2014 "Obamacare, religion are focus of arguments today before justices" (The Columbus Dispatch)Laycock, Douglas,
03/26/2014 "Does Hobby Lobby Even Have Standing?" (American Constitution Society Blog)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/26/2014 "Hobby Lobby in Supreme Court" (WRVA)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
03/26/2014 "Justice Department could use $1.2B Toyota fine as template across industries" (Reuters)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/27/2014 "A Wrongful Conviction Is Our Crashed Plane" (Harvard University Press Blog)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/28/2014 "Fair Wages: A History of Getting Paid" (BackStory)Goluboff, Risa, L.
03/28/2014 "Facebook rapper seeks Supreme Court appeal in threats case" (The Morning Call)Wheeler, J., Joshua
03/29/2014 "Sheriff gauges support for innocence panel" (Richmond Times-Dispatch )Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/29/2014 "Albemarle sheriff pushes for commission to help prevent wrongful convictions" (Richmond Times-Dispatch )Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/31/2014 "Government-Sponsored Public Prayer" (Inside Charlottesville)Laycock, Douglas,
03/31/2014 "Virginia Sheriff Lobbies Local Law Enforcement to Form Innocence Commission" (Innocence Blog)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/31/2014 "The Humor Code: Who owns a joke? And can a comedian sue if someone steals his material?" (Slate)Oliar, Dotan,
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02/01/2014 "The DOJ was sued for refusing to make public a nonprosecution agreement" (Corporate Counsel)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/01/2014 “COLLEGE COUNSELOR: Discovering The Right Fit For College” (Gazettes)Vaidhyanathan, Siva,
02/03/2014 "Too Big to Jail?" (Harvard University Press Blog)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/05/2014 “Judge hears arguments in challenge to gay marriage ban” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Howard, A. E., Dick
02/06/2014 "Law Professor Kerry Abrams Named U.Va.’s Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs" (UVA Today)Abrams, Kerry,
02/06/2014 "Obama appointees and a Cleveland TV station: the strange tale of union dues" (The Plain Dealer)Laycock, Douglas,
02/06/2014 "No, This is Not Jim Crow for Gays, Part Two" (PowerLine)Laycock, Douglas,
02/07/2014 "The Threat to U.S. Federalism and Foreign Relations that Surprised Everyone" (The Summit)Cope, Kevin,
02/07/2014 "Developing Countries Urged To Beat Biopiracy With Patent Examination, Regulatory Frameworks" (Intellectual Property Watch)Bagley, Margo, A.
02/09/2014 "Deciding how government prays" (UPI)Laycock, Douglas,
02/09/2014 "False confessions can be very detailed" (Detroit Free Press)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/09/2014 "A killing in Kalkaska: Is convicted man a killer? Or a liar who made up confession?" (Detroit Free Press)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/09/2014 "Prince George’s police to transform photo lineups" (The Washington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/10/2014 "Maryland bill would create birth injury fund" (The Baltimore Sun)Siegal, Gil,
02/10/2014 "Report: Christie's Odd Deals as Prosecutor Worried Justice Dept." (Newsmax)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/10/2014 "Chris Christie’s long record of pushing boundaries, sparking controversy" (The Washington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/11/2014 "We do: Eager-to-wed couples await judge’s decision on gay marriage" (C-ville)Howard, A. E., Dick
02/11/2014 "Louisa man falsely convicted of rape is exonerated with UVa team's help" (Stafford County Sun)Enright, Deirdre, M.
02/11/2014 "Detainees Sentenced in Seconds in ‘Streamline’ Justice on Border" (The New York Times)Martin, David, A.
02/12/2014 "Judge vacates Va. man's '07 rape conviction, says original defense 'not reasonably competent'" (Associated Press)Ciolfi, Angela, A.
02/12/2014 " Louisa man falsely convicted of rape is exonerated with UVa legal team's help" (The Daily Progress)Enright, Deirdre, M.
02/12/2014 "Judge vacates Mineral man’s conviction in 2007 rape case" (Richmond Times Dispatch)Enright, Deirdre, M.
02/12/2014 "Edgar Coker’s name to be taken off Va. sex offender list years after false accusation" (The Washington Post)Enright, Deirdre, M.
02/13/2014 "No “No Spy” Agreements?" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
02/13/2014 "Protecting Academic Freedom" (Inside Higher Ed)O'Neil, Robert, M.
