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12/02/2013 "Expert Panel Offers Suggestions to Curb Gun Violence in New Report" (Charlottesville Newsplex)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/02/2013 "UVA Hosts Forum on Gun Control Policies" (NBC29)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/02/2013 "The Anti-Capture Justification for Regulatory Review" (Co-Author) (RegBlog)Livermore, Michael, A.
12/02/2013 "Gun Policy Consortium Releases Recommnedations at UVA Forum" (The Daily Progress)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/03/2013 "Gun Policy Consortium Releases Recommendations at UVA Forum" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/04/2013 "Hobby Lobby and the Establishment Clause, Part II: What Counts As A Burden on Employees?" (Co-Author) (Balkinization)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
12/04/2013 "Hobby Lobby and the Establishment Clause, Part II: What Counts As A Burden on Employees?" (Co-Author) (Balkinization)Schragger, Richard, C.
12/05/2013 "Dreading Finals? Profs Share Exam Tips" (Tipping the Scales)Goluboff, Risa, L.
12/05/2013 "Dreading Finals? Profs Share Exam Tips" (Tipping the Scales)Abraham, Kenneth, S.
12/05/2013 "Dreading Finals? Profs Share Exam Tips" (Tipping the Scales)Choi, Albert,
12/05/2013 "Faculty Senate Approves New Graduate Programs" (The Cavalier Daily)Abrams, Kerry,
12/09/2013 "Hobby Lobby and the Establishment Clause, Part III: Reconciling Amos and Cutter" (Co-Author) (Balkinization)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
12/09/2013 "Hobby Lobby and the Establishment Clause, Part III: Reconciling Amos and Cutter" (Co-Author) (Balkinization)Schragger, Richard, C.
12/13/2013 "The State of South Africa's Constitution" (HuffPost Live)Versteeg, Mila,
12/16/2013 "Judge: NSA Program Is Likely Unconstitutional" (The Associated Press)Turner, Robert, F.
12/16/2013 "Should the U.S. Offer Amnesty for Edward Snowden to Stem the Leaks?" (AirTalk)Turner, Robert, F.
12/17/2013 "Experts: Brain Development Should Play Bigger Role in Determining Treatment of Juvenile Offenders'" (Juvenile Justice Information Exchange)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/17/2013 "U.S. Likely to Appeal Surveillance Ruling" (Voice of America)Turner, Robert, F.
12/18/2013 "Beds Available for Mental Health Patients, Study Shows" (Roanoke Times)Bonnie, Richard, J.
12/18/2013 "Why Judge Leon's NSA Ruling Is Wrong" (The Wall Street Journal)Turner, Robert, F.
12/28/2013 "Judge Backs the NSA's Surveillance" (The Wall Street Journal)Turner, Robert, F.
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