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06/27/2016 "$46.5 Million Monsanto Verdict: Outlier or Trend?" (Bloomberg BNA)
11/17/2014 "What Does Your Credit Have to Do With Insurance?" (Nerd Wallet)
12/05/2013 "Dreading Finals? Profs Share Exam Tips" (Tipping the Scales)
07/15/2011 "State Seldom Cracks Down on Insurance Companies and Their Adjusters" (South Florida Sun Sentinel)
02/09/2010 "Fewer Civil Cases Go to Juries Due in Large Part to Cost" (The Virginian-Pilot)
02/09/2010 "Debating Insurers' Antitrust Exemption" (NPR)
02/08/2010 "Guest Blogger Kenneth Abraham: Four Conceptions of Insurance" (TortsProf Blog)
06/24/2008 "Abraham Authors Book on History of Torts, Insurance" (Media-Newswire)
08/03/2007 "Flood Victims Lose on Appeal" (USA Today )
10/04/2006 "Law Professors Receive Distinction: BOV Appoints Three Professors as David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professors of Law" (Cavalier Daily)
05/09/2006 "U.S. Senate Fights Deadlock on Medical Malpractice Limit" (International Herald Tribune)
12/14/2005 "Man Cleared in Rape Sues Accuser" (Charlottesville Daily Progress)
09/15/2004 "Law Firm Announces Job Cuts/Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore Is Reducing the Number of Attorneys and Staff" (The Roanoke Times)
06/18/2004 "The Price of Life After 9/11" (The New York Times)
03/25/2004 "Development of the Law Suffers as Use of ADR Increases, Critics Worry" (Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)
02/22/2002 "Firms Seek to Cancel Enron's Insurance" (The Washington Post)
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04/17/2016 "Despite 'Sister Wives' Ruling, Arguments for Decriminalizing Persist, Even from Those Who Don't Like Polygamy" (The Salt Lake Tribune)
04/04/2016 "A Gender Gap in Faculty Salaries" (The Cavalier Daily)
04/10/2014 "Christiansburg woman caught in 'husband's' tangled web" (The Roanoke Times)
02/06/2014 "Law Professor Kerry Abrams Named U.Va.’s Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs" (UVA Today)
12/05/2013 "Faculty Senate Approves New Graduate Programs" (The Cavalier Daily)
07/24/2013 Kerry Abrams: Cited in the Supreme Court (PrawfsBlawg)
07/15/2013 "Marriage Equality, Immigration, and … Fraud?" (Author) (Concurring Opinions)
07/08/2013 "Marriage and Immigration — Which State's Law Applies?" (Author) (Concurring Opinions)
06/11/2010 "Do You Take This Immigrant?" (New York Times)
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12/14/2015 "Attys React to Supreme Court's DirecTV Arbitration Decision" (Law360)
12/04/2015 "Legality of CFPB's Plan for Proposed Ban on Arbitration Clauses in Question" (Legal Newsline)
10/07/2015 "CFPB May Ban Arbitration Clauses in Financial Service Contracts" (Consumer Affairs)
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12/30/2015 "Rights, Policies at Issue in Rome Teacher Case" (Utica Observer Dispatch)
09/08/2010 "Va. Appeals Court Upholds Tracking Suspects With GPS" (Washington Examiner)
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12/08/2015 "Digital DNA: The Nagoya Protocol, Intellectual Property Treaties, and Synthetic Biology" (Wlson Center)
05/14/2014 "No Patent for Dolly the Cloned Sheep, Court Rules, Adding to Industry Jitters" (Science Magazine)
02/07/2014 "Developing Countries Urged To Beat Biopiracy With Patent Examination, Regulatory Frameworks" (Intellectual Property Watch)
11/01/2007 "Examining the USPTO" (Managing Intellectual Property)
05/31/2007 "Patent Ruling May Mean Trouble for Big Pharma" (TheStreet.com)
10/27/2006 "Claim Construction and Infringement" (Fora TV)
06/01/2006 "Injunctions Safe but under New Scrutiny" (Managing Intellectual Property)
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07/22/2009 "Is Child Obesity Abuse?" (New York Daily News)
07/21/2009 "S.C. Case Looks on Child Obesity as Child Abuse. But Is It?" (USA Today)
05/09/2008 "Virginia Is Not for Adulterers" (New York Observer)
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06/28/2016 "HearSay Headlines 6/28" (WHRV)
06/27/2016 "SCOTUS Rules on Texas Abortion Clinics Case" (WINA)
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10/28/2014 "What Happens in Nevada? Self-Selecting into Lax Law" (Weblogs at Harvard Law School)
10/02/2014 "Analysts Say Tax Reform, Not Regulations, Needed to Stop Inversions" (Delaware Business Court Insider)
02/24/2014 "Ethics? Not Here" (The Marker)
01/13/2014 "Interlocking Board Seats and Protection for Directors after Schoon" (Harvard Law School Blog)
07/22/2013 "Incorporating Nevada: Business Benefit, Or Shell Game?" (Vegas Inc.)
