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04/01/2015 "Why a Pro-same-sex-marriage law Professor Supports Indiana's Religious Freedom Law" (Vox)Laycock, Douglas,
04/01/2015 "How RFRA Became Controversial" (The Patriot Post)Laycock, Douglas,
04/01/2015 "Ponnuru: Tim Cook and Others Misinterpret Indiana Law " (The Salt Lake Tribune)Laycock, Douglas,
04/01/2015 "Why Law Professor Douglas Laycock Supports Same-Sex Marriage and Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law" (Religion & Politics)Laycock, Douglas,
04/02/2015 "What Indiana's 'Fix' to Religious Freedom Law Still Allows" (ABC News)Laycock, Douglas,
04/02/2015 "Prosecutors in Compliance Forest" (Morning Consult)Garrett, Brandon, L.
04/02/2015 "No, Indiana's Religious Freedom Law Won't Let You Start a Marijuana Church" (Vox)Laycock, Douglas,
04/02/2015 "Editorial: Religious Freedom Must be Anti-Discrimination" (National Catholic Reporter)Laycock, Douglas,
04/02/2015 "As Law Schools Undergo Reform, Some Relax LSAT Requirements" (U.S. News & World Report)Spencer, A., Benjamin
04/02/2015 "Indiana Legislators Unveil Amendment to Religious Freedom Restoration Act (Update: Pence Signs Bill)" (The Weekly Standard)Laycock, Douglas,
04/03/2015 "Religious Freedom Fight is Coming to Louisiana" (The Times-Picayune)Laycock, Douglas,
04/03/2015 "The Case for Compassionate Policing with Josh Bowers" (WTJU)Bowers, Josh,
04/03/2015 "Is the Saudi War on Yemen Legal?" (IRIN)Deeks, Ashley, S.
04/03/2015 "Here’s How to Use Religious Freedom Laws to Fend off a Gay Discrimination Suit" (The Washington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
04/06/2015 "What Everybody Missed During the Fight Over Religious Freedom Laws This Year" (The Washington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
04/07/2015 "GOP War On Gays Rages On As Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Plans To Sign Anti-Gay Bill" (Politicus USA)Laycock, Douglas,
04/08/2015 "This is How Religious Liberty Dies: the New Rules of the Secular Left" (LifeSite)Laycock, Douglas,
04/09/2015 "Fact-checking John Oliver's Interview with Edward Snowden About NSA Surveillance" (PoltiFact)Shadel, Molly, Bishop
04/10/2015 "Unholy Alliance Between Conservatives and Liberals Behind Rise in RFRAs" (Huffington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
04/10/2015 "Utah Gays and Mormon Leaders Cut a Deal to Protect the Rights of Both. Can They Show Religious Conservatives a Way Forward? (Yahoo! Politics)Laycock, Douglas,
04/12/2015 "Religious Freedom is Still Worth Protecting" (Real Clear Politics)Laycock, Douglas,
04/13/2015 "The Price of a Life" (The New Yorker)Garrett, Brandon, L.
04/14/2015 "Outlawed by Supreme Court, Sodomy Laws Still on the Books" (Scripps Howard)Garrett, Brandon, L.
04/15/2015 "Louisiana Religious Freedom Bill May Change, But Not Enough for Critics" (The Times-Picayune)Laycock, Douglas,
04/16/2015 "Gay Rights and Religious Liberty: Can Americans Have Both?" (The Christian Science Monitor)Laycock, Douglas,
04/16/2015 "Can the President and the Vice President be from the Same State?" (PunditFact)Harrison, John, C.
04/16/2015 "Proposed Louisiana Law Protects Those Who Oppose Gay Marriage" (MSNBC)Laycock, Douglas,
04/17/2015 "A Texas Woman Might Use The 'Religious Freedom' Law In The Most Amazing Way Possible" (Huffington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
04/17/2015 "Andreatta: Plea Warps Reality of Thefts at Vets' Graves" (Democrat & Chronicle)Brown, Darryl, K.
04/18/2015 "Supreme Court Arguments with Daniel Ortiz" (WTJU)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
04/18/2015 "FBI Admits Flaws in Hair Analysis Over Decades" (The Washington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
04/19/2015 "Amid 'Religious Freedom' Laws, Firms Face Big Decisions" (The Virginian-Pilot)Laycock, Douglas,
04/20/2015 "As CA Attorney General Launches Implicit Bias Training, a Look Behind the Science" (89.3 KPCC)Mitchell, Gregory,
04/21/2015 "Flawed FBI Forensic Testimony Comes Back to Haunt US Criminal Justice System" (DW)Garrett, Brandon, L.
