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09/01/2011 "UVa's Innocence Project Helps Overturn Man's Conviction" (The Daily Progress)Enright, Deirdre, M.
09/06/2011 "W&L Law Professor Ben Spencer Logs Another Fourth Circuit Victory" (Washington and Lee University)Spencer, A., Benjamin
09/06/2011 Law Students Help Overturn Conviction (Cavalier Daily)Enright, Deirdre, M.
09/07/2011 The Innocence Project (WVTF/RadioIQ)Enright, Deirdre, M.
09/09/2011 "Texas Attorney General Abbott Reacts to Latest Court Ruling on Health-Reform Law" (Houston Chronicle)Harrison, John, C.
09/14/2011 "Murder Conviction Most Foul" (Slate)Enright, Deirdre, M.
09/15/2011 "Evening Edition for September 15, 2011" (WVTF)Enright, Deirdre, M.
09/21/2011 "Sen. Richard Blumenthal on Google Antitrust Hearings" (The Takeaway)Vaidhyanathan, Siva,
09/22/2011 "How is Google Changing Our Lives?" (KCRW)Vaidhyanathan, Siva,
09/26/2011 "Special Report: Nevada's Big Bet on Secrecy (Reuters)Barzuza, Michal,
09/27/2011 "How Nevada Became the Go-To State to Evade Taxes" (Time)Barzuza, Michal,
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