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11/03/2014 "Can We Please Put Some Bankers in Jail Now?" (Washington Monthly)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/03/2014 "The Forest and the Trees: Syrian Reactions to Foreign Actions Against ISIS" (Lawfare Blog)Deeks, Ashley, S.
11/04/2014 "Ethics Experts Say Justices' Emails to AG's Office Warrant Review" (The Morning Call)Cohen, George, M.
11/04/2014 "Too Big to Jail" (ACS Blog)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/04/2014 "Constitution Check: Should the Supreme Court get involved in church property disputes?" (Constitution Daily Blog)Laycock, Douglas,
11/04/2014 "Why Bankers Didn't Go to Jail" (The Brian Lehrer Show)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/06/2014 "Brandon Garrett on How Prosecutors Compromise With Corporations" (Corporate Crime Reporter)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/06/2014 "Too Big to Jail, UVA Law Professor Gives an Inside Look at Corporate Crime" (Newsplex)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/06/2014 "Episode 7: The Opposite of the Prosecution" (Serial)Enright, Deirdre, M.
11/06/2014 "Serial Takes a Step Back and Gets Some Experts Involved" (Slate)Enright, Deirdre, M.
11/08/2014 "The Ethics of Infection" (The New York Times)Siegal, Gil,
11/10/2014 "Adulthood More Difficult to Reach" (Columbia Chronicle)Bonnie, Richard, J.
11/11/2014 "Prosecutors Must Hold Corporate Offenders Accountable" (The New York Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/12/2014 "So the U.S. and China Made an Historic Climate Agreement. Now What? (Newsweek)Cannon, Jonathan, Z.
11/12/2014 "Foreign Exchange Manipulation Allegations Erode Public Opinion" (Los Angeles Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/13/2014 "Why Is Justin Wolfe Still in Prison?" (Slate)Enright, Deirdre, M.
11/14/2014 "Massey Energy CEO indicted for 2010 West Virginia mine explosion" (Canadian Occupational Safety)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/16/2014 "Too Big to Jail: Why the Government is Quick to Fine but Slow to Prosecute Big Corporations" (Vox)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/16/2014 "Gibson: Should Virginians Get to Vote on Gerrymandering?'" (The Roanoke Times)Howard, A. E., Dick
11/17/2014 "The IRS Hatchetmen" (Townhall Finance)Yin, George, K.
11/17/2014 "What Does Your Credit Have to Do With Insurance?" (Nerd Wallet)Abraham, Kenneth, S.
11/18/2014 "Extraordinary Criminals" (Boston Review)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/18/2014 "How Could Uber Punish People Who Complain About Uber?" (Bloomberg Businessweek)Schauer, Frederick,
11/18/2014 "New Recommendations Could Improve Eyewitness Testimony" (NPR)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/18/2014 "A Slippery Slope on Immigration" (The Washington Post)Martin, David, A.
11/20/2014 "Beware Long-term Effects of Obama's Unilateral Action" (Alabany Times Union)Martin, David, A.
11/20/2014 "Obama’s Immigration Action Has Precedents, but May Set a New One" (The New York Times)Martin, David, A.
11/21/2014 "Credit Suisse $2.6 Billion Deal Gives Judge Few Options" (Bloomberg)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/21/2014 "Colleges Straddle Line Between Assault Prevention And Victim-Blaming" (NPR)Coughlin, Anne, M.
11/22/2014 "Amicus: Mental Illness and the Death Penalty" (Slate)Garrett, Brandon, L.
11/24/2014 "39 Years in Prison: Why We Need Better Science to Identify Culprits" (ACS Blog)Garrett, Brandon, L.
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10/02/2014 "Analysts Say Tax Reform, Not Regulations, Needed to Stop Inversions" (Delaware Business Court Insider)Barzuza, Michal,
10/02/2014 "Ebola Patient Unlikely to be Deported or Granted Asylum" (Dallas Morning News)Martin, David, A.
10/03/2014 "UVA Students Show Solidarity 3 Weeks into Hannah Graham's Disapperance" (NBC 12)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/03/2014 "Book Review: 'Too Big to Jail: How Prosecutors Compromise With Corporations'" (The National Memo)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/03/2014 "Supreme Court to Hear Arguments Next Week on Muslim Inmate's Right to Grow a Beard " (The Christian Post)Laycock, Douglas,
10/04/2014 "How Thomas Jefferson Would Have Handled ISIS" (CNN)Turner, Robert, F.
