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07/01/2016 "The Court's Leading Carceral Critic: Why Sonia Sotomayor Dissented on Gun Ban for Domestic Abusers" (Salon)Garrett, Brandon, L.
07/01/2016 "UVA Law’s First Female Dean" (WINA)Goluboff, Risa, L.
07/01/2016 "History in the Making: Risa Goluboff, UVA Law's First Female Dean, Takes Office" (UVA Today)Goluboff, Risa, L.
07/01/2016 "Justice Thomas Praised by Former Clerks, Colleagues on 25th Anniversary of Nomination" (CNS News)Prakash, Saikrishna,
07/01/2016 "Recommended Reading: G. Edward White, ‘Law in American History, Volume II, from Reconstruction through the 1920s’" (The Washington Post)White, G., Edward
07/05/2016 "Unanimous Supreme Court Decision Vacates McDonnell's Corruption Convictions" (The Cavalier Daily)Jeffries, John, C.
07/06/2016 "Why Milwaukee Lost the Braves: Perspectives on Law and Culture a Half-Century Later" (State Bar of Wisconsin)Hylton, J., Gordon
07/07/2016 "UVA's First Woman Dean on Work/Life Balance in Education" (Bloomberg)Goluboff, Risa, L.
07/08/2016 "Attorney General Urges Court to Uphold Mass Restoration of Felons' Voting Rights " (Richmond Free Press)Howard, A. E., Dick
07/08/2016 "More Guns, More Fear, More Killings" (Slate)Harmon, Rachel, A.
07/09/2016 "Left, Right" (The Economist)Laycock, Douglas,
07/11/2016 "Don't Make Snap Judgments About Shootings Based On Viral Videos" (The Federalist)Garrett, Brandon, L.
07/12/2016 "Gregory Swanson Honored With Historical Marker in Charlottesville" (NBC29)Goluboff, Risa, L.
07/12/2016 "Catholics Battle for Protection Against Abortion Mandates" (National Catholic Register)Laycock, Douglas,
07/12/2016 "Swanson's UVa Case, 'a Triumph of the Rule of Law,' is Commemorated at Library" (The Daily Progress)Goluboff, Risa, L.
07/13/2016 "Can There Be Real Estate on the Moon?" (Smithsonian)Turner, Robert, F.
07/14/2016 "Banning Arbitration, A Boon For Class Action Lawyers, Not Consumers" (Forbes)Johnston, Jason, S.
07/14/2016 "Legal Risks for People Who Film Police Shootings or Confrontations" (Newsplex)Garrett, Brandon, L.
07/14/2016 "Mike Pence for Donald Trump's Vice President? It's an Extra Awful Choice for LGBTQ Rights" (Vox)Laycock, Douglas,
07/14/2016 "2016 Fastcase 50" (Fastcase 50)Goluboff, Risa, L.
07/14/2016 "Tax Provisions for Oil and Gas Get Hard Looks" (Bloomberg)Yin, George, K.
07/14/2016 "S. 2040, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act" (House of Represenatives Judiciary Committee)Stephan, Paul, B.
07/14/2016 "Should Colleges Really Eliminate the College Lecture?" (The Atlantic)Shadel, Molly, Bishop
07/15/2016 "Climate Change in the Courts: Big Oil and Big Tobacco" (Constitution Daily)Garrett, Brandon, L.
07/15/2016 "Trump Wants War Declared on ISIS and 'Extreme Vetting' of Immigrants" (The New York Times)Martin, David, A.
07/15/2016 "US Prosecutors Launch Review of Failed FedEx Drug Case" (Reuters)Garrett, Brandon, L.
07/15/2016 "Former Chris Christie Ally Pleads Guilty in Bribery Case Involving United Flight " (The Washington Post)Garrett, Brandon, L.
07/16/2016 "Virginia's Jails Lack the Resources to Treat the Mentally Ill, Experts Say" (Richmond Times-Disptach)Bonnie, Richard, J.
07/17/2016 "Brandon Garrett on Citizens Band Radio" (Citizens Band Radio)Garrett, Brandon, L.
07/19/2016 "'Poetic Justice:' First Black UVA Student Celebrated" (C'ville)Goluboff, Risa, L.
07/19/2016 "Will Virginia Supreme Court Uphold Restoration of Felon Voting Rights?" (The Christian Science Monitor)Howard, A. E., Dick
07/20/2016 "Not a Pretty Picture: Art Exhibit Depicts NYC's Mountainous Property-Tax Inequity" (City Limits)Hayashi, Andrew,
07/21/2016 "Judge Sides with Missouri Lawmaker Challenging ACA's Contraception Mandate" (Modern Healthcare)Laycock, Douglas,
07/22/2016 "Governor McAuliffe Statement on the Virginia Supreme Court Decision on the Restoration of Civil Rights" (Virginia.gov)Howard, A. E., Dick
07/22/2016 "For Trump, an America That Is Not a Nation of Nations" (The New York Times)Martin, David, A.
07/24/2016 "That Time Tim Kaine Went To Bat For Big Coal" (BuzzFeed)Jaffe, Cale,
07/25/2016 "Kaine Created Climate Commission and Welcomed Coal as Va. Governor" (ClimateWire)Jaffe, Cale,
07/26/2016 "Murder Trial of Ex-Portsmouth Officer Pits Youthful Energy Against Veteran Experience" (The Virginian-Pilot)Ferzan, Kimberly, Kessler
07/26/2016 "Court: Injury Sustained in 45 Minutes Isn’t Result of Repetitive Trauma" (Work Comp Central)Verkerke, J., H.
07/26/2016 "Judge's Plea-Bargain Ban for Police Threats Raises Eyebrows" (The Wall Street Journal)Brown, Darryl, K.
07/27/2016 "Regan Shooter John Hinckley Jr. Released to Home Stay" (CBS News)Bonnie, Richard, J.
07/27/2016 "Trump Urges Russian Hackers to Find Clinton's Deleted Emails" (New York Daily News)Harrison, John, C.
07/27/2016 "John Hinckley Case Led to Vast Narrowing of Insanity Defense" (The Wall Street Journal)Bonnie, Richard, J.
07/28/2016 "How John Hinckley Jr. Shined a Light on America's Mental Health Crisis" (The Takeaway)Bonnie, Richard, J.
07/29/2016 "Reliance on Jailhouse Informant Dooms Chandra Levy Case" (The Associated Press)Garrett, Brandon, L.
07/29/2016 Virginia Still Has Laws Banning Gay Marriage. Should That Matter?" (The Washington Post)Howard, A. E., Dick
07/30/2016 "Chandra Levy Case Dropped: What Role Did Secret Recordings Play?" (The Christian Science Monitor)Garrett, Brandon, L.
07/30/2016 "Reaction To Hinckley Release" (WINA)Bonnie, Richard, J.
07/30/2016 "Cuomo Agent Bernard Schwartz Received Port Authority Contracts" (Times Union)Garrett, Brandon, L.
07/30/2016 "Supreme Court May Be Converting on Religion" (USA Today)Laycock, Douglas,
07/31/2016 "When Debt to Society is Paid in Full, Restore Their Rights" (The Lynchburg News & Advance)Howard, A. E., Dick
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