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02/01/2016 "The Enduring Legacy of Magna Carta " (Heritage.org)Howard, A. E., Dick
02/01/2016 "The Forgotten Law That Gave Police Nearly Unlimited Power" (Time)Goluboff, Risa, L.
02/01/2016 "The Latest From the World of Bite Mark Evidence" (The Washington Post)Mitchell, Gregory,
02/01/2016 "The Latest From the World of Bite Mark Evidence" (The Washington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/02/2016 "Could a Legal Case Save Humanity From Climate Disaster? Exxon Could Face a Big Comeuppance" (Alternet)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/03/2016 "Court Considers Tossing More Convictions Because of Falsified Warrants" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/03/2016 "Could Lawsuit Against Exxon Finally Force the Fossil Fuel Industry to Pay for Its Lies About Climate Change?" (EcoWatch)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/03/2016 "Va. Murder Trial May Become Part of National Debate on Jail Informants" (The Washington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
02/04/2016 "BackStory's Top 5 Trials of the Century" (BackStory)Goluboff, Risa, L.
02/04/2016 "Documents Show Allegations of Extortion and Possible Bribery in David Chase Case" (Nashville Scene)Brown, Darryl, K.
02/04/2016 "Law Professor: Bill Targeting Class Action Abuse Simply Would Improve Certification Compliance" (Legal News Line)Johnston, Jason, S.
02/05/2016 "Bill Proposes Use of Electric Chair if Lethal Injections Unavailable" (The Cavalier Daily)Garrett, Brandon, L.
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01/02/2016 "Obama's Offshore Drilling Moves Could Tie Hands of Successor" (The Hill)Livermore, Michael, A.
01/04/2016 "The Struggle for America’s 'Fiscal Soul'" (The New Rambler)Mahoney, Julia, D.
01/05/2016 "The Nuance You May Have Missed in Obama's Gun Control Plan" (PBS NewsHour)Prakash, Saikrishna,
01/06/2016 "FAA Drone Regulations: What’s Left for States?" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
01/06/2016 "'Making a Muderer' in the Age of Social Media" (Complex)Enright, Deirdre, M.
01/06/2016 "The Obama Administration Could Repeat Its Biggest Mistake Of The Financial Crisis " (HuffPost Business)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/07/2016 "Wilmington Trust: Not Too Big to Jail" (Delaware Online)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/08/2016 "Cruz's Canadian Question Won't Be Solved in Court Right Away" (Bloomberg)Martin, David, A.
01/09/2016 "Are Obama Gun Violence Executive Actions Legal?" (Martinsville Bulletin)Prakash, Saikrishna,
01/10/2016 "Can True Crime Stories Interfere With Old Cases?" (Rhode Island Public Radio)Enright, Deirdre, M.
01/11/2016 "Father of UVa Grad Who OD'd Will Be a Special Guest at Obama Address" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Bonnie, Richard, J.
01/13/2016 "'Making a Murderer' Reveals a Ssystem Focused on Confessions and Convictions" (The Cap Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/13/2016 "Constitutional Scholar Examines Magna Carta's Meaning Then and Now" (Palm Beach Daily News)Howard, A. E., Dick
01/14/2016 "How The Paris Climate Agreement Super-Charges The Clean Air Act" (Think Progress)Cannon, Jonathan, Z.
01/14/2016 "Spencer: Chief Justice John Roberts and the Loss of Access to Justice" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Spencer, A., Benjamin
01/14/2016 "The Year Banks Finally Paid" (Slate)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/16/2016 "Tyra Patterson Proclaims Her Innocence. Is It Time for Her to Come Home?" (The Guardian)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/16/2016 "A 911 Call, a Confession and a Jury That 'Screwed Up' One Woman's Life" (The Guardian)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/18/2016 "Alabama's National Champion for Marriage" (National Catholic Register)Laycock, Douglas,
01/19/2016 "How to Avoid 401(k) Fees and Penalties" (U.S. News & World Report)Curtis, Quinn,
01/19/2016 "Pursue a J.D. for an Immigration Law, Policy Career" (US News & World Report)Martin, David, A.
