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06/05/2003 "The Future of Online Music, Movies & Games - June 10 Conference" (PR Newswire)Kitch, Edmund, W.
06/09/2003 "Antitrust: Legal Scholars Divided Over Revising Media-Ownership Cap" (National Journal's Technology Daily)Robinson, Glen, O.
06/09/2003 "Legal Scholars Divided Over Revising Media Ownership Cap" (National Journal's Congress Daily)Robinson, Glen, O.
06/10/2003 "Intellectual Property: Current Copyright Law Applies to Internet, Panelists Say" (National Journal's Technology Daily)Kitch, Edmund, W.
06/10/2003 "Today's Events in Washington" (Bulletin's Frontrunner)Kitch, Edmund, W.
06/11/2003 "Tech Controls on P2P Networks 'Hard to Write, Easy to Ignore'" (Communications Daily)Kitch, Edmund, W.
06/24/2003 "Court's Ruling Bows to History; O'Connor's View Resembles Powell's in Bakke Case" (Detroit News, June 24, 2003) (Detroit News)Jeffries, John, C.
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