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07/02/2007 "The Battle Over Brown/How Conservatives Appropriated Brown v. Board of Education" (author) (Slate)Goluboff, Risa, L.
07/02/2007 "Bush's Base Splits Over Sea Treaty" (The Washington Times)Moore, John, Norton
07/08/2007 "UVa Professor Completes Supreme Court Trifecta" (Daily Progress (Charlottesville ))Kitch, Edmund, W.
07/09/2007 "Bad Heir Day/How Sandra Day O'Connor Became the Least Powerful Jurist in America" (Slate)Jeffries, John, C.
07/17/2007 "Whittaker Chambers Library To Open" (GOPUSA)White, G., Edward
07/22/2007 "Refco Fallout May Hit Lawyers/Examiner's Report Suggests Regulation of Professionals Should Be Stronger" (Chicago Tribune)Cohen, George, M.
07/26/2007 "Va. Driving Fees Won't Go Away Quickly" (The Examiner.com (Washington, D.C.))Sinclair, Kent,
07/29/2007 "New Jitters for In-House Attorneys" (The Informed Reader-WSJ.com)Cohen, George, M.
07/29/2007 "Bush Allies Slam His Support of Maritime Treaty" (Boston Globe )Moore, John, Norton
07/30/2007 "Opportunity On the Oceans: America Wins With the Law of the Sea Treaty" (Washington Post)Moore, John, Norton
07/31/2007 "The UVA Law School Celebrates a Banner Year for Gifts" (WINA 1070 AM)Jeffries, John, C.
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