01/19/2016 "Sorry, College Students, But the Drinking Age Should Stay at 21" (Vox)Bonnie, Richard, J.
01/19/2016 "In Immigration Case, Supreme Court Takes an Interest in 'Take Care' Clause" (The Wall Street Journal)Prakash, Saikrishna,
01/21/2016 "Presidential candidates will face drilling questions in SC primary" (Miami Herald)Livermore, Michael, A.
01/21/2016 "What Happened When Religious Freedom and Gay Rights Actually Clashed in Court" (The Atlantic)Laycock, Douglas,
01/23/2016 "Are College Campuses the Next Battleground in the Fight Between Religious Freedom and LGBT Rights?" (Deseret News)Laycock, Douglas,
01/24/2016 "Removal of Montgomery County Clerk Tough Under State Law" (The Roanoke Times)Howard, A. E., Dick
01/25/2016 "GOP Leaders Consider Pushing Off Ballot Questions Until After 2016" (The Washington Post)Howard, A. E., Dick
01/26/2016 "American Bar Association Looks Into Discrimination Complaint at BYU Law School" (Colorado Springs Gazette)Laycock, Douglas,
01/27/2016 "Bankruptcy complicates effort to replace Allentown Shula's" (Allentown Morning Call)Walt, Steven, D.
01/29/2016 "Judge Orders HSBC To Share Secret Report On Legal Compliance, In Rebuke To Justice Department" (International Business Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/29/2016 "Immigrant Women Complain of "Disturbing" Strip Searches" (Mother Jones)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/29/2016 "Court of Public Opinion" (BackStory)Goluboff, Risa, L.
01/30/2016 "Called 'Drastic,' Anonymous Juries Nevertheless Rising in Use " (The Daily Progress)Garrett, Brandon, L.
01/31/2016 "Murder Was the Case" (BackStory)Nicoletti, Cynthia, L.
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12/01/2015 "Can a Lawyer Oppose a Client’s Plea to Live?" (American Constitution Society Blog)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/02/2015 “IRS Proposal Could Change How Nonprofits Report Donations” (NBC 29)Yin, George, K.
12/02/2015 "What Are the Potential Results of the New York Attorney General Investigation into Exxon?" (Greenpeace)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/03/2015 "Government Agencies Allow Corporations to Write Off Billions in Federal Settlement Payments" (U.S. PIRG)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/03/2015 "Find a Mentor to Help With Law School Applications" (U.S News & World Report)Faulk, Cordel, L.
12/04/2015 "Ex-CEO Conviction Historic, But Short of Prosecutors' Hopes" (Associated Press)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/04/2015 "Legality of CFPB's Plan for Proposed Ban on Arbitration Clauses in Question" (Legal Newsline)Adler, Matthew, H.
12/04/2015 "Pentagon Opens Combat Jobs to Women, 'No Exceptions'" (To The Point/ KCRW)Coughlin, Anne, M.
12/05/2015 "Straight Talk: Deirdre Enright" (Charlottesville Podcasting Network)Enright, Deirdre, M.
12/07/2015 "Federal Jury Hands Down Rare Conviction For Coal Executive" (The Examiner Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/08/2015 "Rand Paul Largely Correct That French Electronic Surveillance Law is Stronger Than What U.S. Has" (Politifact)Turner, Robert, F.
12/08/2015 "Digital DNA: The Nagoya Protocol, Intellectual Property Treaties, and Synthetic Biology" (Wlson Center)Bagley, Margo, A.
12/08/2015 "Plan to Bar Foreign Muslims by Donald Trump Might Survive a Lawsuit" (The New York Times)Martin, David, A.
12/09/2015 "Do U.S. and UK Spy Agencies Approach International Law the Same Way?" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
12/09/2015 "A Ban That Will Only Help Class Action Lawyers" (Real Clear Markets)Johnston, Jason, S.