04/22/2015 "Why It's Legal to Fire Someone for Being Gay in 28 States" (Vox)Laycock, Douglas,
04/22/2015 "Supreme Court Justices Are Getting 'Grumpier,' Study Finds" (Bloomberg Business)Livermore, Michael, A.
04/22/2015 "Could John Hinckley - the Man Who Shot Ronald Reagan - Be Released?" (CBS News)Bonnie, Richard, J.
04/22/2015 "Why Nobody Is Really Happy With New Guidelines For Punishing White-Collar Criminals" (Huffington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
04/22/2015 "Pseudoscience in the Witness Box" (Slate)Garrett, Brandon, L.
04/25/2015 "When Is a TV Channel a Foreign Agent?" (The Atlantic)Schauer, Frederick,
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03/03/2015 "Ferguson, State Officials to be Briefed on DOJ Investigation Today" (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)Harmon, Rachel, A.
03/04/2015 "Is Indiana Protecting Discrimination?" (National Review)Laycock, Douglas,
03/04/2015 "A Supreme Court Rematch for a Lawyer Targeting the Health Care Act" (The New York Times)Laycock, Douglas,
03/04/2015 "Ferguson Report Unlikely to Help Many in Civil Suits" (The Wall Street Journal)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/06/2015 "Rubio's Presidential Choice Could Muddle Senate Race" (Orlando Sentinel)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
03/09/2015 "Did the Justices Signal that Notre Dame and the LIttle Sisters Will Prevail in HHS Lawsuits?" (National Catholic Register)Laycock, Douglas,
03/09/2015 "Supreme Court Orders Another Look at Birth Control Coverage Case" (Modern Healthcare)Laycock, Douglas,
03/09/2015 "Officer & Senator: Sullivan Cedes Command But Says Roles Jibe" (Alaska Public Media)Harrison, John, C.
03/10/2015 Death Penalty Dispute Misses the Mark" (The Legal Intelligencer)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/10/2015 "University of Oklahoma Expels Two Students Over Racist Chant" (The Wall Street Journal)Kendrick, Leslie,
03/12/2015 "Report: Raising Legal Age for Tobacco Would Stop, Delay Use " (Associated Press)Bonnie, Richard, J.
03/14/2015 "Schapiro: World is UVa. Law Professor's Classroom " (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Howard, A. E., Dick
03/15/2015 "The Case for Compassionate Policing" (UVA Magazine)Bowers, Josh,
03/16/2015 "18 or 21: Legal Smoking Age Shift Petitioned" (Health Aim)Bonnie, Richard, J.
03/16/2015 "Japanese Bank Seeks Justice in Subprime Mortgage Trial" (New York Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/17/2015 "Banks Said to Risk Old Libor Charges in Currency-rigging Probes" (Chicago Tribune)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/18/2015 "Religion and Marriage: The Elephant in the Courtroom" (National Law Journal)Laycock, Douglas,
03/18/2015 "DoJ Has 'No Clear Standard' on Use of Settlements" (Global Investigations Review)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/18/2015 "Utah 'Compromise' to Protect LGBT Citizens From Discrimination Is No Model for the Nation" (Slate)Schragger, Richard, C.
03/18/2015 "Utah 'Compromise' to Protect LGBT Citizens From Discrimination Is No Model for the Nation" (Slate)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
03/23/2015 "Raising the Legal Age to Buy Cigarettes Would Save 250,000 American Lives Annually, Report Says" (Charleston Post and Courier)Bonnie, Richard, J.
03/24/2015 "For Banks 'Too Big To Jail,' Prosecutors Count On A Promise To Behave" (NPR)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/26/2015 "Time to Crack Down on Recidivist Banks Instead of Slapping Wrists" (The Conversation)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/27/2015 "EPA Refines Interpretation of Its Authority as It Prepares to Defend Clean Power Rule" (Bloomberg BNA)Livermore, Michael, A.