10/06/2014 "Again, a Virginia Case Makes History" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Forde-Mazrui, Kim,
10/06/2014 "The End of a Long Wait to Marry for Gay Couples" (Staunton News Leader)Schragger, Richard, C.
10/06/2014 "Legal Questions Raised About U.S. Military Operation In Syria" (NPR)Deeks, Ashley, S.
10/06/2014 "Supreme Court To Weigh Facebook Threats, Religious Freedom, Discrimination" (NPR)Kendrick, Leslie,
10/07/2014 "Justices Say Case of Inmate’s Beard May Not Be the Best Test of Religious Liberty" (The New York Times)Laycock, Douglas,
10/07/2014 "Tiny Little Plots: The Justices Wonder What Dangers Lurk in a Half-Inch Beard" (Slate)Laycock, Douglas,
10/08/2014 "Attorney Calls for Reexamination of Alexis Murphy Case" (Cavalier Daily)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/08/2014 "SCOTUS To Rule On Inmate's Beard In Holt v. Hobbs" (Huffington Post Live)Laycock, Douglas,
10/09/2014 "Need for Narrower Subpoenas in SEC Investigations" (New York Law Journal)Vollmer, Andrew, N.
10/09/2014 "Justices Show Skepticism About Prison No-Beard Rule" (New York Law Journal)Laycock, Douglas,
10/11/2014 "Slate's Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick" (SlateRadio)Laycock, Douglas,
10/11/2014 "Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision Surprised Experts" (The Roanoke Times)Forde-Mazrui, Kim,
10/11/2014 "The Challenge of Defining Rape" (The New York Times)Coughlin, Anne, M.
10/13/2014 "Supreme Court a Barometer of Social Trends" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Howard, A. E., Dick
10/15/2014 "Brandon Garrett" (WINA)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/16/2014 "Update on the Establishment Clause and Third Party Harms: One Ongoing Violation and One Constitutional Accommodation" (Balkinization)Schragger, Richard, C.
10/16/2014 "Update on the Establishment Clause and Third Party Harms: One Ongoing Violation and One Constitutional Accommodation" (Balkinization)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
10/17/2014 "Do Houston church leaders have to hand their sermons over to city attorneys?" (Deseret News National)Laycock, Douglas,
10/17/2014 "Q&A: Brandon Garrett on Corporate Prosecution Agreements " (Litigation Daily)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/18/2014 "Obama Naming Ebola Czar Follows Long White House Practice" (Businessweek)Harrison, John, C.
10/20/2014 "Study: Eyewitness ID Policies Not Uniform" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/20/2014 "Family Friend: New Developments 'Difficult' for Jesse Matthew's Father" (NBC12)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/20/2014 "John Oliver Features All-Dog Supreme Court in Critique of Camera Ban" (Wall Street Journal)Laycock, Douglas,
10/21/2014 "Opinion/Editorial: Eyewitness Reforms Are Still Needed" (The Daily Progress)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/21/2014 "Fact Check: Claims About Sinema's Voting Record on Terrorists Partly True" (Arizona Republic)Nachbar, Thomas, B.
10/21/2014 "Skull Examined in Hannah Graham Case" (CNN)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/21/2014 "Va. Crime Panel Backs Stronger Police ID Policy" (The Washington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/22/2014 "The Department of Justice Must Get Serious on 'Too Big to Jail' " (The Conversation)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/23/2014 "Supreme Court Grants Law School Clinic Petition" (The Cavalier Daily)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
10/23/2014 "DNA Database: A Tool for Good or Evil?" (WVTF Public Radio)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/23/2014 "Inside UVA Kidnapping Suspect's Home" (CNN)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/23/2014 "Research Matters: "Do Constitutional Rights Make a Difference?" (University of Chicago Law School)Versteeg, Mila,
10/26/2014 "UVA Law School Plays Strong Role in Supreme Court Cases" (The Daily Progress)Laycock, Douglas,
10/27/2014 "UVA Law School Plays Strong Role in Supreme Court Cases'" (The Daily Progress)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
10/28/2014 "What Happens in Nevada? Self-Selecting into Lax Law" (Weblogs at Harvard Law School)Barzuza, Michal,
10/28/2014 "Mining Giant Seeks to Settle Corruption Case With US" (The Cambodia Daily)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/29/2014 "Mayor’s Decision to Drop Subpoenas Fails to Quell Criticism" (Houston Chronicle)Laycock, Douglas,
10/29/2014 "Federal Judge Blocks New HHS Workaround for Birth-Control Coverage" (Modern Healthcare)Laycock, Douglas,
10/29/2014 "Will the Supreme Court Accept the Obamacare Subsidy Challenge Friday?" (Modern Healthcare)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/30/2014 "Virginia Law School Wants Secret Corporate Crime Settlement Agreements Made Public" (Corporate Crime Reporter)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/30/2014 "Political Analysis - They Rule: Are the 1% Too Big to Jail?" (PRN.fm)Garrett, Brandon, L.