04/16/2013 "Nevada Ups the Ante on Delaware's Tax Status" (Deutsche Welle)
02/22/2012 "Wynn Raises the Stakes in Las Vegas" (The Financial Times)
10/25/2011 "How Did Nevada Become the Go-to State for Tax Evasion?" (Wisconsin Public Radio)
09/27/2011 "How Nevada Became the Go-To State to Evade Taxes" (Time)
09/26/2011 "Special Report: Nevada's Big Bet on Secrecy (Reuters)
06/20/2011 "Lax Company Laws Make Nevada a Shareholder Gamble" (Reuters)
05/16/2011 "Taking a Chance on Nevada" (Boardmember.com)
03/04/2008 "Southern Union Company Appoints Michal Barzuza to Board" (TradingMarkets.com)
03/03/2008 "Southern Union Company Elects Michal Barzuza to Board of Directors" (Businesswire)
03/03/2008 "Southern Union Appoints Michal Barzuza To Board " (RTT News)
Hide details for [<a href="FHPmediaName?Openview&Expand=9#9">BeVier, Lillian, R.</a>]BeVier, Lillian, R.
11/14/2009 “For Corporations, Constitutional Issues” (New Orleans Times-Picayune)
06/30/2007 "Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Judicial Conference" (C-SPAN)
10/04/2006 "Law Professors Receive Distinction: BOV Appoints Three Professors as David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professors of Law" (Cavalier Daily)
02/01/2006 "Controversial Issues Will Set Tone for Alito's Term" (Newsday)
01/24/2006 "High Court Remands Ruling in Campaign-Law Challenge" (The Washington Times)
12/01/2005 "Clues from Judge Alito's Past" (“NewsHour with Jim Lehrer” - PBS)
09/14/2005 "Day Three of Roberts Hearings" (“NewsHour with Jim Lehrer” - PBS)
07/25/2005 "A Good Woman Isn't Hard to Find" (The Weekly Standard)
07/15/2005 "Commentary: From Feminist Left, Unfair Judgement" (The Boston Herald)
12/06/2004 "Thinking Outside the Judge Box" (National Review Online)
03/27/2003 "Bowling Green State University Philosophy Center Plans Conference On Freedom Of Speech" (AScribe Newswire)
10/10/2002 "Today's Events In Washington" (Bulletin Frontrunner)
10/09/2002 "Today's Events In Washington" (Bulletin Frontrunner)
09/09/2002 "Talk of the Nation" (NPR)
05/06/2002 "Changing of The Guard at D.C. Legal Aid" (Legal Times)
04/08/2002 "The Practice" (Connecticut Law Tribune)
04/04/2002 "Legal Service Corporation" (White House Weekly)
03/23/2002 "Judicial Canon Fire" (National Journal)
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07/27/2016 "Regan Shooter John Hinckley Jr. Released to Home Stay" (CBS News)
07/27/2016 "John Hinckley Case Led to Vast Narrowing of Insanity Defense" (The Wall Street Journal)
07/16/2016 "Virginia's Jails Lack the Resources to Treat the Mentally Ill, Experts Say" (Richmond Times-Disptach)
06/26/2016 "Experts at UVa, Elsewhere Differ on Gun Restraining Orders" (The Daily Progress)
06/15/2016 "UVA Law Professor Talks 'Viral Terrorism'” (NBC29)
05/09/2016 "Academia: Handle Young Adults Differently, But Not As Juveniles" (The Chronicle of Social Change)
05/01/2016 "In Mann Murder Trial, Briel Will Try Insanity Defense" (The Free Lance-Star)
04/29/2016 "Don't Treat Young Adults as Teenagers" (The New York Times)
02/17/2016 "Bonnie: It's Time to Transform Juvenile Justice in Virginia" (The Roanoke Times)
01/19/2016 "Sorry, College Students, But the Drinking Age Should Stay at 21" (Vox)
01/11/2016 "Father of UVa Grad Who OD'd Will Be a Special Guest at Obama Address" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
11/15/2015 "MWH Asessment Center Helps with Mental-Health Crises" (Free Lance-Star)
11/10/2015 "A Look Inside the Rise in Mental Health Related Calls" (NBC29)
10/26/2015 "Faculty Fighting Back" (WVTF)