12/09/2015 "Opinion: Why It's Hard to Hold Corporate Executives Accountable for Crime" (MarketWatch)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/11/2015 "Donald Trump Proposes Banning Muslims From Coming to the U.S. But That's Not What Jimmy Carter Did " (Politifact)Martin, David, A.
12/11/2015 "Can the K-1 Fiancé Visa System Be Made More Secure?" (CBS News)Martin, David, A.
12/11/2015 "U.S. States Pass Laws Backing Uber's View of Drivers as Contractors" (Reuters)Verkerke, J., H.
12/14/2015 "U.S. Supreme Court Decision Imperils a Portion of Wage tax in Philadelphia and Wilmington" (Plan Philly)Mason, Ruth,
12/14/2015 "Attys React to Supreme Court's DirecTV Arbitration Decision" (Law360)Adler, Matthew, H.
12/17/2015 "A Case of Rocks Or Islands?" (Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative)Moore, John, Norton
12/18/2015 "Freddie Gray Mistrial Tarnishes Image of Baltimore Police" (The Associated Press)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/18/2015 "Broken Process Imperils Obama EPA Nominees' Chances" (Bloomberg)Cannon, Jonathan, Z.
12/20/2015 "What Angela Merkel's New Refugee Policy Misses" (Fortune)Martin, David, A.
12/21/2015 "Robert Davis Receives Pardon" (C-Ville)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/21/2015 "Are Eyewitnesses More Reliable Than We Think?" (BuzzFeed)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/23/2015 "Robert Davis Case" (NBC29)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/26/2015 "Henderson’s Amendment Still Striking Chords" (Hannibal Courier-Post)Rutherglen, George,
12/28/2015 "Tamir Rice's Death Resulted From "Officer-Created Jeopardy." So Why Were No Officers Indicted?" (Slate)Harmon, Rachel, A.
12/29/2015 "Making a Murderer ​Points Out a Major Flaw in Our Justice System" (Esquire)Garrett, Brandon, L.
12/30/2015 "How Strongly Do Americans Support Religious Rights? Depends on the Religion. (Christian Science Monitor)Laycock, Douglas,
12/30/2015 "Rights, Policies at Issue in Rome Teacher Case" (Utica Observer Dispatch)Armacost, Barbara, E.
12/31/2015 "2015 Clarified the Right to Gay Marriage. It Opened a World of Questions for Religious Objector." (The Washington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
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11/02/2015 "How Your 401(k) Fee Disclosure Statement Can Save You Money" (U.S. News and World Report)Curtis, Quinn,
11/05/2015 "The Federal Judiciary: From Idea to Institution" (Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution)Goluboff, Risa, L.
11/05/2015 "Secularization in the U.S.: Overblown or Underestimated?" (Sightings, University of Chicago Divinity School)Laycock, Douglas,
11/09/2015 "Pressure Builds to Probe Exxon Climate Claims'" (The Hill)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/10/2015 "Will Consolidation of Seven HHS Mandate Cases Be Lucky for the Little Sisters?" (National Catholic Register)Laycock, Douglas,
11/10/2015 "A Look Inside the Rise in Mental Health Related Calls" (NBC29)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/10/2015 "Corporate Prosecutions at 10-Year Low" (Bloomberg BNA)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/10/2015 "Exxon Under Criminal Investigation Over Claims it Lied About Climate Change" (Tribble Agency)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/12/2015 "Experts: Supreme Court Case Probably Won't Change Course of Local Police Shooting Cases" (Daily Press)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/12/2015 "A New Front Has Opened Up in the Legal Battle Over Climate Change " (Vice News)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/12/2015 "Exxon Mobil Wouldn't Lie About Climate Change, Would It?" (NYSE Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/12/2015 "US Justice Dept Borrows From Academics for Policy Shift" (Wall Street Journal blog)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/14/2015 "Will France Turn to International Institutions in Response to the Attacks?" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