10/30/2014 "Ebola Goes to Court" (Slate)Riley, Margaret, Foster
10/31/2014 "Federal Civil Rights Charges Unlikely Against Police Officer in Ferguson Shooting" (The Washington Post)Harmon, Rachel, A.
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09/01/2014 "DOJ's New Duck: Regulators Have Devised Another Penalty to Avoid Having to Prosecute" (Corporate Counsel)Garrett, Brandon, L.
09/02/2014 "A Prisoner’s Beard Offers the Next Test of Religious Liberty for the Supreme Court" (New York Times)Laycock, Douglas,
09/03/2014 HearSay From the Headlines 9/3 (HearSay with Cathy Lewis)Forde-Mazrui, Kim,
09/03/2014 "A Horrifying Miscarriage of Justice in North Carolina" (Slate)Garrett, Brandon, L.
09/06/2014 "Bob McDonnell’s Self-Delusion and Arrogance Led to Downfall in Corruption Trial  " (Washington Post)Coughlin, Anne, M.
09/07/2014 "U-Va. Law Study: Most Va. Police Agencies Don’t Record Interrogations, Despite Trend " (Washington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
09/09/2014 "Survey: Virginia Law Enforcement Agencies Lack Written Interrogation Policies " (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Garrett, Brandon, L.
09/10/2014 "Same-Sex Marriage at the Supreme Court: A Matter of When, Not If" (The Guardian)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
09/11/2014 "What Did RFRA Restore? (Religious Freedom Project)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
09/11/2014 "Voter ID Laws May Worsen Voter Fraud" (Slate)Gilbert, Michael, D.
09/12/2014 "Local Policymakers, Experts Analyze Turmoil in Ferguson" (Alexandria Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
09/12/2014 "Narrowing Down the U.S. International Legal Theory for ISIS Strikes in Syria" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
09/14/2014 "Judge to Examine Circumstances of Suspect’s Confession in Patz Case" (The New York Times)Garrett, Brandon, L.
09/15/2014 "OJJDP Should Strengthen DMC Requirement: Report" (JuvenileJustice Information Exchange)Bonnie, Richard, J.
09/15/2014 "OFFSHORE DRILLING: Policy Integrity's Livermore Says BOEM Moving Too Quickly on New Leases" (E&ETV)Livermore, Michael, A.
09/17/2014 "Va. Sues Banks for $1.15 Billion for Allegedly Defrauding Taxpayers During Mortgage Crisis" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Curtis, Quinn,
09/18/2014 "S&P 100 Tax Rate Report" (WalletHub)Mason, Ruth,
09/22/2014 "The So-Called “Islamic State” and the Constitution: What Can the President Do? (Part One)" (Constitution Daily)Turner, Robert, F.
09/22/2014 "Supreme Court 2014 Term Preview" (C-SPAN)Kendrick, Leslie,
09/23/2014 "The So-Called “Islamic State” and the Constitution: What Can the President Do? (Part Two)" (Constitution Daily)Turner, Robert, F.
09/24/2014 "American Expats Renounce Citizenship After Banking Laws Make Life Hard" (The Guardian)Mason, Ruth,
09/24/2014 "W&L Professor Seeks to Have Rejected Plea Deal Unsealed in Hansel Case" (The Roanoke Times)Brown, Darryl, K.
09/24/2014 "Airstrikes In Syria And Iraq Pose Thorny Legal Questions" (International Business Times)Deeks, Ashley, S.
09/24/2014 "Strikes in Syria: The International Law Framework" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
09/25/2014 "Delusion and Execution" (ACS Blog)Garrett, Brandon, L.