08/31/2015 "After Moneta" (Hearsay with Cathy Lewis)
08/28/2015 "Angry and Armed: How Some States Are Trying to Keep Guns Away from Volatile People" (The Trace)
08/28/2015 "Experts Meet to Discuss Aftermath of WDBJ Shooting" (NBC29)
08/05/2015 "Survey: California Slipping on Anti-Tobacco Policies to Fight Cancer" (The Sacramento Bee)
07/24/2015 "Will Bain Disorder Defense in Teacher Sex Assault Case Work? Legal Experts Weigh In " (NJ.com)
07/20/2015 "Armed and Mentally Ill" (WAVY)
07/02/2015 "Civil Psychiatric Commitments Rose in Virginia in Possible 'Deeds effect'" (The Washington Post)
06/30/2015 "Mental Health Subcommittee Meets in Augusta County" (NBC29)
06/24/2015 "Audio: HearSay with Cathy Lewis" (WHRO)
06/24/2015 "Hawaii Raised Its Smoking Age to 21. But Will it Work?" (Vox)
04/27/2015 "Princeton Raises the Minimum Age to Buy Tobacco Products" (Newsworks)
04/22/2015 "Could John Hinckley - the Man Who Shot Ronald Reagan - Be Released?" (CBS News)
03/23/2015 "Raising the Legal Age to Buy Cigarettes Would Save 250,000 American Lives Annually, Report Says" (Charleston Post and Courier)
03/16/2015 "18 or 21: Legal Smoking Age Shift Petitioned" (Health Aim)
03/12/2015 "Report: Raising Legal Age for Tobacco Would Stop, Delay Use " (Associated Press)
02/26/2015 "UVa Professor: Regulatory Approach Key to Marijuana's Future in America" (The Daily Progress)
02/25/2015 "University Law Professor Weighs in on Marijuana Prohibition Debate" (The Cavalier Daily)
02/25/2015 "Experts Discuss Future of Marijuana Legalization" (NBC29)
01/09/2015 "Marijuana Reforms: Sales Potential" (WVTF)
01/05/2015 "Marijuana Reforms in Virginia: High Times or Up in Smoke?" (WVTF)
12/14/2014 "Young People Need More Help Transitioning into Adulthood, UVa Study Finds" (The Daily Progress)
11/10/2014 "Adulthood More Difficult to Reach" (Columbia Chronicle)
09/15/2014 "OJJDP Should Strengthen DMC Requirement: Report" (JuvenileJustice Information Exchange)
08/04/2014 "UVa Begins Dual Medicine-Law Degree Program " (Daily Progress)
07/29/2014 "The Federal Marijuana Ban Is Rooted in Myth and Xenophobia" (The New York Times)
05/26/2014 "Another School Shooting Reignites Debate Over Guns And Mental Illness " (Here & Now)
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02/26/2016 "El Chapo Hasn't Been Charged With A Crime For Busting Out Of Prison" (Huffington Post)
07/18/2015 "Clemency for Drug Offenders with UVA Law's Josh Bowers" (WTJU)
04/03/2015 "The Case for Compassionate Policing with Josh Bowers" (WTJU)
03/15/2015 "The Case for Compassionate Policing" (UVA Magazine)
08/12/2014 "'Secrets of the River': Be Careful What You Plead For" (48 Hours)
07/30/2014 "Bob McDonnell, Maureen McDonnell’s Corruption Defense Just Might Work" (TIME)
04/15/2014 "Sentenced to life without parole" (MPR News)
06/08/2013 "'Secrets of the River' - Be Careful What You Plead For" (CBS News)
02/22/2013 "Barack Obama Says Sequester Could Force Prosecutors to 'Let Criminals Go'" (PolitiFact)
02/03/2013 "Can Juries Tame Prosecutors Gone Wild?" (Boston Globe)
06/01/2011 "A Real-Life Grisham Story" (ABA Journal)
05/28/2011 "Juries Can't Escape Life-Without-Parole Sentencing" (Charlottesville Daily Progress)
01/10/2011 "New Charges in Yeardley Love Case Could Give Prosecutors More Flexibility" (Baltimore Sun)
01/10/2011 "Huguely Waives Right to Court Appearance" (NBC29)
11/06/2009 "Slumlord Lawrence Might Serve Sentence in One of His Blighted Properties" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