11/15/2015 "MWH Asessment Center Helps with Mental-Health Crises" (Free Lance-Star)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/15/2015 "Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman Issued Subpoena to Exxon Mobil" (Seating Chair)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/15/2015 "Prayer's Place in American Football Gets High School Test" (Reuters)Laycock, Douglas,
11/16/2015 "Scapegoats CEOs Corporate Crime and Sally Yates" (Corporate Crime Reporter)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/16/2015 "House Bill Would Make It Harder To Prosecute White-Collar Crime" (Huffington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/16/2015 "DOJ: Some Executives Ought to be 'Nervous' About its Get-Tougher Crusade Against Corporate Crime" (The Washington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/17/2015 "Prosecution, Defense Rest in Ex-Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship Trial" (The Associated Press)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/18/2015 "Former Prosecutors Seek Federal Probe of OC Justice System Over Use of Jailhouse Informants" (Orange County Register)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/18/2015 "Blankenship's Defense Says Government Has Paper, No Proof" (WWNT Radio)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/18/2015 "The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea: One of the Greatest Achievements in the International Rule of Law" (Audiovisual Library of International Law)Moore, John, Norton
11/19/2015 "The Role of Congress and Executive Agencies in 21st Century IP Regimes" (The Federalist Society)Duffy, John, F.
11/19/2015 "PolitiFact Sheet: 5 Questions About Syrian refugees" (PolitiFact)Martin, David, A.
11/22/2015 "Provost Appoints First Female Dean of UVA Law School" (The Cavalier Daily)Goluboff, Risa, L.
11/22/2015 "SEC Judges Are Finding Against Agency More Often Lately" (The Wall Street Journal)Vollmer, Andrew, N.
11/23/2015 "Threading the Needle in Security Council Resolution 2249" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
11/23/2015 "UVA Names Its First Woman Law Dean" (National Law Journal)Goluboff, Risa, L.
11/23/2015 "UVA Names Its First Woman Law Dean" (National Law Journal)Mahoney, Paul, G.
11/30/2015 "Affirmative Action Returns to SCOTUS" (Slate)Goluboff, Risa, L.
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10/01/2015 "Legal Experts Weigh In On Pregnant Shul Worker's Bias Suit" (The Jewish Week)Laycock, Douglas,
10/02/2015 "When Economics Get Lost in the Smog" (The Hill)Livermore, Michael, A.
10/05/2015 "On High Court's Docket: Race, Labor, Politics -- and Abortion?" (USA Today)Kendrick, Leslie,
10/06/2015 "Study: Predictive Analysis Can ID Soldiers at Risk for Violent Crime" (UPI)Monahan, John, T.
10/06/2015 "Predicting Which Soldiers Will Commit Severe, Violent Crimes" (Medical Xpress)Monahan, John, T.
10/06/2015 "New Tool Can Identify Soldiers Most Likely to Commit Violent Crimes, Study Shows" (The Los Angeles Times)Monahan, John, T.
10/07/2015 "CFPB May Ban Arbitration Clauses in Financial Service Contracts" (Consumer Affairs)Adler, Matthew, H.
10/14/2015 "Big Data Grows Up " (Telecom Asia)Monahan, John, T.
10/14/2015 "Conference Focuses on Intersection of Tax Law and Citizenship" (Michigan Law)Mason, Ruth,
10/14/2015 "Was the Shooting of Tamir Rice 'Reasonable'?" (Slate)Harmon, Rachel, A.
10/16/2015 Top Military Court Confronts Free-Speech Vs. Presidential Threats Case (McClatchy)Braga, Stephen,
10/19/2015 "Delta Air Lines Sued Over Trophy Shipment Ban" (WABE)Stone, Thatcher A.,
10/19/2015 "For Some Refugees, Safe Haven Now Depends on a DNA Test" (Frontline)Martin, David, A.
