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01/08/2006 "Commentary: Private Conservation Shouldn't Be Subsidized" (Colorado Springs (Colo.) Gazette)Mahoney, Julia, D.
01/09/2006 "Let the Fight Begin/Will the FCC Let the Shock Jock Speak His Mind?" (Houston Chronicle)Robinson, Glen, O.
01/24/2006 "High Court Remands Ruling in Campaign-Law Challenge" (The Washington Times)BeVier, Lillian, R.
01/25/2006 "One-Quarter of College Students Cite Unwanted Sexual Contact" (The New York Times)Rutherglen, George,
01/26/2006 "Court Decision Bankrupts State Protection" (UNC Daily Tar Heel)Walt, Steven, D.
01/28/2006 "College Survey/Viewpoints Vary Widely on Sexual Harassment" (The Richmond Times-Dispatch)Rutherglen, George,
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