03/27/2015 "Indiana Law Denounced as Invitation to Discriminate Against Gays" (The New York Times)Laycock, Douglas,
03/28/2015 "In Virginia ABC Arrest Numbers, Tilt is Toward Buyers Rather Than Sellers" (The Washington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
03/29/2015 "State Bills to Protect Religious Freedom Advance, Alarming Some" (The Daily American)Laycock, Douglas,
03/29/2015 "Did Barack Obama Vote for Religious Freedom Restoration Act with 'Very Same' Wording as Indiana's?" (PoltiFact)Laycock, Douglas,
03/29/2015 "UVA Law Prof Who Supports Gay Marriage Explains Why He Supports Indiana's Religious Freedom Law" (The Weekly Standard)Laycock, Douglas,
03/30/2015 "International Legal Justification for the Yemen Intervention: Blink and Miss It" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
03/30/2015 "Mike Pence Reaps the Whirlwind" (Politico)Laycock, Douglas,
03/30/2015 "Indiana’s New Law Allows Discrimination. That Was the Point." (Slate)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
03/30/2015 "Indiana Needs to Balance Gay, Religious Rights: Column" (USA Today)Laycock, Douglas,
03/31/2015 "The Distillery: A Glimpse Into 'The Coordination Fallacy'" (Brennan Center for Justice)Gilbert, Michael, D.
03/31/2015 "Religious Freedom Laws Helped Muslims, Indians, Sikhs" (The Washington Times)Laycock, Douglas,
03/31/2015 "David Marcus and Paul Mahoney Discuss Dodd-Frank and Its History" (The Deal)Mahoney, Paul, G.
03/31/2015 "Experts Weigh in on Legal Efforts to Halt Sweet Briar College Closure" (News and Advance)Laycock, Douglas,
03/31/2015 "Meaning of 'Religious Freedom’ Very Different Than in ’93" (San Francisco Chronicle)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
03/31/2015 "Mike Pence: Our Religious Freedom Law Ain't Broke, But We'll Fix It" (Hit and Run Blog)Laycock, Douglas,
03/31/2015 "Editorial: Gay Rights and Religion in Indiana" (Chicago Tribune)Laycock, Douglas,
03/31/2015 How Indiana's RFRA Differs from Federal Version" (USA Today)Laycock, Douglas,
03/31/2015 "Is the Controversial Indiana Law ‘the Same’ as a Law Backed by Obama?" (The Washington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
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02/01/2015 "Immigrants Could Wait Until 2019 to Have Cases Resolved" (Associated Press)Martin, David, A.
02/01/2015 "Paul Mahoney, Dean of UVA School of Law, Elected to Section Council (ABA)Mahoney, Paul, G.
02/03/2015 "Critics Rip Standard & Poor’s Settlement" (Corporate Crime Reporter)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/03/2015 "S&P's $1.3B Deal Keeps 'Wrongs' Under Wraps (New York Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/03/2015 "When Company Is Fined, Taxpayers Often Share Bill" (The New York Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/03/2015 "Crime and Punishment" (The Wall Street Journal)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/04/2015 "Some Va. lawmakers call for a convention of states" (The Virginian-Pilot)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
02/06/2015 "Law Students Aid Ugandan Legal Training" (The Cavalier Daily)Versteeg, Mila,
02/06/2015 "New Rule Lets Inmates Grow Longer Beards " (Democrat Gazette)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/07/2015 "Is Jordan Attacking ISIS on a New Legal Theory?" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
02/08/2015 "How Lawyers Prepare for Supreme Court and High-Profile Case" (Philly.com)Elwood, John, P.
02/09/2015 "DNA Could Offer Another Avenue for Serial's Syed" (WVTF)Enright, Deirdre, M.
02/09/2015 "DNA Collection Proposals Move Forward in General Assembly" (The Daily Progress)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/12/2015 "Why the U.S. Has Come Down Easy on White-Collar Crime" (Maclean's)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/12/2015 "UBS Said to Be Probed for Deferred-Prosecution Breach " (Bloomberg Business)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/13/2015 "Breaking Down The Serial Podcast: Attorneys Dissect Adnan Syed’s Case" (Legal Talk Network)Enright, Deirdre, M.
02/13/2015 "SEC to Target Deals Giving Visas to Rich Foreign Investors" (Bloomberg Business)Martin, David, A.
02/16/2015 "EPA’s Ozone Standard Is Insufficiently Stringent, Not Overly Expensive" (RegBlog)Livermore, Michael, A.
02/16/2015 "Article III’s Case-or-Controversy Requirement: The Original Meaning" (Library of Law and Liberty)Nelson, Caleb, E.