10/22/2015 "Steve Kraske: Gov. Sam Brownback Has Had Plenty of Time " (The Kansas City Star)Yin, George, K.
10/22/2015 "Snowden Openly Engaging With ISIS, Al Qaeda Members, Supporters Via Social Media" (Homeland Security Today)Turner, Robert, F.
10/23/2015 "Arctic Offshore Leasing Put on Ice" (The Hill)Livermore, Michael, A.
10/23/2015 "Legal Learning: Who Can be president Part 2" (Lake County News Chronicle)White, G., Edward
10/24/2015 "In Battle Over Reproductive Healthcare, the ACLU Hunts for Best Challenge to Catholic Hospitals' Ethical Rules" (Modern Healthcare)Laycock, Douglas,
10/25/2015 "Albemarle Anti-Solicitation Ordinance, Once 'Solid,' Thrown Into Question" (The Daily Progress)Kendrick, Leslie,
10/26/2015 "Faculty Fighting Back" (WVTF)Bonnie, Richard, J.
10/26/2015 "Why Does America Arrest So Many People — and How Can We Stop It?" (Alternet)Harmon, Rachel, A.
10/26/2015 "Where does a Defendant 'Reside' for Jurisdictional Purposes in Patent Infringement Cases?" (PatentlyO)Duffy, John, F.
10/26/2015 "It’s Illinois v. Illinois in Supreme Court Duel for Justices’ Attention" (The New York Times)Prakash, Saikrishna,
10/29/2015 "Christian Printer Ordered to 'Diversity' Training" (American Clarion)Laycock, Douglas,
10/30/2015 "In One Washington School, Religious Freedom Hits the 50-Yard Line " (The Christian Science Monitor)Laycock, Douglas,
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09/01/2015 "Clerk Cites 'God's Authority' Over Supreme Court on Gay Marriage. What Now?" (Christian Science Monitor)Laycock, Douglas,
09/01/2015 "U.Va.’s Supreme Court Litigation Clinic Wins Big" (UVA Magazine)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
09/02/2015 "Analysis: She Did It Again: Kentucky Clerk Refuses Marriage License to Gay Couple " (Los Angeles Times)Laycock, Douglas,
09/03/2015 "Legal Expert: Jindal is Wrong on Protection for Clerks Who Oppose Same-sex Marriage" (The Times-Picayune)Laycock, Douglas,
09/03/2015 "Q&A: The Case of the Defiant Kentucky County Clerk" (Wall Street Journal Blog)Howard, A. E., Dick
09/08/2015 "Hey Clerks, Don't Let Bobby Jindal Get You Sent to Jail: Jarvis DeBerry" (The Times-Picayune)Laycock, Douglas,
09/08/2015 "Why a Kentucky Clerk Can't Use Her Religion as an Excuse to Avoid Marrying Gay Couples" (Vox)Laycock, Douglas,
09/09/2015 "Kim Davis' Week in Jail Underscores Risks For Biblical Marriage Believers" (National Catholic Register)Laycock, Douglas,
09/09/2015 "UK Air Strike in Syria (with France and Australia Not Far Behind)" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
09/10/2015 "EPA's proposed smog rules bring out detractors, supporters" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Livermore, Michael, A.
09/14/2015 "Baseball Antitrust Exemption with Gordon Hylton" (The Sports Law Biz Blog)Hylton, J., Gordon
09/14/2015 "Assistance for Refugees in U.S." (C-SPAN)Martin, David, A.
09/15/2015 "Religious Liberty at the Founding" (Constitution Daily)Laycock, Douglas,
09/17/2015 "Fact Check: Is It Illegal for Australia to Bomb Islamic State in Syria?" (ABC News Fact Check)Deeks, Ashley, S.
09/17/2015 "Another ACA Contraception Case May be Headed to Supreme Court" (Modern Healthcare)Laycock, Douglas,
09/17/2015 "Why Dodd-Frank Is Already Failing" (Library of Law and Liberty)Mahoney, Paul, G.