09/25/2014 "Rise in Related-Party Payments Fuels Debate" (TradeWinds)Min, Geeyoung,
09/25/2014 "UVA Suspect Doesn't Challenge Extradition in Texas " (AP)Garrett, Brandon, L.
09/29/2014 "Suspect's Confession is Center of Missing Boy Case " (WRAL)Garrett, Brandon, L.
09/29/2014 "Profs: SCOTUS Unlikely to Hear Asbestos Case On Federal Officer Removal Jurisdiction" (Bloomberg BNA)Spencer, A., Benjamin
09/30/2014 "A Closer Look at the DNA Link Between the Graham & Harrington Cases" (WVTF)Enright, Deirdre, M.
09/30/2014 "U.S. Supreme Court Considers Next Caseload" (SHF Wire)Kendrick, Leslie,
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08/01/2014 "Snowden's Treachery" (Homeland Security Today)Turner, Robert, F.
08/01/2014 "Obama's Possible Immigration Action: Would It Be Legal?" (Real Clear Politics)Martin, David, A.
08/04/2014 "Supreme Court Unmoved by Religious Employer’s Coverage Objections — for the Amish  (SFGate)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
08/04/2014 "UVa Begins Dual Medicine-Law Degree Program " (Daily Progress)Bonnie, Richard, J.
08/04/2014 "Preventing Campus Rapes: Our View" (USA Today)Coughlin, Anne, M.
08/06/2014 "Obama Is Preparing to Make One of the Boldest Moves of His Presidency — And It Could Stretch the Scope of Executive Power" (Business Insider Australia)Martin, David, A.
08/11/2014 "UVA Study: Implicit Bias Difficult to Overcome" (The Daily Progress)Mitchell, Gregory,
08/12/2014 "'Secrets of the River': Be Careful What You Plead For" (48 Hours)Bowers, Josh,
08/12/2014 "Minnesota Supreme Court Refuses to Apply Iqbal, Twombly Standard to State Pleadings" (The United States Law Week)Spencer, A., Benjamin
08/13/2014 "Experts: Obama Walks Fine Line on Strikes" (The Hill)Turner, Robert, F.
08/15/2014 "Tim Scott Promotes Diversity in Hiring" (Greenville News)Forde-Mazrui, Kim,
08/18/2014 "Former Assistant Dean of UVA Law School Chosen as Chief Justice of Va. Supreme Court" (The Daily Progress)Jeffries, John, C.
08/21/2014 "Supreme Courts Puts Hold on Va. Same-Sex Marriage" (Newsplex)Laycock, Douglas,
08/23/2014 "U.S. Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria? Possible International Legal Theories" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
08/23/2014 "It’s as Simple as L-O-V-E: Gay Marriage is Equality Under the Law " (The Virginian-Pilot)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
08/26/2014 "Federal Prosecutions Not Easy in Police Shootings " (AP)Harmon, Rachel, A.
08/28/2014 "Obama Hints at Legal Rationale for Airstrikes in Syria" (Foreign Policy)Deeks, Ashley, S.
08/30/2014 "Legal Questions Loom As Obama Weighs Military Action In Syria" (NPR)Deeks, Ashley, S.
08/31/2014 "Question of Beard and Religious Freedom Unites Groups Who’ve Been Opponents" (The Washington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
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07/01/2014 "The Spirit and the Law" (American Prospect)Laycock, Douglas,
07/01/2014 "Hobby Lobby: What Happens Next?" (Religion News Service)Laycock, Douglas,
07/01/2014 "Douglas Laycock" (Inside Cville)Laycock, Douglas,
07/01/2014 "Gay Rights & Religious Freedom: Can We Find Common Ground?" (Moment Magazine)Laycock, Douglas,
07/01/2014 "Hobby Lobby and McCullen v. Coakley: HHS Mandate and Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones" (Federalist Society)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
07/01/2014 "Court Rules for Religious Freedom" (InsuranceNewsNet.com)Laycock, Douglas,
07/01/2014 "Making Pluralism More than a Hobby" (National Review Online)Laycock, Douglas,
07/01/2014 "Hobby Lobby's Dangerous Precedent" (New York Daily News)Schragger, Richard, C.