02/14/2014 "South Sudan's Constitutional Bait-and-Switch" (Jurist)Cope, Kevin,
02/14/2014 "Years After Wrongful Conviction, Virginia Man Free From Sex Offender Registry" (Hit & Run Blog)Engle, Matthew, L.
02/16/2014 "Ruling could mean the end of constitutional amendment" (The News Virginian)Howard, A. E., Dick
02/16/2014 "Yemeni ‘global terrorist’ says he has counterterrorism advice for Washington" (The Washington Post)Deeks, Ashley, S.
02/17/2014 "Va., other states face new marriage battles" (BRnow.org)Howard, A. E., Dick
02/17/2014 "Edgar Coker is adjusting to exoneration" (The Free-Lance Star)Enright, Deirdre, M.
02/17/2014 "Untruth or consequences: Why false confessions happen and what to do" (Virginia Lawyers Weekly)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/17/2014 "Man cleared of rape charges speaks out" (The Daily Progress)Enright, Deirdre, M.
02/17/2014 "After long legal battle, Va. man removed from sex offenders registry" (The Washington Post)Engle, Matthew, L.
02/18/2014 "‘Disabling Normalcy’ Symposium at U.Va. to Explore Issues Related to Disabilities" (UVAToday)Shepherd, Lois,
02/20/2014 "Republicans question PPACA regulators" (LifeHealthPro)Yin, George, K.
02/20/2014 "Federal judge strikes down Virginia's gay marriage ban" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Howard, A. E., Dick
02/20/2014 "There's No Place Like Homophobic Kansas" (The American Prospect)Laycock, Douglas,
02/21/2014 "Analysis: Obamacare not 1st law beset by delays, blown deadlines" (Cincinnati.com)Yin, George, K.
02/21/2014 "Kansas, Arizona bills reflect national fight over gay rights vs. religious liberty" (The Washington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
02/24/2014 "Issue Analysis: Arizona Bill Does Not Give Businesses License to Discriminate Against Gays" (The Christian Post)Laycock, Douglas,
02/24/2014 "Ethics? Not Here" (The Marker)Barzuza, Michal,
02/24/2014 "New Laws Reflect Gay Rights vs. Religious Liberty Battles" (Charisma News)Laycock, Douglas,
02/25/2014 "Liberty versus liberty: religious freedom bills trouble gay rights supporters" (Deseret News)Laycock, Douglas,
02/26/2014 "Critics of Arizona Bill Are 'Trying to Deceive You,' Liberal and Conservative Law Professors Tell Gov. Brewer" (The Christian Post)Laycock, Douglas,
02/26/2014 "Exclusive–Bipartisan Law Profs Warn Jan Brewer: SB1062 'Egregiously Misrepresented'" (Free Republic)Laycock, Douglas,
02/26/2014 "Religious-Liberty Scholars Counter “Egregious” Distortions of Arizona Bill" (National Review Online)Laycock, Douglas,
02/26/2014 "'Gays' Twisting Arizona Bill, Say Top Law Profs" (WND Faith)Laycock, Douglas,
02/26/2014 "Arizona Governor Brewer Vetoes Religious Freedom Bill Widely Attacked as "Anti-Gay" (National Catholic Register)Laycock, Douglas,
02/26/2014 "Further Thoughts on Arizona’s “Religious Freedom” Bill" (Cato at Liberty)Laycock, Douglas,
02/27/2014 "Despite Arizona defeat, conservatives push to protect businesses that won’t serve gays" (Concord Monitor)Laycock, Douglas,
02/27/2014 "Nice guys finish ... second" (Greewire)Cannon, Jonathan, Z.
02/27/2014 "Was vetoed Arizona bill misrepresented? What constitutional scholars say." (The Christian Science Monitor)Laycock, Douglas,
02/27/2014 "Guest post from Prof. Doug Laycock: What Arizona SB1062 actually said " (The Washington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
02/28/2014 "UVa Professor Works To Clarify Controversial Arizona Bill" (Charlottesville Newsplex)Laycock, Douglas,
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01/01/2014 "The Corporate 'Free Speech' Racket" (Washington Monthly)Schauer, Frederick,
01/02/2014 "Greenwald: NSA Leaker Snowden Has No Whistleblower Protection" (PolitiFact)Turner, Robert, F.
