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05/01/2016 "In Mann Murder Trial, Briel Will Try Insanity Defense" (The Free Lance-Star)Bonnie, Richard, J.
05/02/2016 "Deferred Prosecutions Need Judicial Oversight" (National Law Journal)Garrett, Brandon, L.
05/02/2016 "Felons and the Right to Vote" (Constitution Daily)Howard, A. E., Dick
05/04/2016 "Should Phila. Let its Illegal Wage Tax Die?" (The Philadelphia Inquirer)Mason, Ruth,
05/05/2016 "Solution on Contraceptive Mandate Still Distant" (National Catholic Reporter)Laycock, Douglas,
05/05/2016 "Prison Beard OK; RLUIPA Scope Murky After Cert. Denial" (Bloomberg BNA)Laycock, Douglas,
05/07/2016 "Though Its Need Is Debated, the Revenue-sharing Agreement Has Pluses and Minuses for City and County" (The Daily Progress)Schragger, Richard, C.
05/09/2016 "Academia: Handle Young Adults Differently, But Not As Juveniles" (The Chronicle of Social Change)Bonnie, Richard, J.
05/09/2016 "France and Australia Consider DPAs as Global Enforcement Discussion Brews" (The Wall Street Journal)Garrett, Brandon, L.
05/10/2016 "What is Gender Identity? 'Bathroom Bill' Lawsuits Offer Opposing Views" (The Christian Science Monitor")Laycock, Douglas,
05/10/2016 "How (and If) Law Matters (Harvard Law Review)Schauer, Frederick,
05/10/2016 "Intelligence Services, Peer Constraints, and the Law" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
05/10/2016 "Free Speech Above All" (Chronicle of Higher Education)O'Neil, Robert, M.
05/11/2016 "After Harward Exoneration, Review of Old Forensic Serology Cases Gets Underway" (Richmond-Times Dispatch)Garrett, Brandon, L.
05/11/2016 "'Vagrant Nation' Explores the Rise and Fall of Vagrancy Laws (Podcast)" (ABA Journal)Goluboff, Risa, L.
05/12/2016 "Open for Debate" (UVA Today)Moore, John, Norton
05/15/2016 "Possible Deadlocks Looming Over US Supreme Court " (Leader-Telegram)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
05/15/2016 "Is it Legal for North Carolina's Attorney General to Not Defend the State's Bathroom Law?" (The Washington Post)Prakash, Saikrishna,
05/16/2016 "U.S. Supreme Courts Zubik v. Burwell Case as No Winner" (WINA)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
05/17/2016 "Climate Fight Moves From the Streets to the Courts" (Smithsonian)Garrett, Brandon, L.
05/17/2016 "US SC: Privacy Class Action Filed Against Spokeo Can Continue" (Legal News Line)Johnston, Jason, S.
05/17/2016 "Investors Unite to Hold Briefing on New Paper by UVA Professor on Misuse of Executive Privilege" (Investors Unite)Prakash, Saikrishna,
05/18/2016 "What the Fokker?" (Compliance & Enforcement)Garrett, Brandon, L.
05/18/2016 "Supreme Court Sends Birth Control Mandate Challenge Back to Lower Courts" (Gaston Gazette)Laycock, Douglas,
05/18/2016 "House Panel Questions Legitimacy of CFPB Arbitration Rule" (The Hill)Johnston, Jason, S.
05/20/2016 "Arbitration Debate Returns to Capitol Hill" (Auto Remarketing)Johnston, Jason, S.
05/20/2016 "Putting a Face to International Tax Avoidance" (Jotwell)Hayashi, Andrew,
05/20/2016 "Is the Government Being Secretive With Profit Sweep Documents?" (DSNews)Prakash, Saikrishna,
05/21/2016 "Cooper Not Alone Among Attorneys General Bucking State Leadership" (News & Observer)Prakash, Saikrishna,
05/23/2016 "Prosecuting People Over Corporations" (NBR)Garrett, Brandon, L.
05/23/2016 "Fannie Mae – Investors Unite Launches FannieFreddieSecrets.org, Unveils Paper On Government" (ValueWalk)Prakash, Saikrishna,
05/23/2016 "Bank of America Penalty Thrown Out in Crisis-Era 'Hustle' Case" (Wall Street Journal)Garrett, Brandon, L.
05/24/2016 "Go Comprehensive, Go Bold " (Miller Center)Martin, David, A.
05/24/2016 "Brandon Garrett on the Rise in Bank Prosecutions" (Corporate Crime Reporter)Garrett, Brandon, L.
05/24/2016 "Sometimes “People” = “Legislature” (The Originalism Blog)Prakash, Saikrishna,
05/24/2016 "Border Wars: Pressure's Building to Tackle Immigration in U.S." (UVA Today)Martin, David, A.
05/25/2016 "Attorney: CFPB Study Shows Arbitration More Often Benefits Consumers" (Legal News Line)Johnston, Jason, S.
05/25/2016 "McAuliffe Faces Federal Investigation Regarding Campaign Donations" (The Cavalier Daily)Gilbert, Michael, D.
05/25/2016 "Wall Street Crime: 7 Years, 156 Cases and Few Convictions" (The Wall Street Journal)Garrett, Brandon, L.
05/26/2016 "What's Next in the Contraceptive Mandate Case?" (National Catholic Reporter)Laycock, Douglas,
05/26/2016 "Another Blow to Holding Banks Accountable for the Financial Crisis" (The New Yorker)Garrett, Brandon, L.
05/26/2016 "Lawyers for Rolling Stone's 'Jackie' May Have Withheld 'Haven Monahan' Documents" (The Cavalier Daily)Sinclair, Kent,
05/26/2016 "Will the Waning Barack Obama Administration Rewrite Religious Hiring Rules?" (GetReligion)Laycock, Douglas,
05/26/2016 "The Supreme Court's Wishful Thinking About Compromise" (The New York Times )Schragger, Richard, C.
05/26/2016 "The Supreme Court's Wishful Thinking About Compromise" (The New York Times)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
05/27/2016 "Bank of America (BAC): Yes, Proof Is Required" (Wall Street Pit)Garrett, Brandon, L.
05/27/2016 "Virginia Republicans Battle Governor on Felon Voting Rights" (The Wall Street Journal)Howard, A. E., Dick
05/29/2016 "Russell Amendment to Defense Bill Becomes Battlefront in Culture War" (NewsOK)Laycock, Douglas,
05/30/2016 "Rulings and Remarks Tell Divided Story of an 8-Member Supreme Court" (The New York Times)Elwood, John, P.
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