07/01/2014 "Hobby Lobby's Dangerous Precedent" (New York Daily News)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
07/01/2014 "Room for Debate: The Law Worked the Way It Should" (The New York Times)Laycock, Douglas,
07/01/2014 "ANALYSIS: Hobby Lobby Beat the Contraception Mandate. Here’s Why the Nuns May Not" (The Washington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
07/01/2014 "Hobby Lobby Decision a 'Win-Win,' Expert Says" (Washington Examiner)Laycock, Douglas,
07/02/2014 "Monumental 1964 Civil Rights Act Has 19th Century Roots" (Christian Post)Rutherglen, George,
07/02/2014 "Could Supreme Court Contraceptive Ruling Affect Coverage of Vaccines and Blood Transfusions?" (Tampa Bay Times PolitiFact)Laycock, Douglas,
07/02/2014 "The Real Meaning of Hobby Lobby" (Chicago Tribune)Laycock, Douglas,
07/03/2014 "Not Bill Clinton's RFRA" (Balkinization)Schragger, Richard, C.
07/03/2014 "Not Bill Clinton's RFRA" (Balkinization)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
07/03/2014 "The New Law of Religiion" (Slate)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
07/03/2014 "The New Law of Religion" (Slate)Schragger, Richard, C.
07/03/2014 "Senator's Obamacare Suit Faces Long Odds, Scholars Say" (USA Today)Riley, Margaret, Foster
07/06/2014 "Critics Fault Court's Grip on Appeals for Patents" (The Wall Street Journal)Duffy, John, F.
07/07/2014 "Jews Proud of Religious Freedom Act Despite Supreme Hobby Lobby Ruling " (The Jewish Daily Forward)Laycock, Douglas,
07/07/2014 "Experts: High Court Ruling Won't Inspire a Flood of Suits" (Virginian-Pilot)Laycock, Douglas,
07/08/2014 "Hobby Lobby Case Sparks Debate Over Religious Freedom Law" (Proquest LLC)Laycock, Douglas,
07/08/2014 "Rep. Labrador: Administration Predicts 150-200,000 Children at the Border in 2015" (PolitiFact)Martin, David, A.
07/08/2014 "Supreme Court Provides Temporary Reprieve to Wheaton College in HHS Case, Stirring Attacks" (National Catholic Register)Laycock, Douglas,
07/10/2014 "How Hobby Lobby Will Reverberate Throughout the LGBT Community" (MSNBC)Laycock, Douglas,
07/14/2014 "Santorum: Obama Said That If Illegal Immigrants Come, 'You’re Going to Be Able to Stay'" (PunditFact)Martin, David, A.
07/14/2014 "U.S. Granted Ex-Star Scientific CEO Rare Blanket Immunity" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Brown, Darryl, K.
07/14/2014 "Hobby Lobby Supporters: Case Was About Owners' Individual Rights " (National Catholic Reporter)Laycock, Douglas,
07/15/2014 "Lou Dobbs: Obama Administration Manipulated Deportation Data'" (PunditFact)Martin, David, A.
07/15/2014 "Retirement Savers' Fund Fees Move Lower: ICI" (Investment News)Curtis, Quinn,
07/16/2014 "Will Boehner Find Friendly Court?" (The Hill)Harrison, John, C.
07/16/2014 "Border Debate: Must Minors Have Hearings — And Who Pays?" (Real Clear Politics)Martin, David, A.
07/16/2014 "The Government Tells Employers to Stop Illegally Firing Expectant Parents" (Vox)Rutherglen, George,
07/17/2014 "Mass. moves on abortion clinic bill: How is it different from buffer zone law?" (Christian Science Monitor)Kendrick, Leslie,
07/25/2014 "Local Taxi Companies Staying Out of Uber, Lyft Lawsuit" (Inside Business)Spencer, A., Benjamin
07/28/2014 "U.S. Court: Va. Gay Marriage Ban is Unconstitutional" (Newsplex)Hellman, Deborah,
07/29/2014 "The Federal Marijuana Ban Is Rooted in Myth and Xenophobia" (The New York Times)Bonnie, Richard, J.