09/18/2015 "Appeals Court: Contraceptive Coverage Rules Violate Religious Rights" (California Healthline)Laycock, Douglas,
09/23/2015 "American Faith: The Origin and Meaning of Religious Liberty" (National Constitution Center)Laycock, Douglas,
09/26/2015 "In Philadelphia, Pope Francis Put Himself Into America's Hot-Button Religious Freedom Debates" (The Washington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
09/28/2015 "Pope Wades Into Culture War; Washington Post Avoids Calling It" (GetReligion)Laycock, Douglas,
09/28/2015 "Flaws and All, CFPB's Arbitration Study Sparks Vigorous Debate over Next Steps in Regulating Mandatory Arbitration Clauses" (JDSupra Business Advisor)Johnston, Jason, S.
09/30/2015 "The Next Religious Freedom Fight?" (U.S. News & World Report)Laycock, Douglas,
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08/03/2015 "How the Courts Judge Police Violence Often Leaves Grieving Families Wanting" (Houston Press)Harmon, Rachel, A.
08/03/2015 "Arrival of the Cost-Benefit State" (High Country News)Livermore, Michael, A.
08/04/2015 "EPA Tweaks, but Keeps, Carbon Capture in Final Rule" (Bloomberg BNA)Livermore, Michael, A.
08/05/2015 "Survey: California Slipping on Anti-Tobacco Policies to Fight Cancer" (The Sacramento Bee)Bonnie, Richard, J.
08/08/2015 "What Is Nature Worth to You?" (The New York Times)Livermore, Michael, A.
08/10/2015 "Bearing Arms for Your New Country" (The Wall Street Journal)Laycock, Douglas,
08/11/2015 "Iowa Democrats Latest to Ditch Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson" (CT Post)Turner, Robert, F.
08/11/2015 "Israeli Medical Ethics Expert: Force-feed Hunger Strikers ( (Haaretz)Siegal, Gil,
08/14/2015 "Religious Freedom Laws And Providing Services To Same-Sex Couples" (Central Time - NPR)Laycock, Douglas,
08/17/2015 "Does the Constitution Guarantee Citizenship to Anyone Born in US?'" (NBC News)Martin, David, A.
08/18/2015 "George Mason University Professors Find Flaws in CFPB Arbitration" (ACA International)Johnston, Jason, S.
08/19/2015 "Virginia Republicans Escalate Fight with McAuliffe over Supreme Court Judge" (The Washington Post)Howard, A. E., Dick
08/20/2015 "Trial Set To Start Over Whether Boeing Allowed Workers To Be Charged Excessive 401(k) Fees" (KPLU)Curtis, Quinn,
08/20/2015 "Post-'Obergefell,' Mississippi Remains the Only State to Ban Gay Adoptions" (National Catholic Regiser)Laycock, Douglas,
08/20/2015 "Prisons Still Entangled in Regulations, Guidelines for Beards" (Weatherford Democrat)Laycock, Douglas,
08/21/2015 "Frazier, Frederick Both Appealing Civil Battery Judgment in Culpeper" (The Star Exponent)Braga, Stephen,
08/21/2015 "Republicans Go Against Flow on Immigration" (Chicago Tribune)Martin, David, A.
08/23/2015 "Arrival of the cost-benefit state" (SummitDaily)Livermore, Michael, A.
08/25/2015 "Noted Scholars Critique the CFPB’s Arbitration Study and Find It Lacking" (Ballard Spahr CFPB Monitor)Johnston, Jason, S.
08/28/2015 "DC Appeals Court Lifts Injunction Against NSA Phone Metadata Records Collection" (Homeland Security Today)Turner, Robert, F.
08/28/2015 "Angry and Armed: How Some States Are Trying to Keep Guns Away from Volatile People" (The Trace)Bonnie, Richard, J.
08/28/2015 "Experts Meet to Discuss Aftermath of WDBJ Shooting" (NBC29)Bonnie, Richard, J.
