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12/03/2012 "Justices Hear Argument on Which Employees Qualify as Supervisors for Title VII Purposes" (Bloomberg BNA)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
12/06/2012 "Make the Magnitsky List? You May Have Options" (RIA Novosti)Stephan, Paul, B.
12/10/2012 "Howard: Jefferson's Statute Shared a Compelling Vision of Religious Freedom" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Howard, A. E., Dick
12/11/2012 "UVA Put on Warning by Accreditation Group" (The Daily Progress)Cohen, George, M.
12/13/2012 "Person of the Year: The Runners Up" (The Hook)Vaidhyanathan, Siva,
12/14/2012 "Enforcement of Georgia's Immigration law Will Vary" (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)Martin, David, A.
12/17/2012 "Messy Media Coverage's Trail of Mistakes" (The Globe and Mail)Schauer, Frederick,
12/20/2012 "Order of Bill of Rights: Is Second Amendment the Second Most Important?" (Slate)Howard, A. E., Dick
12/27/2012 "5 Ways to Perform Under Pressure" (CNN)Shadel, Molly, Bishop
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