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05/01/2014 “Torture Victims Deserve Their Day in Court” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)Hurwitz, Deena, R.
05/01/2014 "Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, the ‘liberal Cuccinelli,’ is left’s new champion" (The Washington Post)Howard, A. E., Dick
05/01/2014 "Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, the ‘liberal Cuccinelli,’ is left’s new champion" (The Washington Post)Martin, David, A.
05/02/2014 "Are the Benghazi Attackers Lawfully Targetable?" (Lawfare)Deeks, Ashley, S.
05/02/2014 "How Reliable Are Scientific Studies?" (KQED Radio)Spellman, Barbara, A.
05/05/2014 "McCartney: A new face of crusading liberalism" (The Roanoke Times)Howard, A. E., Dick
05/05/2014 "McCartney: A New Face of Crusading Liberalism" (The Roanoke Times)Martin, David, A.
05/06/2014 Another Virginia AG accused of activism (The Daily Progress)Howard, A. E., Dick
05/06/2014 "Jed Rubenfeld on Rape Law: Feminists Debate Force Versus Non-Consent" (New Republic)Coughlin, Anne, M.
05/06/2014 "Town of Greece and the Demise of Religious Neutrality" (Balkinization)Schragger, Richard, C.
05/06/2014 "Town of Greece and the Demise of Religious Neutrality" (Balkinization)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
05/08/2014 "House Holds Lois Lerner in Contempt for IRS Probe Silence" (Bloomberg)Yin, George, K.
05/08/2014 "The Missing Key to Fighting Sexual Assault on Campus" (Slate)Coughlin, Anne, M.
05/12/2014 "Micah Schwartzman" (InsideCville with Coy Barefoot)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
05/13/2014 "Lawyers in Alexis Murphy case wanted justice served quickly" (The Roanoke Times)Brown, Darryl, K.
05/14/2014 "No Patent for Dolly the Cloned Sheep, Court Rules, Adding to Industry Jitters" (Science Magazine)Bagley, Margo, A.
05/15/2014 “No funcionó” el “camino elegante” de lograr acuerdo mundial para afrontar el cambio climático; ahora gobiernos deben actuar solos" (Busqueda)Livermore, Michael, A.
05/18/2014 "Punishment for juvenile crime – should it be different?" (Communities Digital News)Bonnie, Richard, J.
05/19/2014 "Edward Kennedy's diploma delivered 55 years later" (The Associated Press)Mahoney, Paul, G.
05/19/2014 "Firing sets off debate over whether deans must publicly back administrations" (Inside Higher Ed)O'Neil, Robert, M.
05/22/2014 "'Islamic Jew-hatred' bus ads featuring Hitler roll out on D.C. streets" (USA Today)Kendrick, Leslie,
05/23/2014 "Rating or Defaming?" (Inside Higher Ed)O'Neil, Robert, M.
05/24/2014 "Are Fees Eating Your Retirement Investments?" (UVA Today)Curtis, Quinn,
05/25/2014 "Redefining Retirement" (KTVN)Curtis, Quinn,
05/26/2014 "Another School Shooting Reignites Debate Over Guns And Mental Illness " (Here & Now)Bonnie, Richard, J.
05/27/2014 "Boards Differ on Related-Party Transaction Disclosure" (Agenda)Min, Geeyoung,
05/30/2014 "Va. attorney general hires law expert as possible shutdown looms" (The Washington Post)Howard, A. E., Dick
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