08/31/2015 "SEC's 7th Circ. Win Won't End War On Admin Courts" (Law360)Vollmer, Andrew, N.
08/31/2015 "After Moneta" (Hearsay with Cathy Lewis)Bonnie, Richard, J.
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07/02/2015 "Civil Psychiatric Commitments Rose in Virginia in Possible 'Deeds effect'" (The Washington Post)Bonnie, Richard, J.
07/03/2015 "After Gay Marriage Ruling, Virginia GOP Lawmakers Vow to Fight Back" (Richmond Times-Dispatc)Howard, A. E., Dick
07/03/2015 "Can Gay Marriage Co-Exist with Religious Freedom?" (KCRW To the Point)Laycock, Douglas,
07/04/2015 "Married Sunday, Fired Monday: Next US Gay Rights Fight " (Luxemburger Wort )Laycock, Douglas,
07/04/2015 "The Innocence Project" (With Good Reason)Enright, Deirdre, M.
07/06/2015 "Did the Roberts Court Really Lurch Left?" (Politico)Prakash, Saikrishna,
07/08/2015 "Academic Highlight: Howard on the Evolving Supreme Court" (SCOTUSblog)Howard, A. E., Dick
07/09/2015 "Companies Often Tread Gray Area with SEC Disclosures" (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)Min, Geeyoung,
07/09/2015 "Va. Bid to Banish Confederate Flag From Plates Opposed" (WTOP)Kendrick, Leslie,
07/09/2015 "Same-Sex Couples Still Not Allowed to Wed in More Than 20 Counties" (Huffington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
07/12/2015 "Religious Freedom Experts Worry About Their First Amendment Rights After Marriage Ruling" (Deseret News)Laycock, Douglas,
07/13/2015 "Battles Over Religious Freedom Are Sure to Follow Same-Sex Marriage Ruling" (Los Angeles Times)Laycock, Douglas,
07/14/2015 "Can a Cat Run for President?" (PolitiFact)Gilbert, Michael, D.
07/16/2015 "Bishops' Strategy Endangering Religious Freedom" (National Catholic Reporter)Laycock, Douglas,
07/16/2015 "When Prosecutors Believe the Unbelievable" (Slate)Enright, Deirdre, M.
07/17/2015 "EEOC Decision No Silver Bullet For Gay Bias Plaintiffs" (Law 360)Verkerke, J., H.
07/17/2015 "Surveillance Diplomacy" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
07/17/2015 "The Problem with Puerto Rico's Debt" (Marketplace)Walt, Steven, D.
07/18/2015 "Clemency for Drug Offenders with UVA Law's Josh Bowers" (WTJU)Bowers, Josh,
07/19/2015 "Virginia Beach Called Weak on Illegal Immigration" (The Virginian-Pilot)Martin, David, A.
07/20/2015 "Armed and Mentally Ill" (WAVY)Bonnie, Richard, J.
07/20/2015 "What Might NFL be Considering as Tom Brady Awaits Deflategate Appeal Ruling?" (USA Today)Hylton, J., Gordon
07/22/2015 "Should Individuals be Allowed to Sue Over ACA Contraceptive Coverage Mandate?" (Modern Healthcare)Laycock, Douglas,
07/22/2015 "Five Years After Dodd-Frank, Worry of 'Too Big to Fail' Still Persists" (The Daily Signal)Mahoney, Paul, G.
07/24/2015 "Iran Deal Opponents Want Senate to Take Special Course Against Obama — There’s Just One Problem" (IJReview)Harrison, John, C.
07/24/2015 "Will Bain Disorder Defense in Teacher Sex Assault Case Work? Legal Experts Weigh In " (NJ.com)Bonnie, Richard, J.