02/18/2015 "Will a New Administration Grant Robert Davis Clemency, Despite His Confession?" (C-Ville)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/18/2015 "U.S. Identifying People to Prosecute for Roles in Mortgage Crisis" (MPA)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/18/2015 "Attack of the Bite Mark Matchers" (The Washington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/19/2015 "Judge Rules Charlottesville's Panhandling Ordinance is Unconstitutional" (The Daily Progress)Kendrick, Leslie,
02/19/2015 "The Ongoing Offshore Oil Drilling Debate" (WVTF)Livermore, Michael, A.
02/19/2015 "In Corporate Crimes, Individual Accountability Is Elusive" (The New York Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/20/2015 "The Morning Risk Report: HSBC Can’t Shake Echoes of Past Misconduct" (Wall Street Journal)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/20/2015 "The Path Forward on Bite Mark Matching -- and the Rearview Mirror" (The New York Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/21/2015 "A Time Out for the Death Penalty" (Jurist)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/24/2015 "High Court Weighs Right of Convicted Felon to Sell Guns in Case Argued by UVa Scholar" (The Associated Press)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
02/24/2015 Justices in a Muddle Over Felons' Firearm Rights" (The National Law Journal)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
02/24/2015 "Corporate Criminal as Scapegoat" (Corporate Crime Reporter)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/24/2015 "High Court Appears Ready to Allow Felon to Sell Gun Collection" (The Wall Street Journal)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
02/24/2015 "Muslim's Case Takes 'Look' at Abercrombie & Fitch Policy" (USA Today)Laycock, Douglas,
02/25/2015 "University Law Professor Weighs in on Marijuana Prohibition Debate" (The Cavalier Daily)Bonnie, Richard, J.
02/25/2015 "Experts Discuss Future of Marijuana Legalization" (NBC29)Bonnie, Richard, J.
02/25/2015 "Argument Analysis: A Controlled Implosion" (SCOUTS blog)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
02/26/2015 "The U.S. Intelligence Community and Non-Neutral Principles" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
02/26/2015 "Prisen på liv kan tippe talkrig til fagbevægelsens fordel" (AVISEN.DK)Livermore, Michael, A.
02/26/2015 "UVa Professor: Regulatory Approach Key to Marijuana's Future in America" (The Daily Progress)Bonnie, Richard, J.
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01/01/2015 "Does the First Amendment Allow Church to Violate Town’s Sign Code? SCOTUS to Decide" (ABA Journal)Kendrick, Leslie,
01/04/2015 "How Much Time Could McDonnell Get?" (Virginian-Pilot)Jeffries, John, C.
01/05/2015 "Are Low Oil Prices an Opening for a Carbon Tax?" (Marketplace)Livermore, Michael, A.
01/05/2015 "Serial’s Deirdre Enright" (Inside Charlottesville)Enright, Deirdre, M.
01/05/2015 "Marijuana Reforms in Virginia: High Times or Up in Smoke?" (WVTF)Bonnie, Richard, J.
01/05/2015 "Here's Why Jay Wilds' New Interview Won't Necessarily Help Adnan Syed" (BuzzFeed)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/05/2015 "A Year of Uncooperative Firms Pleading Guilty" (The Wall Street Journal)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/06/2015 “Joint Tax Committee Girds for New House Rule on Revenue Estimates” (Bloomberg BNA)Yin, George, K.
01/09/2015 "The Executive Power to Not Enforce the Law" (The Federalist Society)Harrison, John, C.
01/09/2015 "Marijuana Reforms: Sales Potential" (WVTF)Bonnie, Richard, J.
01/09/2015 "Want Your Kids to Opt Out of Standardized Tests? The Constitution May Be With You." (The Washington Post)Kendrick, Leslie,
01/12/2015 "Inside Charlottesville" (CBS19)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/14/2015 "After the Torture Report: What’s Next for the CIA?" (World Politics Review)Hitz, Frederick, P.
01/14/2015 "Scrutiny of Scholar's Emails" (Inside Higher Ed)O'Neil, Robert, M.
01/14/2015 "Judge Questions Government’s ‘Sweetheart’ Deal in Army Bribery Case" (The Washington Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/14/2015 "Serial Update: Maryland Appeals Court to Rule on Adnan Syed’s Case" (Time)Enright, Deirdre, M.
01/18/2015 "U.Va. plans Internal Review of Athletics Academic Integrity" (The Washington Post)Johnson, Jr., Alex, M.
