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01/27/2016 "Bankruptcy complicates effort to replace Allentown Shula's" (Allentown Morning Call)
07/17/2015 "The Problem with Puerto Rico's Debt" (Marketplace)
04/24/2014 "Certus Lawsuit Details Backstage Drama, Widespread Excess" (American Banker)
01/11/2012 "Hostess Heads for 'Chapter 22' Bankruptcy" (Marketplace)
11/20/2009 “Treasury Resolution Plan Solves Nothing” (American Banker (subscription required))
10/27/2009 "Washington Mutual Sues to Get Billions Back From FDIC" (Law.com)
07/18/2009 "Luna Innovations Files for Chapter 11" (The Ronaoke Times)
03/12/2009 "Peanut Corp. To Answer Creditors at Bankruptcy Meeting" (Lynchburg News and Advance)
01/26/2006 "Court Decision Bankrupts State Protection" (UNC Daily Tar Heel)
03/26/2002 "Students' $56,000 Remains in Limbo/Agency's Bankruptcy Thwarts Travel Abroad" (The Richmond Times-Dispatch)
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