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02/01/2006 "Controversial Issues Will Set Tone for Alito's Term" (Newsday)BeVier, Lillian, R.
02/04/2006 "Series of Fill-in Leaders Is Seen Hampering FDA Effectiveness" (The Baltimore Sun)Merrill, Richard, A.
02/15/2006 "Test Ruled Biased Because of Disparity in Pass Rates" (The Virginian-Pilot)Verkerke, J., H.
02/17/2006 "UVa Law Professor Wins Prestigious Under-40 Award" (Charlottesville Daily Progress )Nelson, Caleb, E.
02/23/2006 "Milberg Weiss Lawyers Face Indictment in Kickbacks Case" (San Diego Union-Tribune)Cohen, George, M.
02/26/2006 "How We Lost Vietnam" (The Washington Times)Moore, John, Norton
02/27/2006 "Virginia May Finally Get Formal Set of Rules of Evidence" (Virginia Lawyers Weekly)Sinclair, Kent,
02/28/2006 "'World' Baseball Classic Defies Globalization" (Agence France Presse)White, G., Edward
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