01/19/2015 "Informed Consent: U.S. Considers New Rules for Taking Part in Medical Research" (The Washington Post)Shepherd, Lois,
01/20/2015 "Texas Housing Case Tests Civil-Rights Doctrine" (The Wall Street Journal)Rutherglen, George,
01/22/2015 "Holt v. Hobbs and Third Party Harms" (Balkinization)Schragger, Richard, C.
01/22/2015 "Holt v. Hobbs and Third Party Harms" (Balkinization)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
01/26/2015 "C.I.A. Officer Is Found Guilty in Leak Tied to Times Reporter" (The New York Times)Brown, Bruce, D.
01/27/2015 "Recruit Me With A Manicure" (Bloomberg Businessweek)Rutherglen, George,
01/27/2015 "The Prison Fitness Guru Out to Help the Wrongly Convicted" (The Daily Beast)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/28/2015 "States Renew Fight to Stop Same-Sex Marriage" (The New York Times)Goluboff, Risa, L.
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12/02/2014 "Does Obamacare Give Businesses a $3,000 Incentive to Hire Illegal Immigrants? (PolitiFact)Riley, Margaret, Foster
12/04/2014 "Rand Paul's Declaration of War Legitimizes the Islamic State (ISIS)" (New Republic)Turner, Robert, F.
12/04/2014 "Why It's So Difficult to Charge Police Officers Who Kill" (The Washington Post)Harmon, Rachel, A.
12/05/2014 "Does ACA Give Incentive to Hire Immigrants?" (FactCheck.org)Riley, Margaret, Foster
12/05/2014 "A “Buffer Zone” Inside Syria, and Its Complications" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
12/05/2014 "Harmon: Federal Civil Rights Law May Make Bringing Criminal Charges in Eric Garner's Death Difficult" (New York Daily News)Harmon, Rachel, A.
12/07/2014 "Will Immigration Plan's Launch Repeat Obamacare's Mistakes?" (National Journal)Martin, David, A.
12/08/2014 "Season One: Episode 12: Finale: What We Know" (Serial)Enright, Deirdre, M.
12/11/2014 "Torture Report Revives Rogue Image the CIA Has Sought to Erase" (Bloomberg)Hitz, Frederick, P.
12/12/2014 The UK’s Article 51 Letter on Use of Force in Syria" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
12/14/2014 "Young People Need More Help Transitioning into Adulthood, UVa Study Finds" (The Daily Progress)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/16/2014 "'UVa Law Clinic an Integral Part of Podcast Sensation 'Serial'" (The Daily Progress)Enright, Deirdre, M.
12/17/2014 "W&L Student Claims He Was Expelled After Consensual Relationship" (WVTF)Coughlin, Anne, M.
12/19/2014 "Parties in Suit Against VIT Continue to Wait" (Inside Business)Spencer, A., Benjamin
12/19/2014 "UVa Rector: 'Innocent People Have Been Hurt' after Rolling Stone Article, Fallout" (The Roanoke Times)Coughlin, Anne, M.
12/19/2014 "The Sony Hack: Will the United States Take Countermeasures Against North Korea?" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
12/19/2014 "Wall St. Banks are 'Too Big to Tax''" (Opposing Views)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/19/2014 "You Can't Literally Put a Company in Jail" (MSN Money)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/19/2014 "The Innocence Project Tells Serial Fans What Might Happen Next" (TIME)Enright, Deirdre, M.
12/21/2014 "Refusniks: Some Attorneys General Play a New Role, Declining to Enforce Laws" (Pittsburg Post-Gazette)Harrison, John, C.
12/22/2014 "Dallas Leads the Way in Addressing Wrongful Convictions" (ABC23)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/22/2014 "Using the Law to Stop the IRS" (Townhall Finance)Yin, George, K.
12/22/2014 "Law Students Identified Another Possible Suspect In The 'Serial' Murder Case" (Business Insider)Enright, Deirdre, M.
12/23/2014 "Inquiry Into Foreign Bribes at Biomet Hangs Over $13 Billion Merger" (The New York Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/24/2014 "Investigators Know A Lot More About The 'Serial' Murder Case Than We Heard On The Podcast" (Business Insider)Enright, Deirdre, M.
