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05/03/2011 "U.Va. National Security Law Experts: Killing of bin Laden Was Legal" (News Leader)Turner, Robert, F.
05/03/2011 "U.Va. National Security Law Experts: Killing of bin Laden Was Legal" (News Leader)Moore, John, Norton
05/04/2011 "Was Killing bin Laden Legal?" (Salon)Turner, Robert, F.
05/04/2011 "Was Killing bin Laden Legal?" (Salon)Moore, John, Norton
05/06/2011 "UVA National Security Law Expert Says bin Laden Killing Legal" (WCVE)Moore, John, Norton
05/06/2011 "Is It 'Justice' ?" ((author) Slate )Nachbar, Thomas, B.
05/06/2011 "Challenges to Health Care Law Get Appellate Hearing Tuesday" (USA Today)Jeffries, John, C.
05/10/2011 "Obama Administration Fights to Save Healthcare Law" (Reuters)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
05/16/2011 "Taking a Chance on Nevada" (Boardmember.com)Barzuza, Michal,
05/18/2011 "Free Money Claim Roils Dispute on One-Time U.S. Offshore Tax Holiday" (Bloomberg)Yin, George, K.
05/21/2011 "Tongue-Tied America" (With Good Reason)Sayler, Robert, Nelson
05/21/2011 "Tongue-Tied America" (With Good Reason)Shadel, Molly, Bishop
05/26/2011 "Not Getting Any Younger: President Obama's Penchant for Older Judges Scuttled Goodwin Liu" (Slate)Schwartzman, Micah, J.
05/27/2011 Judge Rules Against Corporate Campaign Contribution Ban" (The Associated Press)Ortiz, Daniel, R.
05/28/2011 "Juries Can't Escape Life-Without-Parole Sentencing" (Charlottesville Daily Progress)Bowers, Josh,
05/29/2011 "Pushing Back Against Legal Threats by Putting Fair Use Forward" (Chronicle of Higher Education)Vaidhyanathan, Siva,
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