07/30/2014 "5 Ways the Religious Right is Wrong Again " (MSNBC)Laycock, Douglas,
07/30/2014 "Testing boundaries of abortion clinic buffer zones" (POLITICO)Kendrick, Leslie,
07/30/2014 "Bob McDonnell, Maureen McDonnell’s Corruption Defense Just Might Work" (TIME)Bowers, Josh,
07/31/2014 "Neither Side Got What It Wanted | Douglas Laycock " (First Things)Laycock, Douglas,
07/31/2014 "Meat Producers Lose Again in Corporate Free-Speech Case" (Bloomberg)Kendrick, Leslie,
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06/01/2014 "Own the Podium" (CBA National Magazine)Shadel, Molly, Bishop
06/01/2014 "More Willing, More Able – But No Time Soon" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
06/02/2014 "NSA Gathering Digital Images for Facial Recognition Program" (Fox News)Turner, Robert, F.
06/02/2014 "AG Herring brings in U.Va.'s Howard to advise on budget impasse" (Richmond-Times Dispatch)Howard, A. E., Dick
06/02/2014 "U.Va. expert: Carbon proposal 'most important environmental rule ever'" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Livermore, Michael, A.
06/03/2014 "Drawing parameters on budget" (Daily Progress)Howard, A. E., Dick
06/03/2014 "EPA Proposal Seeks 30 Percent Reduction In Carbon Dioxide From Power Plants by 2030" (Bloomberg BNA)Livermore, Michael, A.
06/04/2014 "UVa. Today: Michael Livermore" (CBS19)Livermore, Michael, A.
06/06/2014 "Germany’s Prosecutor Rolls Up His Sleeves On NSA Surveillance" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
06/07/2014 "Carbon capturing about ready for prime time, experts say" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Livermore, Michael, A.
06/09/2014 The Limits of Religious Tolerance" (The Chronicle of Higher Education)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
06/12/2014 "The Jury Is Still Out On Why O.J. Simpson Was Acquitted" (NPR)Johnson, Jr., Alex, M.
06/23/2014 "When Slang Becomes a Slur" (The Atlantic)Hylton, J., Gordon
06/23/2014 "Conservative Justices Give Government a Victory on Climate Change" (Newsweek)Livermore, Michael, A.
06/23/2014 "3 Ways to Fight High Fees in Your 401(k) (The Wall Street Journal)Curtis, Quinn,
06/24/2014 "UVA Professors: Redskins Trademark Ruling Could Be Hard to Fight" (The Daily Progress)Kitch, Edmund, W.
06/24/2014 "UVA Professors: Redskins Trademark Ruling Could Be Hard to Fight" (The Daily Progress)Oliar, Dotan,
06/25/2014 "A Call for Article 51 Letters" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
06/25/2014 "FATCA Will Help Catch Tax Cheats, Not Lead to the Dollar’s Collapse" (Fortune)Mason, Ruth,
06/25/2014 "Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo" (Inside Cville)Oliar, Dotan,
06/25/2014 "The End of the Aereo Business Model?" (Fox Business)Duffy, John, F.
06/26/2014 "Supreme Court Ruling Could Impact Case" (CBS19)Kendrick, Leslie,
06/26/2014 "How Supreme Court Ruling Affects Aereo, the Cloud, and You" (CNET)Oliar, Dotan,
06/28/2014 "Supreme Court Strikes Down Expanded Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone" (The Washington Times)Kendrick, Leslie,
06/30/2014 "Church-State Scholars Represented by Lowenstein Sandler: Supreme Court Grants For-Profit Corporations A Religious Exemption From Affordable Care Act’s Contraception Mandate" (Fort Mill Times/Press Release)Schragger, Richard, C.
06/30/2014 "Church-State Scholars Represented by Lowenstein Sandler: Supreme Court Grants For-Profit Corporations A Religious Exemption From Affordable Care Act’s Contraception Mandate" (Fort Mill Times/Press Release)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
06/30/2014 "Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Wood in 5-4 Decision" (National Catholic Register)Laycock, Douglas,
06/30/2014 "Micah Schwartzman" (Inside Cville)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
06/30/2014 "Response to Hobby Lobby Ruling Runs Emotional Spectrum" (Religion News Service)Laycock, Douglas,
06/30/2014 "Response to Hobby Lobby Ruling Runs Emotional Spectrum" (Religious News Service)Laycock, Douglas,
06/30/2014 "Supreme Court Sides with Hobby Lobby, Local Experts React " (Newsplex)Laycock, Douglas,
06/30/2014 "Supreme Court Sides with Hobby Lobby, Local Experts React" (Newsplex)Schragger, Richard, C.
