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07/14/2016 "Tax Provisions for Oil and Gas Get Hard Looks" (Bloomberg)
03/23/2016 "Appeals Court in Tea Party Case Puts Nick in Taxpayer Privacy Law " (Wall Street Journal)
12/02/2015 “IRS Proposal Could Change How Nonprofits Report Donations” (NBC 29)
10/22/2015 "Steve Kraske: Gov. Sam Brownback Has Had Plenty of Time " (The Kansas City Star)
01/06/2015 “Joint Tax Committee Girds for New House Rule on Revenue Estimates” (Bloomberg BNA)
12/22/2014 "Using the Law to Stop the IRS" (Townhall Finance)
11/17/2014 "The IRS Hatchetmen" (Townhall Finance)
05/08/2014 "House Holds Lois Lerner in Contempt for IRS Probe Silence" (Bloomberg)
02/21/2014 "Analysis: Obamacare not 1st law beset by delays, blown deadlines" (Cincinnati.com)
02/20/2014 "Republicans question PPACA regulators" (LifeHealthPro)
05/13/2013 "Explosion of Political Groups Seeking Tax-Exempt Status May Have Led to IRS Scandal" (U.S. News & World Report)
02/15/2013 "As Obama Confronts Corporate Tax Reform, Past Lessons Suggest Lobbyists Will Fight For Loopholes" (The Huffington Post)
02/01/2013 "Five Questions with University of Virginia's George K. Yin" (On Wall Street)
01/08/2013 "NYT: Big Companies Avoid Billions in Taxes Due to Loopholes" (Money News)
01/07/2013 "How Big Business Uses a Law for Farmers" (CNBC)
01/07/2013 "Major Companies Push the Limits of a Tax Break" (The New York Times)
01/02/2013 "Nearly All of Virginia's House Representatives Vote Against 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal" (The Daily Progress)
01/02/2013 "Charlottesville Tax Expert: Fiscal Cliff Compromise a 'Bad Deal'" (NBC29)
01/02/2013 "Tax Expert, UVA Law Professor 'Disappointed' with Fiscal Cliff Deal" (CBS19)
10/05/2012 "Questions on Romney's Proposal to Cap Tax Deductions" (The Boston Globe)
07/19/2012 "Massive Romney IRA Still Sparks Unanswered Questions" (The Huffington Post)
07/17/2012 "Gov. Romney: Just Release the Tax Returns" (Forbes)
07/17/2012 "Experts: Mitt Romney's Returns Could Show He Paid Very Low Tax Rates" (Washington Post)
07/13/2012 "Governments Look for Ways to Avoid Using 'T-Word'" (CNN)
01/30/2012 "Three Strikes and You're Out for Tax Extenders" (Forbes)
01/17/2012 "Tax Reform a Daunting Task, Report Illustrates" (Reuters)
05/18/2011 "Free Money Claim Roils Dispute on One-Time U.S. Offshore Tax Holiday" (Bloomberg)
04/07/2011 “Wanted: A Tax Code for the Digital Age” (Business Week)
03/24/2011 “Tea Party tells Hurt to Slash Spending” (NBC29)
01/18/2011 "Many U.S. Multinationals Pay Less Than Corporate Tax Rate" (NewJersey.Com)
12/03/2010 "Tax Breaks for Bailout Recipients Stir Up Debate" (The Wall Street Journal)
05/29/2010 "Jobs Bill Reignites Feud Over Foreign Profit of U.S. Firms" (The Washington Post)
04/26/2010 "Home Tax Credit Called Successful, but Costly" (The New York Times)
04/12/2010 Unbundling the Budget (Congressional Quarterly Weekly)
02/09/2010 "In Obama's Budget, It's Techies vs. Taxes" (CNNMoney.com)
02/08/2010 "Insider Interviews" (The National Journal)
12/31/2009 "Repeal of Estate Tax Creates Planning Dilemmas" (The Wall Street Journal)
10/16/2009 "Inside the Business War Against Tax Reform" (Business Week)
05/04/2009 "Experts Divided on Obama Tax Policies" (Accounting Today)
03/26/2009 "Democrat Wants to Extend Bush-Era Middle-Class Tax Cuts, But Experts Warn Against It (McClatchy Newspapers)

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