10/18/2009 "Jury Trial Rate at All-Time Low in Va." (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
06/12/2009 "Competency Hearing Set for Whitlock" (NBC29)
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06/07/2016 "Law Students Defeat Government at the 4th Circuit" (North Carolina Lawyers Weekly)
10/16/2015 Top Military Court Confronts Free-Speech Vs. Presidential Threats Case (McClatchy)
08/21/2015 "Frazier, Frederick Both Appealing Civil Battery Judgment in Culpeper" (The Star Exponent)
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06/22/2016 "Examining H.R. 2304, the SPEAK FREE Act" (House of Representatives)
04/25/2016 "Europe's Web Privacy Rules: Bad for Google, Bad for Everyone" (The New York Times)
01/26/2015 "C.I.A. Officer Is Found Guilty in Leak Tied to Times Reporter" (The New York Times)
01/04/2013 "Is Google Like Gas or Like Steel?" (The New York Times)
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07/26/2016 "Judge's Plea-Bargain Ban for Police Threats Raises Eyebrows" (The Wall Street Journal)
06/06/2016 "Amid Threat to Witnesses, Judge Bars Defendants' Relatives from Norfolk Courtroom in Murder Trial" (The Virginian-Pilot)
02/04/2016 "Documents Show Allegations of Extortion and Possible Bribery in David Chase Case" (Nashville Scene)
06/23/2015 "UVa Professor Calls Culpeper Town’s Claim for Special Prosecutor ‘Unusual’" (Star Exponent)
04/17/2015 "Andreatta: Plea Warps Reality of Thefts at Vets' Graves" (Democrat & Chronicle)
09/24/2014 "W&L Professor Seeks to Have Rejected Plea Deal Unsealed in Hansel Case" (The Roanoke Times)
07/14/2014 "U.S. Granted Ex-Star Scientific CEO Rare Blanket Immunity" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
05/13/2014 "Lawyers in Alexis Murphy case wanted justice served quickly" (The Roanoke Times)
01/17/2014 "Gov. Christie's Scandal Strategy Is Standard, Legal Experts Say" (The Wall Street Journal)
06/21/2013 "Experts: Tough to Stick Perjury to Holder" (The Hill)
04/25/2013 "Jimmy Haslam Investigation: Pilot Flying J Denies Claim of Witness Tampering" (Knoxville News-Sentinel)
02/21/2013 "Taxi Company Offers Police Data" (Cavalier Daily)
02/05/2013 "Does Punishment Fit the Crime in Fatal Shooting by Police Officer?" (Culpeper Star-Exponent)
02/20/2012 "Three-Day Break a Wild Card Factor for Huguely Jury" (The Daily Progress)
02/08/2012 "Opening Statements Made in College Lacrosse Player's Murder Trial" (CNN)
11/15/2011 "What do you know about George Huguely? (C-Ville Weekly)
11/08/2011 "Defense in Lacrosse Case to Get Records" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
11/07/2011 "Huguely Jury Selection Process Among Motions Being Heard Monday" (The Daily Progress)
11/07/2011 "Judge Rules Attorneys Can Access Victim's Medical Records in Virginia Lacrosse Slaying Case" (Washington Post)
08/04/2011 "Behind Bars: A Brief History Of The Defendant's Cage" (MPR News)
07/30/2011 "Va. Beach Jail Death Shines Light on Contempt Cases" (The Virginian-Pilot)
01/20/2011 "Suffolk Shooting Not Necessarily OK under Virginia Law" (The Virginian-Pilot)
12/14/2010 "Bill to Close Loophole in School Bus Safety Law" (Fairfax Times)
10/01/2010 "Reducing Crime Through Education?" (WMRA)
08/26/2010 "Site Allows Students to ‘Bet’ Grades" (Cavalier Daily)
08/15/2010 "U.S. Too Extreme in Prison Sentencing, UVA Law Professor Says (The Daily Progress)
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04/11/2005 "The Write Stuff" (U.S. News & World Report)
Hide details for [<a href="FHPmediaName?Openview&Expand=16#16">Cannon, Jonathan, Z.</a>]Cannon, Jonathan, Z.