12/26/2014 "Is It Legal to Crack Down on #BlackLivesMatter Protest Leaders?" (Bloomberg Businessweek)Schauer, Frederick,
12/29/2014 "‘Serial’ Case Goes on For U.Va. Law’s Innocence Project" (UVA Today)Enright, Deirdre, M.
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11/03/2014 "The Forest and the Trees: Syrian Reactions to Foreign Actions Against ISIS" (Lawfare Blog)Deeks, Ashley, S.
11/04/2014 "Ethics Experts Say Justices' Emails to AG's Office Warrant Review" (The Morning Call)Cohen, George, M.
11/06/2014 "Episode 7: The Opposite of the Prosecution" (Serial)Enright, Deirdre, M.
11/06/2014 "Serial Takes a Step Back and Gets Some Experts Involved" (Slate)Enright, Deirdre, M.
11/08/2014 "The Ethics of Infection" (The New York Times)Siegal, Gil,
11/10/2014 "Adulthood More Difficult to Reach" (Columbia Chronicle)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/12/2014 "So the U.S. and China Made an Historic Climate Agreement. Now What? (Newsweek)Cannon, Jonathan, Z.
11/13/2014 "Why Is Justin Wolfe Still in Prison?" (Slate)Enright, Deirdre, M.
11/16/2014 "Gibson: Should Virginians Get to Vote on Gerrymandering?'" (The Roanoke Times)Howard, A. E., Dick
11/17/2014 "The IRS Hatchetmen" (Townhall Finance)Yin, George, K.
11/17/2014 "What Does Your Credit Have to Do With Insurance?" (Nerd Wallet)Abraham, Kenneth, S.
11/18/2014 "How Could Uber Punish People Who Complain About Uber?" (Bloomberg Businessweek)Schauer, Frederick,
11/18/2014 "A Slippery Slope on Immigration" (The Washington Post)Martin, David, A.
11/20/2014 "Beware Long-term Effects of Obama's Unilateral Action" (Alabany Times Union)Martin, David, A.
11/20/2014 "Obama’s Immigration Action Has Precedents, but May Set a New One" (The New York Times)Martin, David, A.
11/21/2014 "Colleges Straddle Line Between Assault Prevention And Victim-Blaming" (NPR)Coughlin, Anne, M.
11/30/2014 "Obama's 2012 Immigration Move Shows Pros and Cons of Executive Action" (The Washington Post)Martin, David, A.
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10/02/2014 "Analysts Say Tax Reform, Not Regulations, Needed to Stop Inversions" (Delaware Business Court Insider)Barzuza, Michal,
10/02/2014 "Ebola Patient Unlikely to be Deported or Granted Asylum" (Dallas Morning News)Martin, David, A.
10/04/2014 "How Thomas Jefferson Would Have Handled ISIS" (CNN)Turner, Robert, F.
10/06/2014 "Again, a Virginia Case Makes History" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Forde-Mazrui, Kim,
10/06/2014 "The End of a Long Wait to Marry for Gay Couples" (Staunton News Leader)Schragger, Richard, C.
10/06/2014 "Legal Questions Raised About U.S. Military Operation In Syria" (NPR)Deeks, Ashley, S.
10/06/2014 "Supreme Court To Weigh Facebook Threats, Religious Freedom, Discrimination" (NPR)Kendrick, Leslie,
10/09/2014 "Need for Narrower Subpoenas in SEC Investigations" (New York Law Journal)Vollmer, Andrew, N.
10/11/2014 "Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision Surprised Experts" (The Roanoke Times)Forde-Mazrui, Kim,
10/11/2014 "The Challenge of Defining Rape" (The New York Times)Coughlin, Anne, M.
10/13/2014 "Supreme Court a Barometer of Social Trends" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Howard, A. E., Dick
10/16/2014 "Update on the Establishment Clause and Third Party Harms: One Ongoing Violation and One Constitutional Accommodation" (Balkinization)Schragger, Richard, C.
10/16/2014 "Update on the Establishment Clause and Third Party Harms: One Ongoing Violation and One Constitutional Accommodation" (Balkinization)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
10/18/2014 "Obama Naming Ebola Czar Follows Long White House Practice" (Businessweek)Harrison, John, C.
10/21/2014 "Fact Check: Claims About Sinema's Voting Record on Terrorists Partly True" (Arizona Republic)Nachbar, Thomas, B.