06/30/2014 "High Court Allows Some Companies To Opt Out Of Contraceptives Mandate" (NPR)Laycock, Douglas,
06/30/2014 "Founder of Hobby Lobby’s Law Firm Pioneered Debate Over Religious Freedom" (The Washington Post)Laycock, Douglas,
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05/01/2014 “Torture Victims Deserve Their Day in Court” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Hurwitz, Deena, R.
05/01/2014 "Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, the ‘liberal Cuccinelli,’ is left’s new champion" (The Washington Post)Howard, A. E., Dick
05/01/2014 "Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, the ‘liberal Cuccinelli,’ is left’s new champion" (The Washington Post)Martin, David, A.
05/02/2014 "Are the Benghazi Attackers Lawfully Targetable?" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
05/02/2014 "How Reliable Are Scientific Studies?" (KQED Radio)Spellman, Barbara, A.
05/05/2014 "McCartney: A new face of crusading liberalism" (The Roanoke Times)Howard, A. E., Dick
05/05/2014 "McCartney: A New Face of Crusading Liberalism" (The Roanoke Times)Martin, David, A.
05/06/2014 Another Virginia AG accused of activism (The Daily Progress)Howard, A. E., Dick
05/06/2014 "Jed Rubenfeld on Rape Law: Feminists Debate Force Versus Non-Consent" (New Republic)Coughlin, Anne, M.
05/06/2014 "Town of Greece and the Demise of Religious Neutrality" (Balkinization)Schragger, Richard, C.
05/06/2014 "Town of Greece and the Demise of Religious Neutrality" (Balkinization)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
05/08/2014 "House Holds Lois Lerner in Contempt for IRS Probe Silence" (Bloomberg)Yin, George, K.
05/08/2014 "The Missing Key to Fighting Sexual Assault on Campus" (Slate)Coughlin, Anne, M.
05/12/2014 "Micah Schwartzman" (InsideCville with Coy Barefoot)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
05/13/2014 "Lawyers in Alexis Murphy case wanted justice served quickly" (The Roanoke Times)Brown, Darryl, K.
05/14/2014 "No Patent for Dolly the Cloned Sheep, Court Rules, Adding to Industry Jitters" (Science Magazine)Bagley, Margo, A.
05/15/2014 “No funcionó” el “camino elegante” de lograr acuerdo mundial para afrontar el cambio climático; ahora gobiernos deben actuar solos" (Busqueda)Livermore, Michael, A.
05/18/2014 "Punishment for juvenile crime – should it be different?" (Communities Digital News)Bonnie, Richard, J.
05/19/2014 "Edward Kennedy's diploma delivered 55 years later" (The Associated Press)Mahoney, Paul, G.
05/19/2014 "Firing sets off debate over whether deans must publicly back administrations" (Inside Higher Ed)O'Neil, Robert, M.
05/22/2014 "'Islamic Jew-hatred' bus ads featuring Hitler roll out on D.C. streets" (USA Today)Kendrick, Leslie,
05/23/2014 "Rating or Defaming?" (Inside Higher Ed)O'Neil, Robert, M.
05/24/2014 "Are Fees Eating Your Retirement Investments?" (UVA Today)Curtis, Quinn,
05/25/2014 "Redefining Retirement" (KTVN)Curtis, Quinn,
05/26/2014 "Another School Shooting Reignites Debate Over Guns And Mental Illness " (Here & Now)Bonnie, Richard, J.
05/27/2014 "Boards Differ on Related-Party Transaction Disclosure" (Agenda)Min, Geeyoung,
05/30/2014 "Va. attorney general hires law expert as possible shutdown looms" (The Washington Post)Howard, A. E., Dick
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04/02/2014 "Court Sheds Light on Aiding and Abetting Standard" (LegalNews.com)Elwood, John, P.
04/06/2014 "More Deportations Follow Minor Crimes, Records Show" (The New York Times)Martin, David, A.
04/07/2014 "Student Law Journal Hosts Former U.S. Attorney General" (George Mason University News)Turner, Robert, F.
04/08/2014 "Policy Integrity adviser Livermore says administration underestimating social cost of carbon" (E&ETV OnPoint)Livermore, Michael, A.
04/08/2014 "Your Homework Assignment: Sue the Federal Government" (The New York Times)Wheeler, J., Joshua
04/10/2014 "Christiansburg woman caught in 'husband's' tangled web" (The Roanoke Times)Abrams, Kerry,

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