01/02/2014 "Compromise Remains Elusive on Health Law's Contraceptive Coverage" (Los Angeles Times)Laycock, Douglas,
01/06/2014 "J.P. Morgan Officials Excluded from Penalties in Madoff Deal" (The Wall Street Journal)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/07/2014 "JPMorgan Cuts Deal With DOJ: No Individual Prosecution for Madoff Case" (ValueWalk)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/07/2014 "JPMorgan Chase Gets Prosecution Deferred" (Corporate Crime Reporter)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/07/2014 "Decades-Long Ties to Madoff Cost JPMorgan $2.6 billion" (Reuters)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/08/2014 "Removing the Judge Who Ruled 'Stop and Frisk' Unconstitutional Is a Blow to Justice" (The Nation)Heytens, Toby, J.
01/10/2014 "The Current Crisis in American Legal Education" (OUP Blog)White, G., Edward
01/13/2014 "Interlocking Board Seats and Protection for Directors after Schoon" (Harvard Law School Blog)Barzuza, Michal,
01/13/2014 "Interlocking Board Seats and Protection for Directors after Schoon" (Harvard Law School Blog)Curtis, Quinn,
01/13/2014 "Obama NSA Reform May Reduce Privacy, Kill Constitutional Challenges" (U.S. News & World Report)Laycock, Douglas,
01/14/2014 "What's the Status of General Obligation Bonds in Municipal Bankruptcy?" (Public Sector Inc.)Kordana, Kevin, A.
01/15/2014 "Anonymous Police Tips Face High Court Scrutiny" (The National Law Journal)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
01/16/2014 "Firms Get Penalized, but Many Workers Don't" (The Wall Street Journal)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/17/2014 "Weil on Finance: China’s Great Wall of Money" (Bloomberg Opinion)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/17/2014 "Gov. Christie's Scandal Strategy Is Standard, Legal Experts Say" (The Wall Street Journal)Brown, Darryl, K.
01/17/2014 "Calm Down and Consider the Facts: Opposing View " (USA Today)Turner, Robert, F.
01/22/2014 "East Timor’s Case in the ICJ: Will the Court Decide Whether Spying Violates International Law?" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
01/25/2014 "Nuns Get Court Compromise on Contraception Coverage" (Bloomberg)Laycock, Douglas,
01/28/2014 "Flash Seminars at UVA" (The Virginia Advocate)Coughlin, Anne, M.
01/28/2014 "Sexual Assault on College Campuses" (RadioTimes)Coughlin, Anne, M.
01/30/2014 "ERLC to court: Mandate violates companies' religious freedom" (Baptist Press)Laycock, Douglas,
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12/02/2013 "Expert Panel Offers Suggestions to Curb Gun Violence in New Report" (Charlottesville Newsplex)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/02/2013 "UVA Hosts Forum on Gun Control Policies" (NBC29)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/02/2013 "Justice Department Sued Over Access to Non-Prosecution Agreement" (The Blog of Legal Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/02/2013 "The Anti-Capture Justification for Regulatory Review" (Co-Author) (RegBlog)Livermore, Michael, A.
12/02/2013 "Gun Policy Consortium Releases Recommnedations at UVA Forum" (The Daily Progress)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/03/2013 "Gun Policy Consortium Releases Recommendations at UVA Forum" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/04/2013 "Hobby Lobby and the Establishment Clause, Part II: What Counts As A Burden on Employees?" (Co-Author) (Balkinization)Schragger, Richard, C.
12/04/2013 "Hobby Lobby and the Establishment Clause, Part II: What Counts As A Burden on Employees?" (Co-Author) (Balkinization)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
12/05/2013 "Dreading Finals? Profs Share Exam Tips" (Tipping the Scales)Goluboff, Risa, L.
12/05/2013 "Dreading Finals? Profs Share Exam Tips" (Tipping the Scales)Abraham, Kenneth, S.
12/05/2013 "Dreading Finals? Profs Share Exam Tips" (Tipping the Scales)Choi, Albert,
12/05/2013 "Faculty Senate Approves New Graduate Programs" (The Cavalier Daily)Abrams, Kerry,
12/06/2013 "J.P. Morgan Is in Talks With U.S. Over Madoff Warnings" (The Wall Street Journal)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/09/2013 "Hobby Lobby and the Establishment Clause, Part III: Reconciling Amos and Cutter" (Co-Author) (Balkinization)Schragger, Richard, C.