07/24/2015 Magna Carta: Revered by Founders, 'Great Charter' is Still Relevant Today" (Colonial Williamsburg Journal)Howard, A. E., Dick
07/27/2015 "Catholic Parents Object to HHS Mandate for Their Daughters, Open New Legal Front" (National Catholic Register)Laycock, Douglas,
07/27/2015 "Gay Rights May Come at the Cost of Religious Freedom" (The Atlantic)Laycock, Douglas,
07/28/2015 "Mass Trials to Handle Illegal Immigration: Solution or Inhumane?" (The Christian Science Monitor)Martin, David, A.
07/29/2015 "Defending Broadened U.S. Strikes Against al Shabaab?" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
07/31/2015 "‘Outsider’ History Prepares U.S. Baptists for Future, Authors Say" (The Baptist Standard)Laycock, Douglas,
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06/01/2015 "America's Magna Carta" (ABA Journal)Howard, A. E., Dick
06/01/2015 "Are You Threatening Me?" (Slate)Kendrick, Leslie,
06/02/2015 "Phone Metadata: Constitution Vests Authority to Collect Foreign Intelligence Information Directly in the President" (Homeland Security Today)Turner, Robert, F.
06/02/2015 "McConnell vs. Paul on the Patriot Act and Telephone Records: What the Government Accesses" (PolitiFact)Shadel, Molly, Bishop
06/03/2015 "Magna Carta, Part 1" (Your Weekly Constitutional)Howard, A. E., Dick
06/04/2015 "Litigator of the Week: John Elwood of Vinson & Elkins" (Litigation Daily)Elwood, John, P.
06/04/2015 "Rapper Pusha T Denied Entry to Virginia Nightclub, Claims Racism; Club Attorney Denies Claims" (StarTribune)Rutherglen, George,
06/08/2015 "Victims of US Special Operations Raids Gone Wrong Are Lucky to Get a Sheep" (Foreign Policy)Deeks, Ashley, S.
06/12/2015 "Changing the Rules on Access to Justice" (American Constitution Society for Law and Policy)Spencer, A., Benjamin
06/14/2015 "What's the Magna Carta? 10 Surprises on Its 800th Birthday" (National Geographic)Howard, A. E., Dick
06/14/2015 "After 800 years, What's Next for the Magna Carta?" (ABA Journal)Howard, A. E., Dick
06/17/2015 "With Obamacare in Peril at Court, Government Offers Scant Relief" (Bloomberg Business)Riley, Margaret, Foster
06/19/2015 "Bloomberg Law Brief: Court And Texas License Plates (Audio)" (Bloomberg Business)Schauer, Frederick,
06/23/2015 "UVa Professor Calls Culpeper Town’s Claim for Special Prosecutor ‘Unusual’" (Star Exponent)Brown, Darryl, K.
06/23/2015 "Stop Fighting it. America is a Monarchy, and That’s Probably for the Best." (The Washington Post)Prakash, Saikrishna,
06/24/2015 "The License Plate as Podium: Who Speaks – You or the Government?" (The Conversation)Kendrick, Leslie,
06/24/2015 "Audio: HearSay with Cathy Lewis" (WHRO)Bonnie, Richard, J.
06/24/2015 "Governments Can Speak, But What Will They Say?" (Medium.com)Kendrick, Leslie,
06/24/2015 "Hawaii Raised Its Smoking Age to 21. But Will it Work?" (Vox)Bonnie, Richard, J.
06/25/2015 "The Long and Short of the Health Law Ruling" (The Wall Street Journal Law Blog)Livermore, Michael, A.
06/26/2015 "Gay Marriage Ruling To Boost LGBT Worker Protection Efforts" (Law 360)Verkerke, J., H.
06/26/2015 "TCEQ-Funded Ozone Research Under Scrutiny" (Houston Chronicle)Livermore, Michael, A.
06/26/2015 "Law Professors See 'Tremendous Historical Import' of Ruling" (National Law Journal)Nachbar, Thomas, B.
06/27/2015 "Supreme Court Ruling Sparks Passionate Responses All Over Virginia" (Bristol Herald Courier)Howard, A. E., Dick

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