02/17/2016 "Standing, Administrative Law Define Scalia's Legacy" (Bloomberg BNA)
02/17/2016 "Observers: Without Scalia, Clean Power Plan's Odds Boosted" (Bloomberg BNA)
01/14/2016 "How The Paris Climate Agreement Super-Charges The Clean Air Act" (Think Progress)
12/18/2015 "Broken Process Imperils Obama EPA Nominees' Chances" (Bloomberg)
06/30/2015 "Justices Agree Cost Matters, but Differ as to When" (ACOEL.org)
06/29/2015 "Supreme Court Blocks EPA's Mercury Rules" (Inside Climate News)
05/04/2015 "The Source: The Supreme Court's Historical Role in Environmental Protection" (The Source)
11/12/2014 "So the U.S. and China Made an Historic Climate Agreement. Now What? (Newsweek)
02/27/2014 "Nice guys finish ... second" (Greewire)
06/30/2012 "For Ken Cuccinelli, Losing Big Cases Won't Work Forever" (The Washington Post)
05/11/2010 "Chesapeake Bay Case Settled With Nation's Largest Water Cleanup Plan" (Environmental News Service)
03/15/2010 “EPA Studying Own Carbon-Trading System, Official Says” (Bloomberg News Service)
01/11/2010 "Filling Void Left by Congress, States Take on Carbon Trading" (Bloomberg News Service)
01/07/2010 "States Expected to Lead Carbon Markets as Federal Plan Stalls" (Business Week)
07/13/2009 "Sotomayor's Record on Enviro Issues Faces Scrutiny as Hearings Begin" (Greenwire)
07/03/2009 "Environment Groups Find Less Support on Court" (The New York Times)
06/29/2009 "High Court Losses Stun Environmentalists" (The National Law Journal)
02/25/2009 "Many of the 'Hands-On' Positions in Obama Administration Going to Law Professors (The National Law Journal)
04/14/2008 "EPA Missing in Action on Major Environmental Issues, Observers Charge" (Government Executive.com)
10/05/2007 “Supreme Court ‘Pre-Emption’ Cases Cast Shadow over Enviro Regs” (Greenwire)
10/11/2005 "Court Takes Up Landmark Wetlands Case" (Associated Press)
08/03/2005 "Roberts' Questionnaire, History Offer Little Insight into Enviro Philosophy" (Greenwire)
10/06/2004 "Supreme Court Debates Pollution Cleanup Lawsuits" (Associated Press)
03/08/2004 "Residents Battle Proposed Jet Field" (The Virginian-Pilot)
08/29/2003 "E.P.A. Says It Lacks Power to Regulate Some Gases" (The New York Times)
Hide details for [<a href="FHPmediaName?Openview&Expand=17#17">Caplin, Mortimer, M.</a>]Caplin, Mortimer, M.
06/27/2016 "Mortimer Caplin: 100 Years Young, and Still Serving" (UVA Today)
Hide details for [<a href="FHPmediaName?Openview&Expand=18#18">Choi, Albert, </a>]Choi, Albert,
12/05/2013 "Dreading Finals? Profs Share Exam Tips" (Tipping the Scales)
Hide details for [<a href="FHPmediaName?Openview&Expand=19#19">Cohen, George, M.</a>]Cohen, George, M.