12/09/2013 "Hobby Lobby and the Establishment Clause, Part III: Reconciling Amos and Cutter" (Co-Author) (Balkinization)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
12/11/2013 "A Modern Understanding of a Long Ago Confession and a Boy’s Execution" (The Center for Public Integrity)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/11/2013 "Criminal Action Is Expected for JPMorgan in Madoff Case" (The New York Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/12/2013 "What Does It Take to Get a Bank to Plead Guilty?" (Bloomberg News)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/12/2013 "JPMorgan Said to Near $2 Billion Settlement of Madoff Probes" (Bloomberg Businessweek)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/13/2013 "The State of South Africa's Constitution" (HuffPost Live)Versteeg, Mila,
12/14/2013 "UVA Study: State Slow to Fix Practices for Suspect Lineups" (The Daily Progress)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/16/2013 "Judge: NSA Program Is Likely Unconstitutional" (The Associated Press)Turner, Robert, F.
12/16/2013 "Should the U.S. Offer Amnesty for Edward Snowden to Stem the Leaks?" (AirTalk)Turner, Robert, F.
12/17/2013 "Experts: Brain Development Should Play Bigger Role in Determining Treatment of Juvenile Offenders'" (Juvenile Justice Information Exchange)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/17/2013 "U.S. Likely to Appeal Surveillance Ruling" (Voice of America)Turner, Robert, F.
12/17/2013 "The Exoneration of Kash Register and the Problem of False Eyewitness Testimony" (Slate)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/18/2013 "Beds Available for Mental Health Patients, Study Shows" (Roanoke Times)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/18/2013 "Why Judge Leon's NSA Ruling Is Wrong" (The Wall Street Journal)Turner, Robert, F.
12/28/2013 "Judge Backs the NSA's Surveillance" (The Wall Street Journal)Turner, Robert, F.
12/30/2013 "Brandon Garrett Talks Corporate Crime" (Corporate Crime Reporter)Garrett, Brandon, L.
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11/01/2013 "Pushing Their Buttons" (Author) (The New York Times)Vaidhyanathan, Siva,
11/04/2013 "Snowden in Deutschland?" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
11/05/2013 "Meet Glen O. Robinson, Prof. Emeritus - University of Virginia School of Law" (Notice and Comment)Robinson, Glen, O.
11/05/2013 "The Senate's Unconstitutional Holds on Nominations" (author) (The Washington Times)Turner, Robert, F.
11/06/2013 "Is Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision for New York City Even Possible?" (Author) (Slate)Schragger, Richard, C.
11/10/2013 "Siva Vaidhyanathan on the Intimate Relationship Between State Surveillance and Corporate Dataveillance" (Institute of Network Cultures)Vaidhyanathan, Siva,
11/14/2013 "Does the ICCPR Establish an Extraterritorial Right to Privacy?" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
11/15/2013 "Who Made That Redskins Logo?" (The New York Times)Hylton, J., Gordon
11/19/2013 "UVA Study Addresses Shortage of Psychiatric Patient Housing" (NBC 29)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/19/2013 "Creigh Deeds' Son Had Mental-Health Evaluation Monday" (Stafford County-Sun)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/19/2013 "Shortage of Psychiatric Beds a Lingering Concern" (The Roanoke Times)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/19/2013 "Official: Sen. Creigh Deeds' Son Was Released for Lack of Psychiatric Bed" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/19/2013 "Potential Criminal Charges Loom, But JPMorgan May Remain Too Big To Jail" (U.S. News & World Report)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/19/2013 "Deeds' Son Released Monday After No Mental-Health Beds Found; UVA Not Contacted" (The Daily Progress)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/19/2013 "Question of Bevilacqua's Competence Presents Unusual Legal Situation" (MSNBC)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/20/2013 "$13 Billion Settlement for the U.S. Bank JP Morgan Chase" (German) (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/20/2013 "Candidate Planning Run for Congress in Four States" (PolitiFact)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
11/20/2013 "Mental Health Care Shortages to Blame?" (CNN)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/20/2013 "Deeds Case Highlights Need for Mental Health Care" (Green Bay Press Gazette)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/20/2013 "Deeds Case Highlights Need for Mental Health Care" (Marshfield News-Herald)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/20/2013 "Deeds Case Highlights Need for Mental Health Care" (USA Today)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/20/2013 "Virginia Inspector General Investigates Why Deeds' Son Was Released Before Attack" (The Washington Post)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/24/2013 "When Lies Lead to Wrongful Convictions" (Wisconsin Watch)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/25/2013 "More on U.N. Detention Procedures for Military Operations" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
11/26/2013 "How Much Discretion Does Obama Have In Setting Deportation Priorities?" (PBS Newshour)Martin, David, A.