10/23/2014 "Supreme Court Grants Law School Clinic Petition" (The Cavalier Daily)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
10/23/2014 "Research Matters: "Do Constitutional Rights Make a Difference?" (University of Chicago Law School)Versteeg, Mila,
10/27/2014 "UVA Law School Plays Strong Role in Supreme Court Cases'" (The Daily Progress)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
10/28/2014 "What Happens in Nevada? Self-Selecting into Lax Law" (Weblogs at Harvard Law School)Barzuza, Michal,
10/30/2014 "Ebola Goes to Court" (Slate)Riley, Margaret, Foster
10/31/2014 "Federal Civil Rights Charges Unlikely Against Police Officer in Ferguson Shooting" (The Washington Post)Harmon, Rachel, A.
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09/03/2014 HearSay From the Headlines 9/3 (HearSay with Cathy Lewis)Forde-Mazrui, Kim,
09/06/2014 "Bob McDonnell’s Self-Delusion and Arrogance Led to Downfall in Corruption Trial  " (Washington Post)Coughlin, Anne, M.
09/10/2014 "Same-Sex Marriage at the Supreme Court: A Matter of When, Not If" (The Guardian)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
09/11/2014 "What Did RFRA Restore? (Religious Freedom Project)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
09/11/2014 "Voter ID Laws May Worsen Voter Fraud" (Slate)Gilbert, Michael, D.
09/12/2014 "Narrowing Down the U.S. International Legal Theory for ISIS Strikes in Syria" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
09/15/2014 "OJJDP Should Strengthen DMC Requirement: Report" (JuvenileJustice Information Exchange)Bonnie, Richard, J.
09/15/2014 "OFFSHORE DRILLING: Policy Integrity's Livermore Says BOEM Moving Too Quickly on New Leases" (E&ETV)Livermore, Michael, A.
09/17/2014 "Va. Sues Banks for $1.15 Billion for Allegedly Defrauding Taxpayers During Mortgage Crisis" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Curtis, Quinn,
09/18/2014 "S&P 100 Tax Rate Report" (WalletHub)Mason, Ruth,
09/22/2014 "The So-Called “Islamic State” and the Constitution: What Can the President Do? (Part One)" (Constitution Daily)Turner, Robert, F.
09/22/2014 "Supreme Court 2014 Term Preview" (C-SPAN)Kendrick, Leslie,
09/23/2014 "The So-Called “Islamic State” and the Constitution: What Can the President Do? (Part Two)" (Constitution Daily)Turner, Robert, F.
09/24/2014 "American Expats Renounce Citizenship After Banking Laws Make Life Hard" (The Guardian)Mason, Ruth,
09/24/2014 "W&L Professor Seeks to Have Rejected Plea Deal Unsealed in Hansel Case" (The Roanoke Times)Brown, Darryl, K.
09/24/2014 "Airstrikes In Syria And Iraq Pose Thorny Legal Questions" (International Business Times)Deeks, Ashley, S.
09/24/2014 "Strikes in Syria: The International Law Framework" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
09/25/2014 "Rise in Related-Party Payments Fuels Debate" (TradeWinds)Min, Geeyoung,
09/29/2014 "Profs: SCOTUS Unlikely to Hear Asbestos Case On Federal Officer Removal Jurisdiction" (Bloomberg BNA)Spencer, A., Benjamin
09/30/2014 "A Closer Look at the DNA Link Between the Graham & Harrington Cases" (WVTF)Enright, Deirdre, M.
09/30/2014 "U.S. Supreme Court Considers Next Caseload" (SHF Wire)Kendrick, Leslie,
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08/01/2014 "Snowden's Treachery" (Homeland Security Today)Turner, Robert, F.
08/01/2014 "Obama's Possible Immigration Action: Would It Be Legal?" (Real Clear Politics)Martin, David, A.
08/04/2014 "Supreme Court Unmoved by Religious Employer’s Coverage Objections — for the Amish  (SFGate)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
08/04/2014 "UVa Begins Dual Medicine-Law Degree Program " (Daily Progress)Bonnie, Richard, J.
08/04/2014 "Preventing Campus Rapes: Our View" (USA Today)Coughlin, Anne, M.
08/06/2014 "Obama Is Preparing to Make One of the Boldest Moves of His Presidency — And It Could Stretch the Scope of Executive Power" (Business Insider Australia)Martin, David, A.
08/11/2014 "UVA Study: Implicit Bias Difficult to Overcome" (The Daily Progress)Mitchell, Gregory,

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