11/04/2014 "Ethics Experts Say Justices' Emails to AG's Office Warrant Review" (The Morning Call)
03/14/2013 "UVA Faculty Senate Still Lacks Confidence in Board of Visitors" (The Washington Post)
03/04/2013 "UVa students vote to change honor code" (The Daily Progress)
12/11/2012 "UVA Put on Warning by Accreditation Group" (The Daily Progress)
09/11/2012 "Anatomy Of A Campus Coup" (The New York Times Magazine)
08/28/2012 "President Sullivan Greets Faculty At The Darden School And Morven Farm" (Examiner)
08/04/2012 "UVA President Drama Sways Fundraising" (Associated Press)
07/16/2012 "The Faculty Factor" (Inside Higher Ed)
06/27/2012 "University of Virginia Board Reinstates President" (The Virginian-Pilot)
06/27/2012 "UVa's Faculty Leaders Gain New Power After President Is Reinstated" (The Chronicle of Higher Education")
06/27/2012 "Public Universities Grapple with Money, Technology and Mission" (PBS Newshour)
06/27/2012 "U-Va. Seeks Normalcy after Sullivan Reinstatement, But Questions Linger" (The Washington Post)
06/27/2012 "Month's Events Provide a Jump Start for the Faculty Senate" (UVA Today)
06/25/2012 "Virginia Echoes Harvard as Faculty Rises Up to Rehire President" (Bloomberg Businessweek)
06/25/2012 "U-Va. Leadership Crisis: Sullivan Allies Claim Momentum to Keep Her as President" (The Washington Post)
06/21/2012 "New Meeting is Set on Fate of University President" (The New York Times)
06/20/2012 "Two Resignations Rock the University of Virginia" (The New York Times)
06/12/2012 "U-Va.'s Board Should Open Up About President's Ouster" (The Washington Post)
10/10/2011 "What Will Come of Illinois' False LSAT and GPA Reporting?" (The National Jurist)
04/27/2011 "Lawyers Question Firm's Decision to Ditch Gay Marriage Case" (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
12/21/2010 "Analysis: NY Suit against Ernst & Young Fills Regulatory Gap" (Reuters)
09/21/2010 "Forced Pro Bono: But is it Legal?" (Wall Street Journal Law Blog)
05/31/2010 "Buffett, Moody's CEO Rate a Date on Market Crisis" (Reuters)
04/23/2010 "Goldman Sachs Should Cut Losses in SEC Standoff" (Bloomberg Businessweek)
04/03/2010 "How Washington Abetted the Bank Job" (The New York Times)
09/03/2009 Rating Agencies Lose Free-Speech Claim (Reuters)
07/18/2009 "A Matter of Opinion?" (New York Times)
03/16/2009 "Va., Tenn., Among States with No Attorney-Client Sexual Relations Ban" (Bristol Herald-Courier)
01/22/2008 "In Vioxx Settlement, Testing a Legal Ideal: A Lawyer’s Loyalty" (The New York Times)
01/07/2008 "AEI on Vioxx" (Blog of Legal Times)
01/07/2008 "The Vioxx Settlement" (C-SPAN)
12/19/2007 "Attorney for Refco Accused of Fraud" (Chicago Tribune)
11/16/2007 "Vioxx Plaintiffs' Choice: Settle or Lose Their Lawyer" (Wall Street Journal)
10/26/2007 "Prosecutor Previously Represented Vick's Dad" (Newport News Daily Press)
08/06/2007 "In-House Attorneys, Watch Your Step/The Conviction of Conrad Black's Corporate Counsel Sends a Chilling Message" (BusinessWeek)
07/29/2007 "New Jitters for In-House Attorneys" (The Informed Reader-WSJ.com)
07/22/2007 "Refco Fallout May Hit Lawyers/Examiner's Report Suggests Regulation of Professionals Should Be Stronger" (Chicago Tribune)
01/23/2007 "Bye, Bye Enron, Regulators Say" (CFO via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)

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