11/26/2013 "Obamacare Birth Control Mandate Lawsuit: How a Radical Argument Went Mainstream" (Slate)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
11/26/2013 "Experts to Propose Gun Policies at Virginia Forum" (The Associated Press)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/27/2013 "The Establishment Clause and the Contraception Mandate" (Co-Author) (Balkinization)Schragger, Richard, C.
11/27/2013 "The Establishment Clause and the Contraception Mandate" (Co-Author) (Balkinization)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
11/27/2013 "Northam Among Speakers at Gun Violence Forum at UVA Monday" (The Daily Progress)Bonnie, Richard, J.
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10/04/2013 "The Virginia Lawyers Weekly High Five: 5 Tips for Speaking Up" (Virginia Lawyers Weekly)Shadel, Molly, Bishop
10/08/2013 "U.S. Raid in Libya Renews Legality Questions" (Agence France Press)Turner, Robert, F.
10/12/2013 "Shootings, Mental Illness Don’t Go Hand in Hand" (Bloomington Herald-Times)Monahan, John, T.
10/15/2013 "A Supreme Victory for Climate Rules" (co-author) (Huffington Post)Livermore, Michael, A.
10/15/2013 "College Women: Stop Getting Drunk" (Slate)Coughlin, Anne, M.
10/21/2013 "Courts Can Influence National Security Without Doing a Single Thing" (The New Republic)Deeks, Ashley, S.
10/23/2013 "Protecting Women Is Not ‘Victim Blaming’" (The New York Times)Coughlin, Anne, M.
10/27/2013 "Lawmaker Sustains 6-Month Hold on 3-Star's Nomination" (Military Times )Turner, Robert, F.
10/28/2013 "The German Intelligence Agencies Are Coming to Town" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
10/28/2013 "U.S. Spying Scandal: Why Germany and France Won't Get Britain's Deal" (The Christian Science Monitor)Deeks, Ashley, S.
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09/01/2013 "Rise of the Mayors" (Boston Globe)Schragger, Richard, C.
09/02/2013 "Greenhouse-Gas Fight Escalates" (The Wall Street Journal)Livermore, Michael, A.
09/05/2013 "Attorneys Lay out Immigration Reform Wish List" (Virginia Lawyers Weekly)Martin, David, A.
09/13/2013 "Same-Sex Married Couples See New State-Law Tax Complexity" (Bloomberg)Mason, Ruth,
09/17/2013 "Globalizing the U.S. Constitution" (NYU TV)Versteeg, Mila,
09/18/2013 "Speaker: U.S. Framework Felt Globally" (Daily News-Record)Howard, A. E., Dick
09/18/2013 "Ask The Experts: Are Sales Tax Holidays A Good Idea?" (CardHub)Robinson, Mildred, W.
09/18/2013 "Ask The Experts: Are Sales Tax Holidays A Good Idea?" (CardHub)White III, Thomas, R.
09/18/2013 "Confusing Ability with Intent: Why the NRA Should Not have Joined Forces With the ACLU" (Jefferson Policy Journal)Turner, Robert, F.
09/19/2013 "Faculty Hiring Among Challenges UVa Faces, Board Members Hear" (The Daily Progress)Mahoney, Paul, G.
09/19/2013 "UVA Law Professor Explains Constitution in First of Vision Series" (The Breeze)Howard, A. E., Dick
09/24/2013 "The Puzzle of Town of Greece v. Galloway" (Co-Author) (SCOTUSblog)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
09/25/2013 "Equity Crowdfunding Is Now Legal. How Can You Get Your Piece of the Action?" (Nerd Wallet)Kitch, Edmund, W.
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08/05/2013 "Will the Department of Justice Find Zimmerman Guilty?" (The American Prospect)Harmon, Rachel, A.
08/06/2013 "Don't Blame LSAT for Dearth of Minorities" (The National Law Journal)Johnson, Jr., Alex, M.
08/06/2013 "Brother Wants Parents to Stop Siblings' Homeschooling" (NPR/Tell Me More)Block, Jr., Andrew, K.
08/07/2013 "Bob McDonnell Refinances Property, Restructures Loans Amid Scandal" (The Associated Press)Johnson, Jr., Alex, M.
08/09/2013 "SEC Probe of Foreign Visas Roils Virginia Governor Race" (Bloomberg)Martin, David, A.
08/13/2013 "John C. Jeffries Jr. on Crime and Punishment in America" (PRX)Jeffries, John, C.
08/19/2013 "Ted Cruz Birth Certificate: Is the Tea Party Senator’s Canadian Birth a Problem?" (International Business Times)Harrison, John, C.

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