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04/25/2015 "The Failure of Constitutional Torture Prohibitions" (The Washington Post)
02/06/2015 "Law Students Aid Ugandan Legal Training" (The Cavalier Daily)
10/23/2014 "Research Matters: "Do Constitutional Rights Make a Difference?" (University of Chicago Law School)
12/13/2013 "The State of South Africa's Constitution" (HuffPost Live)
09/17/2013 "Globalizing the U.S. Constitution" (NYU TV)
06/12/2012 "In Sickness and in Health: The Constitution Should Give Americans the Right to Basic Health Care" (Co-Author) (Slate)
05/03/2012 "Japan's Constitution is Still One of the World's Most Advanced" (The Asahi Shimbun)
04/18/2012 "Canada's Charter Legacy" (CTV)
04/18/2012 "Is Canada's Charter Better Than the U.S. Constitution? (GlobalPost)
04/17/2012 "Charter of Rights Turns Canada into a 'Constitutional' Trendsetter" (CBC)
04/17/2012 "Gov't Press Release Dubs Charter an 'Important Step'" (CTV News)
04/15/2012 "The Charter Proves to Be Canada's Gift to the World" (The Globe and Mail)
04/14/2012 "Canadian Model a Global Template, U.S. Study Finds" ("The Vancouver Sun")
02/28/2012 "We The People: Declining Global Appeal of U.S. Constitution" (The Kojo Nnamdi Show)
02/27/2012 "Global Influence of U.S. Constitution on the Decline" (Science Blog)
02/27/2012 "No Longer a Model Constitution Works For Us" (Watertown Daily Times)
02/21/2012 "Simplicity is Beautiful: How to Build a Democracy" (The Daily Caller)
02/19/2012 "Influence of U.S. Constitution Declining Globally" (The Christian Post)
02/13/2012 Take Five: Scholar David Law on U.S. Constitution's Declining Global Appeal (St. Louis Beacon)
02/12/2012 "Ginsburg’s Right U.S. Constitution a Bad Model: Noah Feldman" (Bloomberg)
02/10/2012 "Canada’s Charter of Rights: A Global Model" (The Globe and Mail)
02/08/2012 "Is The USA The Only Nation in the World With Corporate Personhood?" (The Huffington Post)
02/08/2012 "It's The System, Stupid" (The New Yorker)
02/08/2012 Canada: Constitutional Superpower? (The Wall Street Journal)
02/07/2012 "U.S. Constitution’s Dwindling Influence, Law Professors Report" (Ethiopian Review)
02/07/2012 "Our Constitution Is The Best Model A Country Could Have" (Investor's Business Daily)
02/07/2012 "Summary Judgments" (Reuters)
02/07/2012 "Canada’s Commonwealth Edge" (Maclean's)
02/07/2012 "Popularity of Once-Much-Emulated US Constitution in Foreign Countries Now in ‘Free Fall,’ Study Says" (ABA Journal)
02/07/2012 "Our Constitution Is Out of Step with the Rest of the World" (Cato Institute)
02/06/2012 "'We the People' Loses Appeal With People Around the World" (The New York Times)
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